Reef-associated fish - Fish living in the reef-associated environment

Order Albuliformes

Banana fish

Smallscale bonefish

Banana fish

Order Anguilliformes

Key worm eel

Allardice's moray

Canton Island moray

Seychelles moray

Pygmy moray

Onestripe eel

Baleares conger

Gilbert's garden eel

Tropical conger

Sooty eel

Stargazer snake eel

Henshaw's snake-eel

Black-striped snake eel

Marbled snake eel

Slantlip eel

Catesbya pseudomuraena

Broadbanded moray

Seagrass eel

Fringelip snake eel

Longfin African conger

Grey conger

Conger oligoporus


Conger - The common conger, Conger verreauxi, is a conger of the family Congridae, found in the eastern Indian Ocean and south west Pacific Ocean, including southern Australia and New Zealand, at depths down to 100 m in broken rocky reef areas.

Common conger - The cape conger, Conger wilsoni, is a conger of the family Congridae, found around southern Australia and the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand.

Congriscus megastomus

Finned worm eel

Chained moray - Echidna catenata, or the chain moray, is a moray eel from the Western Atlantic.

Mottled moray

Whiteface moray

Snowflake moray - The snowflake moray eel is a very commonly kept saltwater eel.

Barred moray - The barred moray, Echidna polyzona, is a moray eel of the family Muraenidae, found in the Indo-Pacific oceans at depths down to 10 m.

Unicolor moray

Snapper eel

Elapsopis cyclorhinus

Convict snake eel

Hookjaw moray - Like other members of the genus, the Hookjaw sports curved jaws and rows of large, glass-like teeth.

Bikini Atoll moray

Dark-spotted moray

Reticulate hookjaw moray

Mulatto conger - The Mottled Conger Moray, sometimes known as the Mulatto Conger, is a moray eel of the genus Enchelycore, distributed across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Slenderjaw moray

Leopard moray eel - This eel inhabits coral and rocky reefs, and is common in warm-temperate waters.

Mosaic moray - The mosaic moray, Enchelycore ramosa, is a moray eel of the genus Enchelycore, found in south east Australia and around the offshore islands off Northland on the North Island of New Zealand at depths down to 100 metres, in reef areas of broken rock.

White-margined moray

Enchelycore tamarae

False saddled snake eel

Splendid garden eel

Zebra moray - The zebra moray, Gymnomuraena zebra, is a species of moray eel, the only member of the genus Gymnomuraena.

Y-patterned moray

Blackcheek moray

Vagrant moray

Chestnut moray - The panamic green moray is found in the Pacific from the Gulf of California to Ecuador, including the Galapagos Islands.

Gymnothorax castlei

Lipspot moray

Banded mud moray

Sieve-patterned moray

Speckled moray - Gymnothorax is a genus of moray eels in the family Muraenidae.

Elegant moray

Enigmatic moray

Laced moray

Fimbriated moray - It is pale green-yellow in color with black spots on its face and can reach a max length of 80 cm.

Palenose moray

Brownspotted moray

Slendertail moray

Geometric moray

Gymnothorax hansi

Liver-colored moray eel

Spotted moray

Giant moray - The giant moray is widespread in the Indo-Pacific region, being found in the Red Sea and East Africa, the Pitcairn group, north to the Ryukyu and Hawaiian islands, south to New Caledonia and the Austral Islands.

Kikado moray

Short-tooth moray

Gymnothorax longinquus

Blackpearl moray

Marshall Islands moray

Dwarf moray - Gymnothorax melatremus is a Moray Eel from the Indo-Pacific.

Bastard eel - Gymnothorax miliaris, the Goldentail moray, is a Moray Eel from the Western Atlantic.

One-spot moray

Common conger - The spotted moray is found in the Western Atlantic Ocean from North Carolina and Bermuda to Brazil, including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean.

Blackedge moray

Yellow-mouth eel - Gymnothorax nudivomer is a Moray Eel from the Indo-Pacific.

Griffin's moray - The speckled moray, or Griffin's moray, Gymnothorax obesus, is a moray eel of the genus Gymnothorax, found in Australia and around the offshore islands off Northland and the Bay of Plenty on the North Island of New Zealand at depths down to 100 m, in reef areas of broken rock.

Peppered moray - The species is pale and has purplish specklings.

Pinda moray

Yellow moray - The yellow moray, Gymnothorax prasinus, is a moray eel of the genus Gymnothorax, found in southern Australia and between North Cape and the Mahia Peninsula on the North Island of New Zealand.

Mottled moray - The Australian mottled moray , and mottled moray , Gymnothorax prionodon, is a moray eel of the family Muraenidae, found at depths down to 80 m.

Highfin moray

Whitespotted moray

Little moray

Gymnothorax robinsi

Banded moray

Steindachner's moray eel

Slender moray

Gymnothorax woodwardi

Barredfin moray

Spotted garden-eel - The spotted garden eel, Heteroconger hassi, is a conger of the family Congridae, found in Indo-Pacific oceans at depths of between 7 and 45 m.

Brown garden eel

Ichthyapus insularis

Sand eel

Black-nostril false moray

Shortfin false moray

Common false moray

Collared eel

Oriental worm-eel

Saddled snake-eel

Moringua abbreviata

Spaghetti eel

Rusty spaghetti eel

Lesser thrush eel

White-spotted moray

Mediterranean moray - The Mediterranean moray has an elongated, eel-like body and can reach a length of 1.

Muraena australiae

Hourglass moray

Longfinned worm eel

Maimed snake eel

Siboga worm eel

Culebra rosario

Harlequin snake-eel - Myrichthys colubrinus is a Moray Eel from the Indo-Pacific.

Tiger snake-eel - Myrichthys maculosus is a Moray Eel from the Indo-Pacific.

Dark-spotted snake eel

Spotted snake-eel

Saddled snake-eel

Blotched snake-eel

Many-eyed snake-eel

Conger eel

Short-maned sand-eel

Flappy snake-eel

Barred conger

White ribbon eel - The white ribbon eel, Pseudechidna brummeri, is a species of saltwater eels, the only member of the genus Pseudechidna of the Muraenidae family.

Pythonichthys sanguineus

Blackspotted snake eel

Galapagos snake eel

Grooved-jaw worm eel

Johnston snake-eel

Fringe-lipped worm eel

Longfinned worm eel - The long-finned worm eel or short-headed worm eel, Scolecenchelys breviceps, is a snake eel of the genus Scolecenchelys, found in southern Australia between Rottnest Island and Tasmania, and around New Zealand, to depths of about 50 m, on sandy or muddy bottoms.

Indo-pacific slender worm-eel

Pearlbelly snake-eel

Narrow worm eel

Spotted eel

Slender giant moray - The slender giant moray or gangetic moray, Strophidon sathete, is the longest member of the family of moray eels.

Blotched moray

Brownspotted snake moray

Barlip reef-eel

Needle-tooth moray

Marbled moray

Uropterygius makatei

Tidepool snake moray

Large-spotted snake moray

Many-spotted moray

Many-toothed snake moray

Freckleface reef-eel

Strange-toothed snake moray

Fryer's false moray

Order Atheriniformes

Longfin silverside

Thickscale silverside

Atherinella pallida

Star silverside

Bristle herring

Bearded silverside

Barnes' silverside

Bullhead fry

Fijian silverside

Blackback silverside

Panatella silverside

Order Aulopiformes

Sergeant baker

Orangemouth lizardfish


Shortjaw lizardfish - The Shortjaw lizardfish which is also known as the Saurida normani is a type of Lizardfish that lives mainly in lives in tropical waters

Two-spot lizard fish - The Sand lizardfish which is also known as Synodus binotatus is a type of lizardfish or Synodontidae that lives mainly in the Indo-Pacific.

Arrowtooth lizardfish - The arrowtooth lizardfish, Synodus doaki, is a lizardfish of the family Synodontidae, found in the indo-Pacific oceans, at depths of between 9 and 200 m.

Lizardfish - The Sand diver, or Synodus intermedius is a species of lizardfish found aroud Bermuda and the northern Gulf of Mexico reaching to the Guianas.

Lighthouse lizardfish - The Lighthouse lizardfish which is also known as Synodus jaculum is a type of lizardfish or Synodontidae that lives mainly in the Indo-Pacific.

Sauro lizardfish - The Sauro lizardfish which is also known as Synodus lacertinus is a type of lizardfish or Synodontidae that lives mainly in the Eastern Pacific.

Smallscale lizardfish - The California lizardfish is a lizardfish primarily inhabiting the Californian coast.

Offshore lizardfish - The offshore lizardfish, Synodus poeyi, is a type of lizardfish or Synodontidae that occurs chiefly in the Western Atlantic

Redmarbled lizardfish - The Redmarbled lizardfish which is also known as Synodus saurus is a type of lizardfish or Synodontidae that lives mainly in the Indo-West Pacific.

Lavender lizardfish - The lavender lizardfish, Synodus similis, is a lizardfish of the family Synodontidae, found in the western Pacific including Japan, north eastern Australia, Lord Howe Island, and northern New Zealand, at depths down to 75 m.

Order Batrachoidiformes

Bocon toadfish

Three-spined frogfish

Banded frogfish

Leopard toadfish

Whitespotted Toadfish

Bearded toadfish

Cozumel toadfish

Coral toadfish


Vladichthys gloverensis

Order Beloniformes

Barred longtom - Although they have no spine, they do have several soft rays.

Sutton's flyingfish

Jumping halfbeak

Balao halfbeak - The Halfbeak balao is similar in appearance to its relative, the Ballyhoo .

Blackbarred halfbeak

Lutke's halbeak

Tropical halfbeak

Red Sea halfbeak


Reef needlefish

Banded needlefish

Atlantic needlefish

Keel-jawed needle fish

Stout longtom

Spotted long-tom

Buffonis halfbeak

Short-nosed river-garfish

Order Beryciformes

Splitfin flashlightfish

Pineapplefish - The pineapplefish is native to coastal waters off Queensland, New South Wales, and Western Australia.


Miss darlington

Atlantic flashlightfish

Pineconefish - Illustration of a pineconefish, with the anatomy of the skull exposed.

Shadowfin soldierfish

Brick soldierfish

Myripristis astakhovi

Grey soldierfish

Blacktip soldierfish

Yellowfin soldierfish

Yellow soldierfish

Earle's soldierfish

Cardinal soldierfish

Blacktip soldierfish

Bastard soldierfish - Myripristis jacobus is a Soldierfish from the Western Atlantic.

Panamic soldierfish

Scarlet soldierfish

Myripristis tiki

Lattice soldierfish

Yellowtip soldierfish

Clearfin squirrelfish

Yellowstriped squirrelfish

Longjaw squirrelfish

Clearfin squirrelfish

Sammara squirrelfish

Optivus agastos

Optivus agrammus

Ostichthys acanthorhinus

Ostichthys brachygnathus

Ostichthys hypsipterygion

Eyelight fish

Flashlight fish

Shy soldier

Cardinal soldierfish

Spinyface soldier

Deepwater squirrelfish

Silverspot squirrelfish

Reef squirrelfish

Crown squirrelfish - Crowned squirrelfish are commonly found on reefs of the Indo-Pacific, from East Africa to Tahiti.

Spotfin squirrelfish

Yellow-striped squirrelfish

Sargocentron furcatum

Red squirrelfish

Sargocentron hormion

Lattice squirrelfish

Dwarf squirrelfish

Samurai squirrelfish

Bigscale squirrelfish

Sargocentron megalops

Smallmouth squirrelfish

Saddle squirrelfish

Dark-striped squirrelfish

Speckled squirrelfish


Yellow-tipped squirrelfish

Sargocentron shimizui

Sabre squirrelfish

Sargocentron spinosissimum

Red squirrelfish - Sargocentron tiere is a Squirrelfish from the Indo-Pacific.

Pink squirrelfish

Dusky squirrelfish

Violet squirrelfish

Sargocentron wilhelmi

Hawaiian squirrelfish - Sargocentron xantherythrum is a Squirrelfish from the Central Eastern Pacific.


Order Carcharhiniformes

Australian spotted catshark - The Australian spotted catshark, Asymbolus analis, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found only around Australia between latitudes 32° S and 38° S, at depths of between 10 and 180 m.

