Order : Carnivora
Family : Viverridae
Subfamily : Hemigalinae


Facts about the subfamily Hemigalinae, the civets

"The precautionary killing of civets is the right decision, but it must not divert attention from the fact that our knowledge about SARS is incomplete" and the source of SARS in nature is unknown, Dr.

Are you saying the place smells badly or the civets are used in the food?

  Scientists have found no proof that civets are responsible for SARS' jump to human beings, but they have found the virus present in the breed.

Banning the import of civets is an effective way of limiting this threat.

Civets are found in Africa, southern Europe, and Asia.

Civets are not to blame for SARS Media web: Civets are not to blame for SARS HomeMedia timetableAccreditationMedia programMedia releasesABN reportsRandom variationsBulletinsVolunteersMedia coverageCongress webPublic programwebCivets are not to blame for SARSInvestigator: Edison T.

Civets are very agile tree-climbers.

HHS gave no information on how many civets are currently imported or what they are used for in the United States.

Importation of civets infected with SARS would present a public health threat, and, based upon currently available evidence, banning the importation of civets is an effective way of limiting this threat.

International Herald Tribune: Killing civets is not the way to fight SARS Globalized diseases@ HighBeam Research

Shipments of civets are being imported into the United States and further distributed.

Small numbers of other animals have shown proof of infection with SARS-like coronaviruses, but so far the best existing data suggests that civets are likely carriers of SARS.

The CDC's embargo on civets is a response to a growing body of scientific evidence that suggests civets may play a role in the spread of the SARS virus.

The musk from civets is no longer used in the United States, but may still be used in Europe.

The original order banning civets is available at http://www.

These large civets are found from Northern India to China through Burma.

Civets are considered a delicacy in Guangdong and are served in wild game restaurants. (Full text)

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