Aquatic Genet

Aquatic genet(Osbornictis piscivora) The genets resemble the mongoose, and the Genet Genus (genetta) has 3 subgeneras and 9 species- they can be found in Africa, end part of the Sahara territories. They can also be seen on the Arabian peninsula, and some parts of the European continent. They have a long body, short feet and a pronounced snout, ears and claws which are both retractile and curved.

The genets in general reside in forests and savannas, and they eat mainly birds, rodents and insects. An Aquatic Genet specifically could be found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (north-east parts). A male Aquatic Genet weighs about 1.43 kilograms while females are in fact heavier, going by 1.5 kilograms- but that is just the norm.

Aquatic Genets are red to pale red, the tail is basically black, and they have white spots in the middle of the eyes, the side/front of muzzle are white-shaded. Fur of an Aquatic Genet is dense and long, most particularly at the tail's area. Soles and palms are not furred. Its skull is long, the teeth are tiny and not strong. Experts maintain that their bare palms are utilized feel for the fish in holes (dirty and murky). The fish are the main food of the Aquatic Genet, but of course, they subsist on other kinds too.

It feeds on fish, but it actually isn't a good swimmer..
They would strike its paw on the water's surface, to entice the fish to come near. Then, it would put its whiskers on the surface to identify the movements of its prey. Once it senses that there is fish underneath, it catches it. Some experts believe that they wait for the fish to appear on the surface before catching it, but there are some experts who contend that they would dive in. Which of the 2 groups you'll believe in, it's your for me...I would like to believe that it is logical to assume that they could do both.

Interesting fact: It has been debated by circles of experts for the longest time, on whether this genet avoids being wet as much as possible

Keywords: ringed tail , black , tail , white , paw

The Aquatic genet is listed as Data Deficient (DD), inadequate information to make a direct, or indirect, assessment of its risk of extinction, on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Aquatic genet habitats
Forest and Subtropical / Tropical Dry forest

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