Gulf cat shark - The gulf catshark, Asymbolus vincenti, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found only off Western Australia at depths of between 27 and 220 m.

Australian marbled catshark - The Australian marbled catshark, Atelomycterus macleayi, is a catshark of the family Scyliorhinidae found in the eastern Indian Ocean endemic to Western Australia between latitudes 12° S and 21° S, from the surface to 245 m.

Marbled cat shark - Females reach sexual maturity when about 20" long.

New Caledonia cat shark - The New Caledonia catshark is a rare and vulnerable inshore catshark found around coral reefs.

Blacknose shark - * ambiguous synonym

Knopp's shark - The bignose shark or Knopp's shark, Carcharhinus altimus, is a species of requiem shark, family Carcharhinidae, found worldwide between the latitudes of 40° N and 34° S.

Blacktail reef shark - *ambiguous synonym

Bronze - The copper shark has a blunt broad snout, narrow bent cusps on the upper teeth, and no interdorsal ridge.

Nervous shark - The nervous shark, Carcharhinus cautus, is a requiem shark of the family Carcharhinidae, found in the western Pacific Ocean between latitudes 5° S and 30° S.

Blackspot shark - *ambiguous synonym

Caribbean reef shark - The Caribbean reef shark, Carcharhinus perezi is a species of requiem shark, family Carcharhinidae.

Black-tip shark - The spottail shark, Carcharhinus sorrah, is a requiem shark of the family Carcharhinidae, found in the Indo-West Pacific oceans waters between latitudes 31° N and 31° S, from the surface to 140 m.

Draughtsboard shark - The draughtsboard shark is a species of catshark, family Scyliorhinidae, so named for its "checkerboard" color pattern of dark blotches.

Blotchy swell shark - The blotchy swell shark, Cephaloscyllium umbratile, is a catshark of the family Scyliorhinidae found in the subtropical western Pacific Ocean from Japan to the South China Sea, at depths of between 20 and 200 m.

Brown shy shark - The brown shyshark was first described by South African ichthyologist James Leonard Brierley Smith in 1950, in the scientific journal Annals and Magazine of Natural History.

Requiem shark - The lemon shark, Negaprion brevirostris, is a shark belonging to the family Carcharhinidae that can grow 10 feet long.

Barbeled catshark - The leopard catshark is similar to the striped catshark, but is smaller and has a leopard-like dorsal pattern of dark spots, rings or rosettes.

Caribbean sharpnose shark - The Caribbean sharpnose shark, Rhizoprionodon porosus, is a requiem shark of the family Carcharhinidae, found in the tropical waters of the western Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean between latitudes 28° N and 40° S, from the surface to 500 m.

Bonnet hammerhead - Characterized by a broad, smooth, spade-like head, they have the smallest cephalofoil of all Sphyrna.

Order Clupeiformes

Bleeker smoothbelly sardinella

Northern pilchard

Anchovy - Anchoa lyolepis is a species of fish in the Engraulidae family.


Devis' anchovy

Blue anchovy

Oceanic anchovy

Blackbill sprat

Hardback herring - It has a solid back with dark streaks and usually a small dark spot at the upper edge of the operculum and sometimes one located at the shoulder.

Blueline herring

Little-eye herring

Shortstriped round herring

Atlantic thread herring - It has a dark blue-gray back, silvery sides, a white belly and a small head.

Samoan anchovy

Caroline anchovy

Pacific anchovy

Order Gadiformes


Bastard red cod - The northern bastard codling is similar in general appearance to the rattails, with large eyes and an elongate tapering body, however the northern bastard codling has a separate, very rounded, caudal fin.

Order Gasterosteiformes

Short dragonfish - The little dragonfish or short dragonfish is a species of fish in the Pegasidae family.

Order Gobiesociformes

Emerald clingfish

Papillate clingfish

Alabes obtusirostris

Alabes scotti

Padded clingfish

Galapagos clingfish

Smooth-snout clingfish

Broad clingfish

Urchin clingfish

Crinoid clingfish

Discotrema monogrammum

Discotrema zonatum

Panamic clingfish


Bolin's clingfish

Pale clingfish

Lepadichthys frenatus

Doubleline clingfish

Minor clingfish

Lepadichthys springeri

Lepadicyathus mendeleevi

Minute clingfish

Little clingfish

Pherallodus indicus

Order Heterodontiformes

Crested horn shark - The crested bullhead shark, Heterodontus galeatus, is an uncommon species of bullhead shark, family Heterodontidae, occurring off eastern Australia from the coast to a depth of 93 m .

Galapagos bullhead shark - Reproduction is oviparous.

Order Lophiiformes

Tailjet frogfish

Island frogfish

Scarlet frogfish

Big angler

New Guinean frogfish

Indian frogfish

Warty frogfish - Antennarius maculatus is a Frogfish from the Indo-West Pacific.

Smallspot frogfish

Painted angler

Randall's frogfish

Spiny-tufted frogfish

Bloody frogfish

Calico frogfish

Antennarius scriptissimus

Black angler - The striated frogfish, Antennarius striatus, is a frogfish of the family Antennariidae, found in all subtropical oceans, to depths of between 10 and 210 m.

Prickly anglerfish

Long-spined anglerfish

Reynold's frogfish

Spiny batfish - They live on the bottom, covered in sand.

Smooth angler - Histiophryne bougainvilli is a frogfish found in the waters of Queensland, New South Wales, and Western Australia.

Cryptic anglerfish - Cryptic Anglerfish is a frogfish found in waters ranging from Taiwan to South Australia.

Threespot frogfish

Polka-dot batfish

Gal - Batfish are not good swimmers; they use their pectoral fins to "walk" on the ocean floor.

Roughback batfish - Ogcocephalus parvus, the roughback batfish, is a species of fish in the Ogcocephalidae family.

Longnose batfish - It lives on the ocean-floor, covered in sand.

Tasselled anglerfish

Glover's frogfish

Order Mugiliformes

Otomebora mullet

Longfinned mullet

Curema mullet

Curema mullet


Sand grey mullet

Acute-jawed mullet

Hornlip mullet

Taiwanese mullet

Order Ophidiiformes

Acarobythites larsonae

Alionematichthys ceylonensis

Alionematichthys crassiceps

Alionematichthys minyomma

Alionematichthys phuketensis

Alionematichthys piger

Alionematichthys plicatosurculus

Alionematichthys riukiuensis

Alionematichthys samoaensis

Alionematichthys shinoharai

Alionematichthys suluensis

Alionematichthys winterbottomi

Beaglichthys macrophthalmus

Bidenichthys beeblebroxi

Brosmolus longicaudus

Free-tailed reef brotula

Atlantic seasnail

Goatsbeard brotula

Ordway's brotula

Townsend's cusk eel

Longarm brotula

Calamopteryx jeb

Atlantic pearlfish

Star pearlfish

Greenfield's mudbrotula

Hoese's mudbrotula

Winged coralbrotula

Allen's coralbrotula

Humpbacked coralbrotula

Atoll coralbrotula

Beate's coralbrotula

Shortnosed coralbrotula

Diancistrus erythraeus

Fiji coralbrotula

Dusky brotulid

Randall's coralbrotula

Katrine's coralbrotula

Leis' coralbrotula

Diancistrus longifilis

Machida's coralbrotula

Few-pored coralbrotula

Mcgrouther's coralbrotula

Menne's coralbrotula

Dark coralbrotula

Diancistrus novaeguineae

Pohnpei coralbrotula

Robust coralbrotula

Springer's coralbrotula

Tonga coralbrotula

Vietnam coralbrotula

Didymothallus criniceps

Smalleye cusk

Yellow pigmy brotula

Dipulus caecus

Hutchin's mudbrotula

Dipulus multiradiatus

Dipulus norfolkanus

Lipless messmate-fish

Silver pearlfish

Worm pearlfish - Encheliophis vermicularis is a pearlfish species in the genus Encheliophis.

Eusurculus pistillum

Grammonus ater

Dusky brotula

Purple brotula

Grammonus longhursti

Lapitaichthys frickei


Microbrotula bentleyi

Microbrotula polyactis

Microbrotula queenslandica

Microbrotula randalli

Microbrotula rubra

Monothrix polylepis

Boehlke's coralbrotula

Key brotula

Deroy's cuskeel

William's coralbrotula

Mccosker's coralbrotula

Naked-headed coralbrotula

Sabaji's coralbrotula

Sedor's coralbrotula

Suarez' coralbrotula

Tyler's coralbrotula

Gulf cuskeel

Ferocious coralbrotula

Kakuk's coralbrotula

Longfinned coralbrotula

Small-eyed coralbrotula

Tobago coralbrotula

Fowler's pearlfish

Band cusk-eel

Hairlip cusk

Mooneye cusk-eel

Sleeper cusk

Sharpnosed coralbrotula

Cuyo coralbrotula

Velvetnose brotula

Redfin brotula

Porocephalichthys dasyrhynchus

San Blas coralbrotula

Saccogaster melanomycter

Black widow

Ungusurculus komodoensis

Ungusurculus philippinensis

Ungusurculus riauensis

Ungusurculus sundaensis

Order Orectolobiformes

Brown catshark - The blind shark is one of two species of carpet sharks in the family Brachaeluridae, along with the bluegrey carpetshark , and the only extant member of its genus.

Ogilbys wobbegong - Reproduction is ovoviviparous.

Indonesia speckled carpetshark - It is nocturnal, hiding in reef crevices during the day.

Hemiscyllium galei - Hemiscyllium galei is a species of shark habitating the Western Pacific waters near Indonesia.

Papuan epaulette shark - Reproduction is oviparous.

Hemiscyllium henryi - The Hemiscyllium henryi is a Pacific Ocean type of shark that is distinguished by a unique colour pattern, and a combination of small scattered spots on the head, body and fins.

Blind shark - The epaulette shark, Hemiscyllium ocellatum, is a species of longtailed carpet shark, family Hemiscylliidae, found in shallow, tropical waters off Australia and New Guinea .

Hooded carpet shark - Reproduction is oviparous.

Marbled catshark - Reproduction is oviparous.

Madame X - The tawny nurse shark, Nebrius ferrugineus, is a species of nurse shark, family Ginglymostomatidae, and the only extant member of the genus Nebrius.

Wobbegong - The spotted wobbegong, Orectolobus maculatus, is a carpet shark in the family Orectolobidae, found in the eastern Indian Ocean from Western Australia to southern Queensland, between latitudes 20° S to 40° S.

Wards wobbegong - Northern wobbegongs are excellent aquarium sharks due to their small adult size.

Collared carpet shark - Reproduction is oviparous.

Short-tail nurse shark - The short-tail nurse shark, Pseudoginglymostoma brevicaudatum, is a nurse shark in the family Ginglymostomatidae, the only member of the genus Pseudoginglymostoma.

Leopard shark - The zebra shark, Stegostoma fasciatum , is a species of carpet shark and the sole member of the family Stegostomatidae.

Cobbler carpet shark - Its reproduction is ovoviviparous.

Order Perciformes

Green damselfish - "ZipCode Zoo".

Bengal sergeant

Night sergeant

Sergeant major

Mexican nightsergeant

African sergeant

Black-tail sergeant - "ZipCode Zoo".

Canary damsel

Pearly sergeant

Yellowtail sergeant

Natal sergeant - Scissortail seargents are coral reef dwelling fish, living at depths of up to 15 m in tropical reaches, often living in a group surrounding a single head of coral.

Spot pom

False-eye sergeant

Night sergeant

Panamic sergeant major

Five finger - The Indo-Pacific sergeant is found from the Red Sea to South Africa, as far as Southeast Australia and South Japan.

Whitley's sergeant

Acanthanectes rufus

Roughhead blenny - The roughhead blenny, Acanthemblemaria aspera, is a member of the blenny family native to the tropical Western Atlantic Ocean.

Clubhead blenny

Speckled blenny

Galapagos barnacle blenny

Browncheek blenny

Bluntspine blenny

False papillose blenny

Acanthemblemaria johnsoni

Barnacle blenny

Secretary blenny

Medusa blenny

Dwarf spinyhead blenny

Spotjaw blenny

Spinyhead blenny - A.

Malpelo barnacle blenny

Yellowbanded perch - The yellowbanded perch, Acanthistius cinctus, is a large marine fish of the grouper family, found around eastern Australia.

Acanthistius ocellatus

Acanthistius pardalotus

Acanthistius paxtoni

Brick seabass

Western wirrah

Spiny chromis - Acanthochromis polyacanthus is a Chromis from the Western Pacific.

Acanthoclinus matti - Acanthoclinus matti is a longfin of the family Plesiopidae, found only in New Zealand at depths of up to 17 m.

Scale-rayed wrasse - Acantholabrus is a genus of wrasse in the Labridae family.

Twobar seabream

North west black bream

Achilles tang - They are a mid-sized surgeonfish reaching a maximum of 10in/25 cm at adulthood.

Whitefin surgeonfish - The Whitefin surgeonfish is a marine reef tang in the fish family Acanthuridae.

Orange-socket surgeonfish

Barber - Ocean Surgeonfish are known by their oval bodies with uniform color , the pale to dark marking around the eyes, and the light yellow found on their pectoral fins.

Chronixis surgeonfish

Blue tang surgeonfish - Although the body of the fish can vary in shaded from light to dark blue, both the dorsal fin and the anal fin are covered in bright blue on their edges.

Eyestripe surgeonfish - Acanthurus dussumieri is a Tang from the Indo-Pacific.

Fowler's surgeonfish

Palelipped surgeonfish

Whitebar surgeonfish

Blue banded surgeonfish - Acanthurus lineatus is a Tang from the Indo-Pacific.

White freckled surgeonfish - Acanthurus maculiceps is a Tang from the Indo-West Pacific.

Brown surgeonfish - Acanthurus nigrofuscus or the Brown surgeonfish is a tang from the Indo-Pacific.

Bluelined surgeon

Black-barred surgeonfish

Gulf surgeonfish

Acanthurus reversus

Sohal surgeonfish - Like other tangs, the sohal tang is compressed laterally, making it extremely maneuverable and fast along the reef.

Doubleband surgeonfish - The Doubleband Surgeonfish or Lieutenant Tang is a marine reef tang in the fish family Acanthuridae.

Thompson's surgeonfish

Yellowfin surgeonfish - The name Yellow-tailed Acanthurus, which is not an Acanthurus in the strict sense of the word since it has been classified in the Hepatus genus, when still young deserves its name since the color of its tail is a beautiful yellow.

Pupilspot goby

Western blue groper


Red-flushed rock-cod

Aioliops brachypterus

Mini dart-goby

Aioliops novaeguineae

Aioliops tetrophthalmus

African pompano - The African pompano is one of three members of the diamond trevally genus Alectis, which itself is one of 33 genera encapsulated in the jack family Carangidae.

Indian threadfish - The Indian threadfish is one of three members of the diamond trevally genus Alectis, which itself is one of 33 genera encapsulated in the jack family, Carangidae.

Shrimp scad - The shrimp scad is one of five species of fish in the scad genus Alepes, which itself is one of thirty genera in the jack family Carangidae.

Razorbelly scad - The razorbelly scad is classified in the scad genus Alepes, which is part of the jack family, Carangidae.

Dorothea's wriggler


Pacific leaping blenny

Alticus sertatus

Azure damsel

Altrichthys curatus

Twospot hawkfish

Grannyfish - Amblycirrhitus pinos, commonly called the redspotted hawkfish, is a Hawkfish from the Western Atlantic.

Amblycirrhitus unimacula

Pinkbar goby

Diagonal shrimp-goby

Giant prawn-goby

Spotted prawn-goby

Masked shrimpgoby

Amblyeleotris macronema

Amblyeleotris novaecaledoniae

Periophthalma prawn-goby

Randall's prawn-goby

Volcano shrimpgoby

Steinitz' prawn-goby

Magnus' prawn-goby

Gorgeous prawn-goby

Flagtail shrimpgoby

Golden damsel - Amblyglyphidodon aureus is a Damselfish from the Western Pacific.

Green sergeant

Black-snouted sergeant-major

Yellowfin damsel

Amblyglyphidodon indicus - Up to 8.

Goldenscaled damselfish

Amblyglyphidodon melanopterus

Ternate damsel

Butterfly goby

Buan goby

Orange-striped goby

Snoutspot goby

Hector's goby - It grows to a size of 8.

Link's goby

Nocturn goby

Rainford's goby

Sphynx goby

Black-banded demoiselle

Amblypomacentrus clarus

Scaly sandlance

Lord Howe Island butterflyfish - The Lord Howe Island butterflyfish, Amphichaetodon howensis, is a butterflyfish of the family Chaetodontidae, found along the east coast of Australia, around Lord Howe Island, and down the east coast of Northland in New Zealand, at depths of between 10 and 150 m.

Narrow-barred butterflyfish

Barrier reef anemonefish - Adults are an orange-brown color with two white bars with black edging encircling the body.

Allard's anemonefish

Amphiprion barberi

Chagos anemonefish

Two-banded anemonefish - It feeds on mainly zooplankton and algae.

Brown anemonefish - Clark's Anemonefish is a spectacularly colourful fish, with vivid black, white and yellow stripes, though the exact pattern shows considerable geographical variation.

Oneband anemonefish - The tomato clownfish, Amphiprion frenatus, is a clownfish that is found in the waters of the Western Pacific, from the Ryukyu Islands, Japan, to Malaysia and Indonesia.

Seychelles anemonefish

Wide-band anemonefish

Madagascar anemonefish

White-bonnet anemonefish

Mcculloch's anemonefish

Maldive anemonefish - This clownfish is characterized by its rusty, orange color with a single white stripe running vertically just behind the eye.

False clown anemonefish - This clown anemonefish can be recognised by its orange colour with three white bars and black markings on the fins.

Oman anemonefish

Orange clownfish - The Amphiron Percula can grow to be 11cm in length, but is on average 8cm, and can be recognized by three white lines across their bright orange bodies, with no distinction in color between sexes.

False skunk-striped anemonefish

Yellowfinned anemonefish - The saddleback clownfish can be found in the eastern parts of the Indian and the Western parts of the Pacific oceans.

Australian anemonefish

Golden anemonefish - It is an omnivore, its diet including shrimp, and is best when supplied with an anemone.

Sebae anemonefish - Although it is well known for its shared name with the sebae anemone, it is normally found with the saddle anemone.

Thielle's anemonefish

Three-band anemonefish - Like many other clownfish, three-band anemonefish can be aggressive as they grow.

Bluespotted wrasse

Redtail wrasse

Elegant wrasse - The elegant wrasse, Anampses elegans, is a wrasse of the family Labridae, found in eastern Australia and north eastern New Zealand at depths of between 2 and 35 m.

Blue-striped orange tamarin

Geographic wrasse

Blue and yellow wrasse

Lined wrasse

Spotted wrasse

New Guinea wrasse

Yellowbreasted wrasse

Anampses viridis

Tentacled dragonet

Natal wrasse

Suckerlip blenny

Mascarene Annie

Saint Brandon's Annie

Yellow-tailed grunt


Black thicklip

Atlantic porkfish - The Porkfish, Anisotremus virginicus is a Grunt from the Western Atlantic.

Anthias asperilinguis

Anthias menezesi

Rosy Jewelfish

Swallowtail bass


Small toothed jobfish

Rusty jobfish

Marblefish - The marblefish or southern seacarp, Aplodactylus arctidens, is a marblefish of the genus Aplodactylus, found in south eastern Australia, and around New Zealand, in depths down to 40 m.

Notchheaded marblefish - The notchheaded marblefish, Aplodactylus etheridgii, is a marblefish of the genus Aplodactylus, found between North Cape and East Cape on the North Island of New Zealand, in depths down to 40 m.

Aplodactylus westralis

Apogon abrogramma

Longtooth cardinalfish - Apogon affinis is a species of fish in the Apogonidae family.

Creamspotted cardinalfish

Amboina cardinalfish

Striped cardinalfish

Plain cardinalfish

Apogon aterrimus

Blacktip cardinalfish

Apogon atrogaster

Bridle cardinalfish

Two-spotted cardinalfish

Apogon brevispinis - This species grows to over 60 mm in length with five broad longitudinal brown stripes alternating with five much narrower whitish stripes and a dark mark on the caudal peduncle.

Apogon bryx

Apogon cantoris

Apogon capricornis

Ocellated cardinalfish

Apogon catalai

Striped cardinalfish

Little tailband cardinalfish

Ceram cardinalfish

Apogon chalcius

Apogon cheni

Spotted-gill cardinalfish

Apogon cladophilos

Ochre-striped cardinalfish - Apogon compressus, commonly called the ochre-striped cardinalfish, is a Cardinalfish from the Indo-West Pacific.

Cook's cardinalfish

Transparent cardinalfish

Apogon cyanotaenia

Apogon dammermani

Apogon dianthus

Redspot cardinalfish

Apogon diversus

Doederlein's cardinalfish

Tailspot cardinalfish

Elliot's cardinalfish

Apogon euspilotus

Evermann's cardinalfish

Narrowstripe cardinalfish

Coachwhip cardinal

Apogon flavus

Frans' cardinalfish

Apogon fukuii

Apogon gardineri

Apogon griffini

Hartzfeld's cardinalfish

Apogon heptastygma

Frostfin cardinalfish

Copperstriped cardinalfish

Cardinal fish - Apogon imberbis, commonly known as cardinalfish or king of the mullets, is a species in the family of Apogonidae .

Apogon isus

Iridescent cardinalfish

Apogon kalosoma

Ruby cardinalfish

Rifle cardinal

Komodo cardinalfish

Whitestar cardinalfish

Humpback cardinal

Apogon lativittatus

Apogon latus

Slendertail cardinalfish

Apogon leptofasciatus

Apogon lineomaculatus

Spotted cardinalfish - Minimum tank size: 20 gallon Hardiness: Easy Aggressiveness: Low Reef Compatibility: May eat ornamental shrimps Diet: It require a well-balanced and vitamin-enriched diet of meaty foods such as feeder fish, crustacean and mysid shrimp and bloodworms.

Spotted cardinalfish

Apogon maculipinnis

Red-striped cardinalfish

Blackvent cardinalfish

Black cardinalfish

Apogon microspilos

Yellow-eye cardinalfish

Many-lined cardinalfish

Yellow-band cardinalfish

Neotenous cardinalfish


Blackstripe cardinalfish - Apogon nigrofasciatus, commonly called Blackstripe Cardinalfish, is a Cardinalfish from the Indo-Pacific.

Bluespot cardinalfish

Apogon norfolcensis

Spotnape cardinalfish

Apogon noumeae

Apogon opercularis

Apogon oxygrammus

Pink cardinalfish

Apogon pallidofasciatus

Red-spot cardinalfish

Mimic cardinalfish

Broadscale cardinal fish

Pale cardinalfish

Apogon pleuron

Apogon posterofasciatus

Southern orange-lined cardinal fish

Apogon pselion

Twospot cardinalfish - Apogon pseudomaculatus is a species of fish in the Apogonidae family.

Doublebar cardinalfish

Sawcheek cardinalfish

Apogon quinquestriatus

Apogon regula - This species grows up to 40 mm in length with five broad longitudinal yellowish-brown stripes alternating with four much narrower whitish stripes.

Apogon relativus

Barspot cardinalfish

Roughlip cardinalfish

Flame cardinalfish

Apogon rubrimacula


Apogon rufus

Apogon sabahensis

Seale's cardinalfish

Meteor cardinalfish

Half-lined cardinal

Apogon seminigracaudus

Oblique-banded cardinalfish

Sevenstriped cardinalfish

Apogon spilurus

Apogon striatodes

Reef-flat cardinalfish

Bandfin cardinalfish

Half-barred cardinal

Timor cardinalfish

Belted cardinalfish

Three-spot cardinalfish

Flagfin cardinalfish

Spiny-head cardinalfish

Apogon ventrifasciatus

Apogon victoriae

Kupang cardinalfish

Apogon zebrinus

Ocellated cardinalfish

Perdix cardinalfish

Armitage angelfish

Griffis angelfish - Apolemichthys griffisi is a marine angelfish from the Pacific Ocean.

Reunion angelfish

Tiger angelfish


Goldspotted angelfish

Yellow-ear angelfish

Yellowtail angelfish - Apolemichthys xanthurus is a marine angelfish from the Western Indian Ocean.

Blotched podge

Black snapper

Archamia ataenia

Twinspot cardinalfish

Archamia bilineata

Gon's cardinalfish

Buru cardinalfish

Orangelined cardinalfish

Lea's cardinalfish

Mozambique cardinalfish

Pale cardinalfish

Blackbelted cardinalfish - Archamia zosterophora is a Cardinalfish from the Western Pacific.

Sheepshead seabream - Although the Sheepshead Bay section of Brooklyn, in New York City, was named after the fish,

Western Atlantic seabream - Carolus Linnaeus described the Western Atlantic seabream in the 1758 edition of Systema Naturae.


Lance blenny

Mimic blenny

Yellow devilfish - Assessor flavissimus is a fish from the Western CentralPacific.

Blue devilfish - Assessor macneilli is a fish from the Southwest Atlantic Ocean.

Assessor randalli

Assiculoides desmonotus

Assiculus punctatus - The genus and species were first published by Sir John Richardson in an appendix to Volume 1 of John Lort Stokes' 1846 Discoveries in Australia.

Asterropteryx atripes

Orange-spotted goby

Miller's damsel

Starry goby

Eyebar spiny goby

Striped goby

Freckeled cardinalfish

Blackfin cardinalfish


Brown coral blenny

Brown coral blenny

Yellowtail scad - The yellowtail scad is the only member of the monotypic genus Atule, one of thirty genera in the jack and horse mackerel family Carangidae.

Australian mado

Goldribbon soapfish - The goldribbon soapfish or goldstripe groper, Aulacocephalus temminckii, is a large marine fish of the grouper family, found in the Indo-Pacific oceans.

Austrolabrus maculatus

Small-eyed goby

Galapagos damsel - The Galapagos damsel reached a length of 15 cm.

Swallow damsel

Blue croaker

Bearded goby

Barbulifer enigmaticus

Bathygobius andrei

Whitespotted goby

Cocos frill-goby

Cheekscaled frill-goby

Spotted frillgoby

Brownboy goby

Barred spiny basslet

Arrowhead soapfish

Blue-spotted blenny

Redspotted blenny

Striped rockskipper

Humpheaded blenny

Dashed-line blenny

Blue-dashed rockskipper

Blue-dashed rockskipper

Eel blenny

Lyretail hogfish

Axilspot hogfish

Bodianus bathycapros

Tarry hogfish

Twospot hogfish

Bodianus busellatus

Bodianus cylindriatus

Diana's hogfish

Bodianus dictynna

Mexican hogfish

Harlequin wrasse


Island hogfish

Bodianus izuensis

Fourline hogfish

Blackfin hogfish

Giant hogfish

Bodianus masudai

Splitlevel hogfish

Bay of Bengal hogfish

Bodianus neopercularis

Blackspot hogfish

Bodianus paraleucosticticus


Bodianus prognathus


Bodianus rubrisos

Bodianus sanguineus

Barred hogfish - Barred hogfish, scientific name: Bodianus scrofa is a species of fish under the Bodianus genus.

Bodianus sepiacaudus

Bodianus solatus

Blackbar hogfish

Bodianus tanyokidus

Bodianus thoracotaeniatus

Threeline hogfish

Pigfish - The red pigfish, Bodianus unimaculatus, is a wrasse of the genus Bodianus, found in eastern Australia including Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island, and around New Zealand, including the Kermadec Islands, in reef areas at depths of between 5 and 40 m.

Green humphead parrotfish - Other common names include bumphead parrotfish, humphead parrotfish, double-headed parrotfish, buffalo parrotfish and giant parrotfish.

Bollmannia chlamydes



Large whip goby

Erythrops goby

Loki whip-goby

Redeye goby

Upside-down goby

Ridens goby

Black coral goby

Whip coral goby

Jeffrey's goby

Cabillus caudimacula

Cabillus lacertops

Tongareva goby

Blue and gold fusilier


Moon fusilier

Striped fusilier

Suez fusilier

Yellow and blueback fusilier

Lama G. Cuvier, 1800

Dhon noo mas - Caesio xanthonota is a Fusilier from the Indian Ocean.

Caesioscorpis theagenes

Blue bone porgy - Credit for describing the Jolthead porgy goes to Marcus Elieser Bloch and Johann Gottlob Schneider.

Pacific porgy

Knobbed porgy

Pluma - Sheepshead porgy is a species of fish of the porgy family, Sparidae, only found in the Atlantic Ocean.

Pluma porgy - Found only in the Atlantic ocean, Pluma porgies are the most common member of their genus in the Antilles, where they are often used for food

Littlehead porgy

Magnificent splendid perch

Coral dragonet - The lancer dragonet is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Callionymus.

Callionymus colini - Callionymus colini is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Callionymus.

Delicate dragonet - Delicate dragonet is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Callionymus.

Mangrove dragonet - Mangrove dragonet is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Callionymus.

Callionymus flavus - Callionymus flavus is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Callionymus.

Simple-spined dragonet - Simple-spined dragonet is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Callionymus.

Bauchot's goby

Doublebar goby

Saddled goby

Flathead goby

Hasselt's goby

Callogobius hastatus

Ostrich goby

Sculptured goby

Okinawa flap-headed goby

Feather goby

Elongate flap-headed goby

Pacific goby

Callogobius snelliusi


Calloplesiops argus

Carolines parrotfish

Viridescent parrotfish

Yellowbar parrot

Tailface sleeper

Longfin trevally - The longfin trevally is classified within the genus Carangoides, a group of fish commonly called jacks and trevallies.

Orangespotted trevally - The orangespotted trevally is classified within the genus Carangoides, a group of fish commonly called jacks and trevallies.

Yellow jack - The yellow jack is classified within the genus Carangoides, a group of fish commonly called jacks and trevallies.

Longnose trevally - The bluespotted trevally is classified within the genus Caranx, one of a number of groups known as the jacks or trevallies.

Coastal trevally - The coastal trevally is formally classified within the genus Carangoides, one of a number of groups of fish referred to as jacks and trevallies.

Shadow trevally - The shadow trevally is classified within the genus Carangoides, one of a number of groups of fish referred to as jacks and trevallies.

Whitefin trevally - The whitefin trevally is classified within the genus Carangoides, a group of fish commonly known as jacks and trevallies.

Bludger - The bludger is classified within the genus Carangoides, a group of fish commonly known as jacks and trevallies.

Bumpnose trevally - The bumpnose trevally is classified within the genus Carangoides, a group of fish commonly called jacks and trevallies.

Duskyshoulder trevally - The duskyshoulder trevally is classified within the genus Carangoides, a group of fish commonly called jacks and trevallies.

Coachwhip trevally - The coachwhip trevally is classified within the genus Carangoides, a group of fish commonly called jacks and trevallies.

Island trevally - The island trevally is classified within the genus Carangoides, a group of fish commonly called jacks and trevallies.

Barcheek trevally - The barcheek trevally is classified within the genus Carangoides, a group of fish commonly called jacks and trevallies.

Bar jack - The bar jack is classified within the genus Carangoides, a group of fishes commonly known as jacks and trevallies, which is part of the larger jack and horse mackerel family Carangidae.

Imposter trevally - The imposter trevally is classified within the genus Carangoides, one of a number of groups of fish referred to as jacks and trevallies.

Blue-spotted trevally - The bluespotted trevally is classified within the genus Caranx, one of a number of groups known as the jacks or trevallies.

Blacktip trevally - The blacktip trevally is classified within the genus Caranx, one of a number of groups known as the jacks or trevallies.

Cabali - The Horse-eye jack, known for its proportionally large eyes, commonly has 8-9 spines on its dorsal fin and 20-22 dorsal rays.

Black ulua - The bluefin trevally is a strong predatory fish, with a diet dominated by fish and supplemented by cephalopods and crustaceans as an adult.

Brassy trevally - The brassy trevally is classified within the genus Caranx, one of a number of groups known as the jacks or trevallies.

Bayad - It is predominantly an inshore fish, inhabiting reefs down to depths of around 100 m in both coastal zones and offshore islands, often venturing into estuaries and sandy bays as juveniles.

Tille trevally - The tille trevally is classified within the genus Caranx, one of a number of groups known as the jacks or trevallies.

Ocean whitefish

Smallmouthed wrasse

Emerald wrasse

Seargent fish - One of the largest snooks, C.

Twospot sea bass

Sea bass

Black seabass - It inhabits the coasts from Maine to NE Florida and the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

Orangeback angelfish - When kept in an aquarium orangeback angelfish are distributed throughout the tank.

Cherub pygmy angelfish - When kept in an aquarium, cherubfish are distributed throughout the tank.

Golden angelfish

Flameback angelfish - When kept in an aquarium flameback angelfish are distributed throughout the tank.

Bicolor angelfish - Despite being favored by many aquarists, the bicolor angelfish can be very difficult to keep, even experts often find it difficult to make them pass through the initial acclimation period.

Twospined angelfish - The twospined angelfish is native to the Indo-Pacific where it lives in coral reefs and lagoons.

Peppermint angelfish

Cocos-keeling angelfish

Blue Mauritius angelfish

Blacktail angelfish - It has a pearlescent body with several vertical orange to red stripes.

Rusty angelfish - Centropyge ferrugata is a marine angelfish from the Western Pacific Ocean.

Whitetail angelfish - Centropyge flavicauda is a Marine angelfish from the Indo-Pacific Ocean.

Yellowfin angelfish

Lemonpeel angelfish - In aquaria, it is suitable for fish only tanks.

Very drab

Blackear angelfish

Yellowhead angelfish

Flaming angelfish - In captivity, this species feeds on a variety of food including live brine shrimp, frozen meaty foods as well as spirulina, seaweed sheets and pellets.

Multicolor angelfish

Barred angelfish

Dusky angelfish

Nahacky's angelfish

Blackspot angelfish

Midnight angelfish

Russet angelfish - Centropyge potteri is a marine angelfish from the Eastern Central Pacific Ocean.

Resplendent angelfish - Cherubfish

Mango angelfish

Keyhole angelfish

Blue-backed angelfish

Pearlscale angelfish

Rusty hind

Grouper - A medium sized fish that can reach a length of 60cm.

Chocolate hind - Cephalopholis boenak is a species of fish in the Serranidae family, known under many common names, including "Bluelined Coralcod", "Brown-banded Seabass", "Brownbarred Grouper", "Brown-barred Rockcod", "Brownbarred Rockcod", "Brown Coral-cod", "Brown Coral Cod", "Charcoal Grouper", "Cherna Chocolate", "Chocolate Hind", "Dusty-banded Cod", "Overcast Grouper", "Rock Cod" and "Vielle Chocolat" .

Coney - The Graysby, Cephalopholis cruentata, is a Grouper in the Serranidae family from the Western Atlantic.

Bluelined rockcod - A Grouper from the Indo-West Pacific that occasionally makes its way into the aquarium trade.

Deady - A Grouper from the Western Atlantic that occasionally makes its way into the aquarium trade.

Duskyfin grouper

Dothead rockcod

Bluespot rockcod - The Vermillion seabass, also known as the Coral Hind is a species of fish in the Serranidae family.

Roughcheek hind

Pacific graysby - Cephalopholis panamensis is a grouper fish from the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

Blue-lined grouper - Cephalopholis polleni is a grouper fish from the Indo-Pacific Ocean.

Cephalopholis polyspila

Freckled rockcod

Red coral rod

Orange-red pigmy grouper - Cephalopholis spiloparaea is a grouper from the Indo-Pacific Ocean.

Banded-tail coral-cod - Cephalopholis urodeta is a grouper fish from the Indo-Pacific Ocean.

Spotted spiny-eye triplefin

Helena's spiny-eye triplefin

Striped spiny-eye triplefin

Frail cardinalfish

Glassy cardinalfish

Pugjaw wormfish

Bicolour parrotfish - Cetoscarus bicolor, the bicolour parrotfish, is a species of fish from reefs in the Indo-Pacific.

Yellowface pikeblenny

Bluethroat pikeblenny

Chaenopsis resh

Yellow-mouth pikeblenny

Chaenopsis stephensi

Atlantic spadefish - Due to their reputation as strong fighters, they are popular game fish, especially during the summer months when they are most active.

Pacific spadefish

Philippine butterflyfish - It grows to a maximum length of 20 cm .

Yellow butterflyfish

Asian butterflyfish

West Australian butterflyfish

Golden butterflyfish

Cross-stripe butterfly - Length is up to 23 cm .

Oriental butterflyfish - Chaetodon auripes, the oriental butterflyfish, is a species of butterflyfish in the genus Chaetodon.

Blacktail butterflyfish - The Black-tailed Butterflyfish , also called Exquisite Butterflyfish, is known as Chaetodon austriacus by its scientific name.

Eastern triangular butterflyfish - It grows to a maximum of 16 cm long.

Bluelashed butterflyfish - It grows to a maximum of 20 cm long.

Blackburn's butterflyfish

Burgess' butterflyfish

Butterbun - Chaetodon capistratus is the type species of Chaetodon.

Midas cichlid - It is a rather distinct species, but most closely related to the Four-spotted Butterflyfish .

Wrought iron butterflyfish

Marquesas butterflyfish

Indian vagabond butterflyfish - The Indian Vagabond Butterflyfish, Chaetodon decussatus, is a species of butterflyfish .

Oman butterflyfish

African butterflyfish - The African butterflyfish, Chaetodon dolosus, is a butterflyfish of the family Chaetodontidae found in the Western Indian Ocean, at depths from 40-200 metres in length.

Saddle butterflyfish - It is a large butterflyfish, at up to 30 cm long together with the Lined Butterflyfish the giant among its genus.

Hawaiian gold-barred butterflyfish

Black butterflyfish

Yellow-crowned butterflyfish

Blue-lined butterfly

Gardner's butterflyfish

Crochet butterflyfish

Peppered butterflyfish - This is one of the members of the subgenus Exornator.

Half-yellow butterflyfish

Threebanded butterflyfish

Indian golden-barred butterflyfish

Sunburst butterflyfish - The Sunburst Butterflyfish is also known as the Black-lipped Butterflyfish or Klein's Butterflyfish.

Hooded butterflyfish

Somali butterflyfish

Line butterflyfish - Lined butterflyfish may grow up to 30 cm long, which among Chaetodon is matched only by the Saddle Butterflyfish .

White-tip butterflyfish

Raccoon butterflyfish - It belongs to the large subgenus Rabdophorus which might warrant recognition as a distinct genus.

Seychelles butterflyfish - The Seychelles Butterflyfish, Chaetodon madagaskariensis, is a species of butterflyfish .

Doubledash butterflyfish - It feeds on polychaetes, crustaceans, hydroids and ascidians.

Blackback butterflyfish - This fish grows up to 18 cm long, and may live for up to 20 years.

Arabian butterflyfish

Atoll butterflyfish - It grows to a maximum of 12.

White-face butterflyfish

Scrawled butterflyfish - Growing to a maximum length of 20 cm , its body is whitish or blue-white with curved to oblique black bands on the sides.

Indian butterflyfish

Pebbled butterfly

Black-spotted butterflyfish

Japanese butterflyfish

Butterbun - The name is derived from the dark spot on the fish's dorsal fin.

Spot-tail butterfly fish - It grows to a maximum of 15 cm long.

Eightband butterflyfish - This small butterflyfish grows to a maximum of 12 cm long .

Ornate butterflyfish - It is a close relative of the Mailed Butterflyfish and the Scrawled Butterflyfish .

Spot-nape butterflyfish - It grows to a maximum of 25 cm long.

Eritrean butterflyfish - It grows up to 14 cm in length.

Sunset butterflyfish

Blueblotch butterflyfish

Four-spot butterfly - It is a quite distinct species, but most closely related to the Speckled Butterflyfish .

Latticed coralfish - It grows to a maximum of 18 cm long.

Rainford's butterflyfish

Mailed butterflyfish

Three-banded butterflyfish

Saint Helena butterflyfish


Dotted butterflyfish - It grows to a maximum of 26 cm long.

Bluecheek butterflyfish - Its length is up to 23 cm .

Smith's butterflyfish

Mirror butterflyfish - It grows to a maximum of 18 cm in length.

Hawaiian butterflyfish - Found in the Pacific ocean only from Hawaii, Johnston Atoll and the Marshall Islands.

Triangle butterflyfish

Tahiti butterflyfish

Three-striped butterflyfish

Chevron butterflyfish - Adults have an elongate white body with narrow chevron markings and may be up to 18 cm in length.

Pacific doublesaddle butterflyfish - These fish can reach a size of 15 cm .

Hongkong butterflyfish

Goldheaded butterflyfish - Found in the Indian Ocean from East Africa to Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

Zanzibar butterflyfish

Ballina angelfish

Bluespotted angelfish - Chaetodontoplus caeruleopunctatus is a marine angelfish from the Western-Pacific ocean.

Orangeface angelfish

Conspicuous angelfish

Velvet angelfish

Scribbled angelfish - Chaetodontoplus duboulayi is a marine angelfish from the Indo-West Pacific ocean.

Black-velvet angelfish

Queensland yellowtail angelfish

Vermiculated angelfish

Chaetodontoplus niger

Blueface angelfish

Bluestriped angelfish

Chaetodontoplus vanderloosi

Sand dart

Saddled sandburrower

Redbreast wrasse - The redbreast wrasse inhabit reefs across the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Broomtail wrasse

Snooty wrasse

Eared maori wrasse

Humphead wrasse - The humphead wrasse is the largest living member of the family Labridae, with males reaching 6 feet in length, while females rarely exceed about 3 feet .

Sharp-nosed rainbowfish

Magpie perch - The magpie perch or magpie morwong, Cheilodactylus nigripes, is a morwong of the genus Cheilodactylus, found off southern Australia and northern New Zealand from shallow depths to 250 m.

Cheilodactylus rubrolabiatus

Cheilodipterus alleni

Dogtooth cardinal

Wolf cardinalfish

Intermediate cardinalfish

Dog-toothed cardinalfish

Mimic cardinalfish

Cheilodipterus parazonatus

Persian cardinalfish

Fiveband cardinalfish

Truncate cardinalfish

Mimic cardinalfish

Big-lip damsel

Santer seabream

Blackfin coralfish

Western talma

Coralfish - This species of fish is a popular aquarium fish which is harvested largely in southern Australia.

Two-tone fingerfin

Natal fingerfin

Eastern kelpfish - The large kelpfish, Chironemus marmoratus, is a kelpfish of the genus Chironemus, found in southern Australia, and between North Cape and East Cape on the North Island of New Zealand, in depths down to 30 m.

St Brandon's dottyback

Golden dottyback

Nosey dottyback

Cockatoo dottyback

Chagos dottyback

Chainmail dottyback

Fody dottyback

Cerise dottyback

Chlidichthys pembae

Chlidichthys randalli

Chlidichthys smithae

Bluemoon parrotfish

Bleeker's parrotfish

Bower's parrotfish

Pink-margined parrotfish

Blue humphead parrotfish

Captain parrotfish

Tan-faced parrotfish

Sinai parrotfish

Palecheek parrotfish

Knothead parrotfish

Spectacled parrotfish

Chlorurus rhakoura

Daisy parrotfish

Troschel's parrotfish

Orange-dotted tuskfish

Scarbreast tuskfin

Choerodon balerensis

Bluespotted tuskfish

Grass tuskfish

Blue tuskfish

Harlequin tuskfish - It grows to a size of 30 cm in length.

Graphic tuskfish

Purplelined wrasse

Jordan's tuskfish

Choerodon melanostigma

White-patch tuskfish

Choerodon paynei

Robust tuskfish

Baldchin groper

Green wrasse - It is commonly caught by Cantonese fishers.

Venus tuskfish

Purple eyebrowed tuskfish

Translucent goby

Chromis abrupta

Deepsea chromis

Deep Blue Chromis - Chromis abyssus was the first species entered into the ZooBank registry with a timestamp of 2008-01-01T00:00:02, and it was selected as one of "The Top 10 New Species" described in 2008 by The International Institute for Species Exploration at Arizona State University and an international committee of taxonomists.

Midget chromis

Agile chromis

White-spotted chromis

Allen's chromis

Yellow-speckled chromis

Oval damselfish

Ambon chromis - Chromis amboinensis is a Chromis from the Western Pacific.

Chromis athena

Scissortail damselfish

Black-axil chromis - This fish is often confused with Chromis viridis.

Dark-fin chromis

Chromis bami

Shortsnout Chromis - The fish is around 6cm long, 1.

Cadenat's chromis

Blue-axil chromis

Stout-body chromis


Gold-rim Chromis

Valparaiso chromis

Blue chromis - A small marine fish that reaches 15 cm in length.

Blue-spotted chromis

Degruy’s Chromis

Deep-reef chromis

Bicolor reeffish

Spring Chromis

Twin-spot chromis

Yellowtail chromis

Chromis fatuhivae

Chromis flavapicis

Arabian chromis

Cobalt chromis

Malayan chromis

Yellow-spotted chromis - Chromis flavomaculata is a Chromis from the Western Pacific.

Smokey chromis - The smokey chromis, Chromis fumea, is a damselfish of the genus Chromis, found in the tropical waters of the eastern Indian Ocean, and the western Pacific Ocean across to north New Zealand, at depths of between 3 and 25 metres, off rocky or coral reef areas.

Hawaiian bicolor chromis

One spot demoiselle - The one-spot puller or brown puller , Chromis hypsilepis, is a damselfish of the genus Chromis, found off south east Australia and between North Cape and East Cape of the North Island of New Zealand to depths of about 60 metres, off rocky coasts.

Olive damselfish

Peruvian chromis

Half and half chromis - Chromis maculatus is a Chromis from the Pacific Ocean.

Chromis jubauna

Black-headed chromis

Scaly chromis

Dark damsel

Azores chromis

Limbaugh's damselfish - Chromis limbaughi is a Chromis from the Eastern Central Pacific.

Lined chromis - Chromis lineata is a Chromis from the Indo-Pacific.

Lubbock's chromis

Chocolate dip

Southern chromis

Japanese chromis

Chromis monochroma

Cavalley pilot

Kenyan chromis

Blacktail chromis

Barrier reef chromis

Okinawa chromis

Chromis onumai

Doublebar chromis

Ovate chromis


Duskytail chromis

Pemba chromis

Blacksmith chromis

Randall's chromis

Black-bar chromis - Chromis retrofasciata is a Chromis from the Western Pacific Ocean.

St. Helena chromis

Philippines chromis

Purple chromis

Ternate chromis

Trispot chromis

Vanderbilt's chromis

Threespot chromis

Blue-green chromis - It is sometimes called "Blue-green Chromis", but that may also mean C.

Weber's chromis

West Australian chromis

Yellow-axil chromis

Arabian chromis

Black chromis - Chromis xanthura is a Chromis from the Pacific Ocean.

Chromis xouthos

Buff chromis

Chrysiptera albata

Footballer demoiselle

Bluebanded damselfish

Bleeker's damsel

Surge demoiselle

Blueline demoiselle

Cornflower sargeantmajor - A small marine fish that reaches two inches in length.

Chrysiptera cymatilis

Yellowfin demoiselle

Canary demoiselle - Chrysiptera galba is a Damselfish from the Western Pacific.

Chrysiptera giti

Grey demoiselle

Azure demoiselle - Chrysiptera hemicyanea, also known as Azure Damselfish or half-blue damselfish is a popular saltwater aquarium fish from the Indo-Pacific.

Tulamben damsel

Black demoiselle

Southern demoiselle

Blue-spot demoiselle

Goldtail demoiselle - Chrysiptera parasema

Chrysiptera pricei

Easter damselfish

Pink demoiselle

Rolland's demoiselle

Sinclair's demoiselle

Springer's demoiselle - Chrysiptera springeri is a Damselfish from the Western Pacific.

Starck's demoiselle - Chrysiptera starcki is a Damselfish from the Western Pacific.

Talbot's demoiselle - A small marine fish that reaches three inches in length.

Southseas devil - A small marine fish that reaches three inches in length.

Tracey's demoiselle

Threeband demoiselle - Chrysiptera tricincta is a Damselfish from the Western Pacific.

Onespot demoiselle

Englishman seabream

Red-fin fairy wrasse

Orange-back wrasse

Girdled wrasse

Cirrhilabrus bathyphilus

Beau’s wrasse

Purple-boned wrasse

Dusky wrasse

Cenderawasih wrasse

Cirrhilabrus claire

Conde's wrasse

Blueside wrasse

Orange-striped wrasse

Exquisite wrasse

Whip-fin wrasse

Yellowfin fairy wrasse

Johnson's wrasse

Flame wrasse

Katherine's wrasse

Laboute's wrasse

Long-tailed wrasse

Purplelined wrasse

Lubbock's wrasse

Crescent-tail wrasse

Yellowband wrasse

Marjorie's Wrasse

Cirrhilabrus melanomarginatus

Cirrhilabrus morrisoni

Dotted wrasse

Blue-margin fairy-wrasse

Cirrhilabrus randalli

Rhomboid wrasse

Cirrhilabrus roseafascia

Red-margined wrasse

Redfin wrasse

Cirrhilabrus rubrisquamis

Social wrasse

Scott's wrasse

Threadfin wrasse

Cirrhilabrus walindi

Cirrhilabrus walshi

Yellow hawkfish - Cirrhitichthys aureus is a Hawkfish from the Indo-West Pacific.

Cirrhitichthys bleekeri

Spottedtail hawkfish

Dwarf hawkfish - The spotted hawkfish can reach a maximum length of 7cm.

Cirrhitichthys guichenoti

Coral hawkfish - Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus is a Hawkfish from the Indo-Pacific.

Cirrhitichthys randalli

Redbarred hawkfish

Cirrhitops hubbardi

Stocky hawkfish

Giant hawkfish - The Giant hawkfish has a unique body design mostly deep and compressed, with a mainly olive skin tone sporting golden stripes or bars.

Plume blenny

Cirripectes alboapicalis

Kimberley blenny

Blackflap blenny

Chestnut eyelash-blenny

Lady Musgrave blenny

Spotted blenny

Cirripectes gilberti

Cirripectes hutchinsi

Imitator blenny

Gargantuan blenny

Flaming blenny

Barred blenny

Squiggly blenny

Springer's blenny

Red-streaked blenny - Cirripectes stigmaticus is a Blenny from the Indo-Pacific.

Scarface blenny

Flagtail wormfish

Creole wrasse

Carpet eel-blenny - Congrogadus subducens is a Dottyback from the Indo-West Pacific.

Mutant wrasse

Longfinned bullseye

High-finned coralfish

Goldengirdled coralfish

Twospot coralfish

Angel blenny

Twinhorn blenny

Scarletfin blenny

Spikefin blenny

Coralliozetus springeri

Coris atlantica

Western king wrasse

Goldlined coris

Sand wrasse

Batu coris


Spottail coris

Coris centralis

False clownwrasse


Pale-barred coris

Queen coris

Coris hewetti

Coris marquesensis

Comb wrasse

Blackbar coris

Blackstripe coris

Coris roseoviridis

Sandager's wrasse - Sandager's wrasse, Coris sandeyeri, is a wrasse of the family Labridae, found along the east coast of Australia and around the North Island of New Zealand to depths of 60 metres, on mixed sandy/rocky reef areas.

Elegant coris

Barfin goby

Sand-canyon goby

Colon goby

Pallid goby

Glass goby

Peppermint goby

Masked goby

Spotted goby

Bartail goby

Bridled goby

Redlight goby

Half-scaled sand-diver

Panther fish - The Panther Grouper is commonly kept in marine aquariums.

Triplespot blenny - Crossosalarias macrospilus is a Blenny from the Western Pacific.

Insignia prawn-goby

White-backed shrimpgoby

Blue-speckled prawn-goby

Harlequin prawn-goby

Yellow-prawn goby - It appears in the Wii game Endless Ocean.

Lagoon shrimpgoby

Inexplicable shrimpgoby

Kouman's prawn-goby

Leptocephalus prawn-goby - Cryptocentrus leptocephalus, commonly called Pinkspotted Shrimp Goby, is a Goby from the Western Pacific.

Saddled prawn-goby

White-saddled shrimp-goby

Cheek-eye shrimp-goby

Shige shrimpgoby

Singapore prawn-goby

Target shrimp-goby

Manytooth parrotfish

Short-tail bristle-tooth - Ctenochaetus cyanocheilus, is a marine reef tang in the fish family Acanthuridae, endemic to Oceania.

Ctenochaetus flavicauda - Ctenochaetus flavicauda is a Tang from the Pacific Ocean.

Black surgeonfish - Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis is a Tang from the Pacific Ocean.

Striped-fin surgeonfish

Tomini surgeonfish

Indian gold-ring bristle-tooth

Gold-streaked prawn-goby

Silverspot shrimpgoby

Sandy-prawn goby

Ctenogobiops formosa

Ctenogobiops maculosus

Ctenogobiops mitodes

Ctenogobiops phaeostictus

Tangaroa - It is frequently found living in a symbiotic relationship with shrimp.

Darter goby

Dash goby

Goldsinny-wrasse - The goldsinny has a reddish brown upper body with a paler belly.

Knife razorfish

Finescale razorfish

Oblique-lined dottyback

Swallowtail hawkfish

Dusky morwong

Sand stargazer

Hawaiian dascyllus - Length up to 12.

Black-and-white damselfish - Length up to 10 cm, they are white with three black vertical bars.

Dascyllus auripinnis - Dascyllus auripinnis is a Damselfish from the Eastern Central Pacific.

Cloudy damsel - Dascyllus carneus is a Damselfish from the Indian Ocean.

Yellow-tailed dascyllus - Dascyllus flavicaudus is a Damselfish from the Eastern Central Pacific.

Blacktailed humbug - A small marine fish that reaches four inches in length.

Strasburg's dascyllus

Threespot humbug - Grey to black body with two lateral white spots and one between the eyes, the Threespot dascyllus grows up to 14cm in length.

Blackspot wrasse

Red hogfish

Donkey fish - The marbled grouper is a species of fish in the Serranidae family.

Smooth rockcod - The smooth grouper is a species of fish in the Serranidae family.

Painted sweetlips

Galjoen - It is the national fish of South Africa.

Dictyosoma rubrimaculatum


Dwarf sand perch

Sand seabass

Silver porgy

Cape white seabream

Red Sea seabream

White seabream

Goram dragonet

Spotted dragonet

Diplogrammus xenicus

Barred soapfish

Yellowfin soapfish

Yellowtail tubelip

Mottled fusilier

Lagoon damsel

Dischistodus darwiniensis

Banded damsel

Black-vent damsel

White damsel

Honey-head damsel - Dischistodus prosopotaenia is a Damselfish from the Indo-West Pacific.

Monarch damsel

Spikefin goby

Dwarf wrasse

Dotalabrus alleni

Live sharksucker

Whitefin sharksucker

Cheek-streaked goby

Fourline blenny

Ecsenius alleni

Aron's blenny

Australian blenny

Axelrod's clown blenny

Banda comb-tooth

Bath's comb-tooth

Bicolor blenny - Ecsenius bicolor is a Blenny from the Indo-Pacific.

Twin-spot combtooth-blenny - Ecsenius bimaculatus is a Blenny from the Western Pacific Ocean.

Collete's blenny

Ecsenius dilemma

Ecsenius fijiensis

Red Sea mimic blenny - Ecsenius gravieri is a Blenny from the Western Indian Ocean.

Ecsenius isos

Ecsenius kurti

Linear blenny - Picture: http://seafishes.

Blue-head combtooth-blenny

Lubbock's combtooth-blenny

Queensland blenny

Yellow-eyed comb-tooth

Persian blenny - It grows to a size of 13cm in length.


Ecsenius monoculus

Black comb-tooth - Ecsenius namiyei is a Blenny from the Western Pacific.

Ecsenius niue

Ocular blenny

Ecsenius paroculus

White-lined comb-tooth

Ecsenius prooculis

Schroeder's combtooth-blenny

Saddle blenny

Great Barrier Reef blenny

Ecsenius taeniatus

Ecsenius tessera

Tiger blenny

Three-lined blenny

Moth blenny

Elacatinus atronasus

Shortstripe goby

Elacatinus colini

Banded cleaner goby

Orangeside goby

Sharknose goby

Barber goby

Frecklefin goby

Cleaner goby

Yellowline goby

Barsnout goby

Inornate goby

Spotback goby

Elacatinus jarocho

Elacatinus lori

Spotlight goby

Tiger goby

Greenband goby - Equally bright as their coloration is their personality; they are valued additions to reef aquaria, with a reputation for being friendly and entertaining.

Elacatinus nesiotes

Neon goby - Elacatinus is a genus of marine gobies, often known collectively as the neon gobies.

Broadstripe goby

Redhead goby

Yellownose goby

Elacatinus redimiculus

Leopard goby

Elacatinus serranilla

Slaty goby

Yellowprow goby

Zebrette goby

Hawaiian salmon - The rainbow runner is the only species in the monotypic genus Elagatis, which is one of thirty genera in the jack family, Carangidae.

Cable's goby

Banner blenny

Twospot blenny

Caribbean blenny

Venezuelan blenny

Filament blenny

Sailfin blenny - Emblemaria pandionis is a Blenny from the Western Atlantic Ocean.

Pirate blenny

Blackhead blenny

Shorthead blenny

Orangeflag blenny

Glass blenny

Emblemariopsis leptocirris

Seafan blenny

Hornless blenny

Flagfin blenny

John moriggle - Bonnetmouths are similar to the only other member of its family, the Boga, or Inermia vittata.

Enchelyurus brunneolus

Krauss' blenny

Lofty triplefin

Blackedge triplefin

Roughhead triplefin

Carmine triplefin

Mimic triplefin

Redeye blenny

Yellow triplefin

Hawaiian blackhead triplefin

Eastern Australian blackhead triplefin

Blacktail triplefin

Northern bicoloured triplefin

Clea's triplefin

Hourglass triplefin

Tiny threefin

Blackbelly triplefin

Half-black triplefin

Lord Howe Island triplefin

Enneapterygius kosiensis

Miracle triplefin

Pygmy triplefin

Pale white-spotted triplefin

New Caledonian striped triplefin

New Caledonian blackhead surf triplefin

High hat triplefin

Bastard dory - It is native to reefs in the Indian and western Pacific Oceans, and to the coastal waters of Australia.

Tail-barred rockskipper

Rock blenny

Pacific rockskipper

Wavy-lined blenny

Pearl blenny

Tattoo-chin rockskipper

Seale's rockskipper

Blackspotted rockskipper

Textile blenny

Entomacrodus thalassinus longicirrus

Painted dragonet

Orbiculate spade fish

Latent slingjaw wrasse

Epigonus cavaticus

Black-arse cod

Bighead grouper


Captain fine - The brown-spotted rockcod or catface rockcod is a species of fish in the Serranidae family.

Yellow grouper - The banded grouper or yellow grouper is a species of fish in the Serranidae family.

Frostback rockcod

Palemargin grouper


Modest rockcod

Whitespotted grouper

Malabar grouper

Yellowfin grouper

Back rockcod - The saddletail grouper or spotted black groper, Epinephelus daemelii, is a large marine fish of the family serranidae, found off south east Australia and northern New Zealand, at depths down to 50 m.

Cloudy grouper

Rock grouper

Blacktip grouper - The blacktip grouper is widely distributed; it is found from the Red Sea to South Africa, as far north as Korea, and in the waters around Australia.


Blacksaddle grouper

Marquesan grouper - The marquesan grouper is a species of fish in the Serranidae family.

Giant grouper - The goliath grouper is found primarily in shallow tropical waters among coral and artificial reefs at depths of up to 165 feet .

Giant grouper - This giant fish is similar to an Estuary Cod and colour changes with age.

Longspine grouper

Malabar grouper

Duskey grouper - The Dusky Grouper is the best known grouper of the Mediterranean Sea and North Africa coast.

Blackspot grouper

Netfin rockcod

Deer grouper - The red grouper is a species of fish in the Serranidae family.

Camouflage grouper - The camouflage grouper is a species of fish in the Serranidae family.

Striped fin rockcod

Brownback cod

Chinaman rockcod

Sixbar rockcod

Surge grouper

Four-saddle grouper

Epaulet grouper

Nassau grouper - The Nassau grouper is a U.

Malabar grouper

Threespot grouper

Potato cod - The potato cod, Epinephelus tukula is an endangered, native fish in Australian and surrounding waters.

Maori grouper


Spooted drum - It is frequently observed during the day under ledges or near the opening of small caves, at depths between 3 and 30 meters, where it swims in repetitive patterns.

Oblong slipmouth

Silver mojarra

Jenny mojarra

Grass shad

Eviota abax

Afele's fringefin goby

Spotted fringefin goby

Twostripe pygmy goby

Twospot fringedfin goby

Comet pygmy goby

Twospot pygmy goby

Eviota epiphanes

Barred pygmy goby

Spotted pygmy goby

Herre's pygmy goby

Eviota hoesei - Like most members of its genus, this is a tiny fish, the standard length never exceeding 20 mm.

Eviota indica

Infulata pygmy goby

Eviota inutilis

Eviota lacrimae

Broad-banded pygmy goby

Eviota masudai

Melasma pygmy goby

White-line pygmy goby

Nebulous pygmy goby

Eviota nigripinna

Blackbelly goby

Leopard dwarfgoby

Pellucida pygmy goby

Green bubble goby

Prasites pygmy goby

Pepperfin pygmy goby

Queensland pygmy goby

Eviota raja

Eviota readerae - Like most members of its genus, this is a tiny fish, the standard length never exceeding 18 mm.

Eviota rubra

Saipan pygmy goby

Sebree's pygmy goby

Seven-figure pygmy goby

Smaragdus pygmy goby

Speckled pygmy goby

Storthynx pygmy goby

Eviota susanae

Eviota variola

Zebra goby

Naked-headed goby

Striped boarfish - The striped boarfish, Evistias acutirostris, is an armorhead of the genus Evistias, found around Japan, Hawaii, Australia, Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island, the Kermadec Islands, and rarely in New Zealand, at depths below 30 m.

Threadfin porgy

Leopard blenny

Exyrias akihito - Members of this species used to be assigned to the widespread species Exyrias belissimus but it differs from that species in a number of respects, notably in the very long dorsal fin spines and the paler coloration with numerous yellow or orange spots on all parts.

Ferraris' goby

Puntang goby

Asian sand goby

Dabra goby

Weed cardinalfish

Longnose butterfly fish - Forcipiger flavissimus is a species of butterflyfish in the genus Forcipiger.

Crosseyed cardinalfish

Fowleria flammea

Fowleria isostigma

Marbled cardinalfish

Fowleria polystigma

Spotcheek cardinalfish

Mottled cardinalfish

Variegated cardinalfish

Frontilabrus caeruleus

Fusigobius aureus - This is a distinctive species, largely translucent with numerous yellow spots on the body and fins and a yellow line on the head.

Barenape goby

Orange-spotted sand-goby

Signalfin goby

Ornate angelfish - They are a mid-sized angelfish reaching a maximum of 7in/18cm at adulthood.

Zebra angelfish

Blackstriped angelfish

Spotbreast angelfish

Masked angelfish

Halfbanded angelfish

Japanese swallow

Pitcairn angelfish

Genicanthus takeuchii

Blackedged angelfish - Other Scientific Name: Holacanthus watanabei.

Black-tip silverbelly

Yellow fin mojarra

Deep-bodied mojarra

Giganthias immaculatus

Arrow stargazer

Nineline goby

Girella fimbriata

Girella freminvillii

Girella leonina

Girella mezina

Largescale blackfish


Zebra fish

Gladiator goby

Delicate blenny

Golden trevally - Golden trevally are schooling fish which often follow other large fish, such as sharks, as well as SCUBA divers, for protection from predators.

Striped large-eye bream

Eyebar goby

Gnatholepis argus

Goldspot goby

Needlespine coral goby

Whitelined coral goby

Gobiodon atrangulatus

Gobiodon axillaris

Gobiodon brochus

Gobiodon fulvus

Gobiodon heterospilos

Broad-barred goby - More rarely, it is confused with Green clown goby, a synonyme of Gobiodon atrangulatus.

Small-eyed goby

Gobiodon multilineatus

Gobiodon oculolineatus

Okinawa goby - G.

Gobiodon prolixus

Five-lined coral goby

Reticulate goby

Orangespotted goby

White-lined coral goby

Gobiopsis angustifrons

Gobiopsis aporia

Bravo's bearded goby

Gobiopsis woodsi

Sonora goby

Rockcut goby

Paradox goby

Vermiculated goby

Sandtop goby

Paleback goby

Red morwong - The red morwong, Goniistius fuscus, is a morwong of the genus Goniistius, found off southeast Australia and the North Island of New Zealand from shallow depths to 50 m, on rocky reef and coastal areas.

Plessis' morwong

Crested morwong

Hawaiian morwong

Chestnut grouper

Brazilian basslet - Gramma brasiliensis is a Basslet from the Southwest Atlantic Ocean.

Yellowlined basslet

Fairy basslet - The fish begins as a dark purple starting at the head which fades mid-body to yellow at the tail.

Blackcap basslet - A small fish, reaching four inches in length, it is purple with a diagonal black cap on its head.

Shark mackerel

Sixline soapfish - This soapfish shows a characteristic striped pattern.

Ocellate soapfish

Gunnellichthys copleyi

Curious wormfish - This fish is easily harmed, and can be eaten by even the smallest predators.

Onespot wormfish

Onestripe wormfish

Yellowstripe wormfish

Gymnapogon foraminosus

Gymnapogon melanogaster

Philippine cardinalfish

B-spot cardinalfish

Gymnapogon vanderbilti

Splitbanded goby

Slender fusilier

Collared large eye bream

Japanese large-eye bream

Yellowsnout large-eye bream

Blue-spotted large-eye bream

Bonito - Dogtooth tuna frequent reef environments, with smaller fish being more commonly found near shallow reef areas and larger ones haunting deep reef drop off areas, seamounts and steep underwater walls.

White margate

Tomtate grunt


Bronzestripe grunt

Caesar grunt - The Caesar grunt is a Caribbean fish in the family Haemulidae.

Banana grunt

French grunt

Spanish grunt

Spottail grunt

Cottonwick grunt

Sailor's grunt

Jolle cocoon

Blue striped grunt

Grey grunt

Greybar grunt

Chere-chere grunt

Banana grunt

Black wrasse

Argus wrasse

Greenband wrasse

Pearly-spotted wrasse

Banded rainbowfish

Redlined wrasse

Slippery dick - The slippery dick has three color phases.

Brownfields wrasse

Mardi Gras wrasse

Painted wrasse

Wounded wrasse

Halichoeres chlorocephalus

Pastel-green wrasse

Canary wrasse

Adorned wrasse

Yellowcheek wrasse

Halichoeres dimidiatus

Cocos wrasse

Chameleon wrasse

Yellowhead wrasse

Halichoeres girardi

Hartzfeld's wrasse

Checkerboard wrasse - Red Sea to South Africa, north to southern Japan, south to the southern Great Barrier Reef.

Socorro wrasse

Rainbow wrasse

Jewelled wrasse

Whitebelly wrasse

Greyhead wrasse

Slippery okra

Malpelo wrasse

Dusky wrasse

Golden wrasse

Halichoeres melas

Cheekspot wrasse

Circle-cheek wrasse

Spinster wrasse

Banded wrasse

Ornamented wrasse

Pale wrasse

Seagrass wrasse

Halichoeres pardaleocephalus

Halichoeres penrosei

Painted wrasse

Axil spot wrasse

Blackear wrasse

Silty wrasse

Puddingwife wrasse - Sport Fish of the Gulf of Mexico

Richmond's wrasse

Red-head wrasse

Zigzag wrasse

Rock wrasse

Halichoeres signifer

Halichoeres socialis

Green wrasse

U-spot wrasse

Timor wrasse

Threespot wrasse

Threespot wrasse

Indian Ocean pinstriped wrasse

Goldstripe wrasse

Socotran snakelet

Halimuraena lepopareia

Zulu snakelet

Haliophis aethiopus

African eel blenny

Hazeus maculipinna

Helcogramma alkamr

Hooded triplefin

Little hooded triplefin

Blackfin triplefin

Red triplefin

Tropical striped triplefin - It is red with white stripes running the length of its body and white spots between the eyes.

Helcogramma trigloides

Wrasse blenny

Purple-spotted demoiselle

Barred thicklip

Blackeye thicklip

Many-spined butterflyfish

Pyramid butterflyfish

Thompson's butterflyfish

Brown-and-white butterflyfish

Threeband pennantfish

False moorish idol - White with 2 broad diagonal black bands, up to 7 inches in length.

Red Sea bannerfish - In schools as juveniles on coral heads, sometimes with Heniochus diphreutes.

Masked bannerfish

Phantom bannerfish

Singular bannerfish

Poreless goby


Smoothscale goby


Goggle goby

Kelp weedfish

Heteroclinus perspicillatus

Whitelegg's weedfish

Balarton - Heteropriacanthus cruentatus is a fish from the around the globe, in tropical seas.

Candelamoa parrotfish

Pacific longnose parrotfish

Guinean angelfish

Clarion angelfish

Clipperton angelfish

King angelfish - The Passer Angelfish is a non-migratory tropical fish that inhabits reefs in the eastern Pacific ocean from the coast of Peru north to the California gulf, including offshore islands as far west as the Galapagos, generally at a depth of between 4-30 meters.

Angelfish - The adult Rock Beauty angelfish's overall body color can be described as yellow in the facial region of the body with blue towards the tail end of the fish.

St. Helena seaperch

Ring wrasse

Pastel ringwrasse

Sidespot longface wrasse

Redback longface wrasse

Chameleon sand tilefish

Dusky tilefish

Yellow-spotted tilefish

Pastel tilefish

Yellow tilefish

Redback sand tilefish - Hoplolatilus marcosi, commonly called the red-lined tilefish, is a Tilefish from the Western Central Pacific.

Hoplolatilus pohle

Purple sand tilefish - Hoplolatilus purpureus is a Tilefish from the Western Central Pacific.

Stark's tilefish - Hoplolatilus starcki is a Tilefish from the Western Pacific.

Mexican barred snapper

West African speckled blenny

Barred blenny

Orangespotted blenny

Hypoplectrodes annulatus

Red seaperch

Redbanded perch - The redbanded perch, Hypoplectrodes huntii, is a sea bass of the genus Hypoplectrodes, found in south eastern Australia, and the North Island and northern South Island of New Zealand, at depths of between 5 and 100 metres.

Half-banded seaperch

Black-banded sea perch

Spotty seaperch

Masked Hamlet

Barnaclebill blenny

Tidepool blenny

Feather blenny

Striated blenny

Garibaldi damselfish - This is the official marine state fish of California and is protected in California coastal waters.

Bonnetmouth - The Boga is a spindle-shaped fish.

Pale razorfish

Bronzespot razorfish

Peacock wrasse

Iniistius trivittatus

Razor wrasse fish

Sixband hawkfish


Streaky rockskipper

Rippled rockskipper

Lined rockskipper

Peacock rockskipper

Istiblennius rivulatus

Zebra blenny

Decorated goby

Goldman's goby

Ornate goby

Eye-line sand-goby

Rigilius goby

Pearl goby

Blacknosed butterflyfish

Bryan's sand dart

Silver sandfish

Barred flagtail

Jungle perch

Blue seachub

Kyphosus cornelii

Hawaiian chub

Yellow sea chub

Revillagigedo sea chub

Kyphosus pacificus

Bermuda chub

Brassy chub

Labracinus atrofasciatus

Fire-tail devil - Labracinus cyclophthalmus is a Pseudochromis from the Western Pacific.

Lined dottyback

Darkstriped dottyback

Labracoglossa argenteiventris

Tubelip wrasse

Whitecheek blenny

Puffcheek blenny

Mock blenny

Bravo clinid

Quillfin blenny

Goggle-eye blenny

Mimic blenny

Downy blenny

Porehead blenny

Spotcheek blenny

Molly miller

Largemouth blenny

Bicolor cleaner wrasse

Bluestreak cleaner wrasse - Cleaner wrasses usually can be found around so-called cleaning stations.

Blackspot cleaner wrasse

Hawaiian cleaner wrasse

Redlip cleaner wrasse

Allen's tubelip

Southern tubelip

Micronesian wrasse

Labropsis polynesica

Yellowback tubelip

Ballan wrasse - It is popular as a food fish in the Orkney Islands and in Galway.

Cuckoo wrasse

Red wrasse - Labrus mixtus is a medium size wrasse living in rocky areas in Atlantic waters.


Lappanella fasciata

Lappanella guineensis

Fourline wrasse

Guillet's goby

Twinspot triplefin

Galapagos triplefin blenny

Pseudanthias caesiopercula

Lepidoperca tasmanica

Fusilier demoiselle

Pacific yellowtail emperor

Atlantic emperor

Snubnose emperor

Red axil emperor

Yellowfin emperor

Blackeye emperor

Orange fin emperor

Mozambique emperor

Chinese emperor

Orange-stripe emperor


Ornate emperor

Australian emperor

Drab emperor

Spotcheck emperor

Benin nen waeo

White-line eelpout

Donaldson's sandburrower

Barred sand burrower

African basslet

Yellowmargin basslet

Candy bass

Liopropoma collettei

Wrasse bass

Wrasse ass bass

Liopropoma flavidum

Blackstripe basslet

Scalyfin basslet

Pinstriped basslet

Ridgeback basslet

Manyline perch

Pallid basslet

Swissguard basslet

Meteor perch

Orange-lined reef basslet

Redstriped basslet

Dusky basslet

Bicolor basslet

Rosy basslet

Fowler's rockskipper

Swordtail jawfish

Whitecap goby

Finescale dottyback

Lubricogobius dinah

Arrow blenny

Mangrove blenny

Long-snout sponge-goby


African red snapper - African red snapper is a species of fish in the Lutjanidae family.

Cuban snapper

Snapper - The mutton snapper is a species of fish.

Dogtooth snapper

Mullet snapper

Mangrove snapper - Coloration of the Mangrove Jack ranges from burnt orange, to copper, to bronze and dark reddish-brown, depending on its age and environment.

Amarillo snapper

Bengal snapper

Two-spot banded snapper

Indonesian snapper

Two-spot red snapper - The Two-spot red snapper is a species that belongs to the genus of Lutjanus.

Black spot snapper

Carribbean red snapper - The red snapper commonly inhabits waters from 30 to 200 ft , but can be caught as deep as 300 ft or more on occasion.

Spanish flag snapper

Blue line snapper

Colorado snapper

Cubera snapper - The largest recorded Cubera Snapper in the world was caught off the coast of Freeport, Texas June 23, 1984 by David Fotorny of Houston, Texas.

Lattice snapper

African brown snapper

Sunbeam snapper

Ehrenberg's snapper

Guinea snapper

Saddletailed sea perch

Dory snapper

Flame-colored snapper

Humphead snapper

Gorean snapper

Black pargue - Its color is typically greyish red, but it can change color from bright red to copper red.

Mutton snapper

Pacific rabirubia

Dog teeth snapper

John's snapper

Jordan's snapper

Bluebanded sea perch - The species is so named due to its distinctive colouration, which consists of a bright yellow body overlain by narrow horizontal electric blue stripes.

Yellowstreaked snapper

Lunartail snapper

Indian snapper

Lantern jaw

Samoan snapper

Bluestriped snapper

Black snapper

Pacific red snapper

Blue-banded sea perch

Bluespotted snapper

Russell's snapper

Emperor red snapper - Lutjanus sebae is a Snapper from the Indo-West Pacific.

Star snapper

Lane snapper - Juveniles are found inshore over grass beds or shallow reefs.

Timor snapper

Blue-and-gold snapper

Day snapper

Earle's splitfin

Orange-striped pygmy basslet

Waite's splitfin

Whitley's splitfin

Lythrypnus brasiliensis

Mahogany goby

Dwarf goby

Galapagos blue-banded goby

Diphasic goby

Distant goby

Lythrypnus mowbrayi

Island goby

Okapi goby

Convict goby

Gorgeous goby

Spotcheek goby

Spotwing goby

Largetooth goby

Macropharyngodon bipartitus marisrubri

Choat's wrasse

Bluespotted wrasse

Geoffroy's wrasse

Black leopard wrasse

Blackspotted wrasse

False leopard

Madagascar wrasse

Flagfin prawn goby - 8.


Blue blanquillo


Goldline blenny

Diamond blenny - Malacoctenus boehlkei is a Blenny from the Western Central Pacific.

Delalande blenny

Imitator blenny

Sonora blenny

Dusky blenny

Rosy blenny

Chameleon clinid

Saddled blenny

Barfin blenny

Belted blenny

Immaculate damsel

Torpedo scad - The torpedo scad is the only member of the monotypic genus Megalaspis, which is one of the thirty genera in the family Carangidae, a group of perciform fishes in the suborder Percoidei.

Meganthias kingyo

Bundoon blenny - Meiacanthus bundoon is a Blenny from the Pacific Ocean.

Onestriped poison fang blenny

Grammistes blenny

Meiacanthus kamoharai

Yellow fangblenny

Mozambique fangblenny

Blackline fangblenny - Meiacanthus nigrolineatus is a Blenny from the Western Indian Ocean.

Meiacanthus phaeus

Meiacanthus reticulatus

Disco blenny

One-striped fangblenny

Razor trevally


Seminole goby

Banner goby

Wavyline grunt

Bumphead damselfish

Giant damselfish

Guinea damselfish

Fringed blenny

Minute wrasse

Blackspot minigoby

Full moony

Roundtoothed large-eyed bream - The emperor breams or simply emperors also known as pigface breams are a family, Lethrinidae, of fishes in the order Perciformes.

Least mullet goby

Mexican goatfish

Goatfish - Yellow Goatfish are tireless benthic feeders, using a pair of long chemosensory barbels protruding from their chins to rifle through the sediments in search of a meal.

Mimic goatfish

Orange goatfish

Vanikolo goatfish

Comb grouper

Black gouper - The black grouper is a large marine fish, growing up to 150 centimetres in length and 100 kilograms in weight.

Venezuelan grouper

Crossband rockfish

Gulf grouper

Gag grouper - Ten- to twenty-pound fish are common.

Scamp grouper

Sawtail grouper

Golden grouper

Gag - It is found in Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Brazil, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, the Dominican Republic, French Guiana, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Martinique, Mexico, Montserrat, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Panama, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands, the United States, Venezuela, the British Virgin Islands, and the U.

Grouper - The fish is variable in color but is usually similar in appearance to the Black Grouper.

Pygmy blenny

Whitemargin unicornfish - It is brown in color and has a distinguishing "nasal" protrusion.

Humpback unicornfish

Spotted unicornfish - The Spotted unicornfish is a type of Unicornfish found in the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Blue unicorn

Gray unicornfish

Elegant unicornfish

Sleek unicornfish

Elongate unicornfish

Spotted unicornfish

Squarenose unicornfish

Slender unicorn

Naso - It is brown in color and has a distinguishing "nasal" protrusion.

Oneknife unicornfish

Bulbnose unicornfish

Bluespine unicornfish - The Bluespine unicornfish is a tang from the Indo-Pacific.

Bignose unicornfish - They are relatively large fish in comparison to other fish in the Acanthuridae family easily reaching 60.

Pilot-fish - The pilot fish congregates around sharks, rays, and sea turtles, where it eats ectoparasites on and leftovers around the host species;

Neamia articycla

Neamia notula

Eightspine cardinalfish

Western footballer - Neatypus obliquus, the sole species in genus Neatypus, is a marine fish that is endemic to southern reefs of Australia.

Ringtail cardinalfish

Bigeye cardinalfish

Samoan cardinalfish

Nectamia ignitops

Nectamia luxuria

Samoan cardinalfish

Nectamia similis

Nectamia viria

Threadfin anthias

Elegant firefish - This species is found in the Indo-West Pacific, from Mauritius to Samoa, north to Ryukyu Islands, and south to New Caledonia, from 25–70 metres in depth.

Helfrichs' dartfish

Fire goby - This fish is most commonly found near the substrate of the upper reef in tropical marine waters.

Redspotted threadfin-bream

Fiji threadfin bream

Flame hawkfish

Neoclinus lacunicola

Neoclinus nudus

Neoclinus toshimaensis

Ocellated damsel

Carlsson's damsel

Cross' damsel - Neoglyphidodon crossi is a Damselfish from the Western Central Pacific.

Black damselfish - Neoglyphidodon melas is a Damselfish from the Indo-West Pacific.

Yellowfin damsel - Neoglyphidodon nigroris is a Chromis from the Indo-West Pacific.

Javanese damsel

Multispine damselfish

Barhead damsel

Silver demoiselle

Yellowtail demoiselle - Neopomacentrus azysron is a Damselfish from the Indo-West Pacific.

Chinese demoiselle

Regal demoiselle

Violet damsel

Brown demoiselle

African demoiselle

Metallic demoiselle

Miry's demoiselle

Coral demoiselle

Arabian demoiselle

Neopomacentrus sororius

Violet demoiselle

Red Sea demoiselle

Orangespotted goby

Coquito sergeant

Loosetooth parrotfish


Tropical scaly-headed triplefin

Thomas' triplefin

Splendid hawkfish

Spotty - The New Zealand spotty, Notolabrus celidotus, is a wrasse of the genus Notolabrus, found all around New Zealand to depths of about 10 m, in many different habitats.

Yellow-saddled wrasse - The New Zealand banded wrasse is the largest wrasse in New Zealand waters.

Whitespotted parrotfish

Green wrasse - The green wrasse, Notolabrus inscriptus, is a wrasse of the genus Notolabrus.

Bluespotted parrotfish

Blue-throated wrasse

Seagrass wrasse

Rockmover wrasse - The Rockmover Wrasse is a colorful fish, 27–30 cm in length.

Oblique-swimming triplefin - Its length is between 5 and 8 cm.

Yellowtail snapper - In certain reefs, most notably in the Florida Keys, this beautifully colored fish is commonly spotted among divers and snorkelers.

Rainbow cale

Odontanthias flagris

Odontanthias rhodopeplus

Odontanthias tapui

Odontanthias unimaculatus

Brown large-eyed croaker

Galapagos croaker

Multicolored dottyback - Ogilbyina novaehollandiae is a Pseudochromis from the Western Central Pacific.

Queensland dottyback

Ogilbyina salvati

Jack - Leatherjack may also refer to the smooth leatherjacket, a member of the Monacanthidae family.

Oyster blenny

Chevroned blenny

Germain's blenny

Zebra blenny

Muzzled blenny

Omox blenny

Omox lupus

Earspot snakeblenny

Variable snake-blenny

Whiteblotch snakeblenny

Redlip blenny

Largebanded blenny

Yellowhead jawfish - It remains near its relatively small territory, and is typically seen with only the head and upper section of its body protouding from its burrow, although it sometimes can be found hovering nearby.

Bartail jawfish - The bartail jawfish , also called phantom jawfish, is a species of fish in the Opistognathidae family.

Darwin jawfish

Opistognathus dendriticus

Harlequin smiler

Yellow jawfish

Opistognathus hongkongiensis


Moustache jawfish

Opistognathus macrolepis

Mottled jawfish

Largescale jawfish

Robust jawfish

Papuan jawfish

Opistognathus rosenbergii

Variegated jawfish

Dusky jawfish

Cape knifejaw

Striped beakfish - While old, the fish is distinguished by alternating stripes or bars of light and dark grey, hence the common names.

Pacific beakfish

Mozambique knifejaw

Rock porgy

Natal knifejaw

Hole goby

Robust goby

Opua atherinoides

Cloudy goby

Orthopristis forbesi

Ostorhinchus leslie

Yellow cardinalfish

Harlequin fish

Speckled maori wrasse

Two-spot wrasse

Celebes wrasse

Cheeklined wrasse

Oxycheilinus lineatus

Oxycheilinus nigromarginatus

Oriental maori wrasse

Ringtail maori wrasse

Robust ribbon-goby

Blue-barred ribbon goby

Oxymetopon filamentosum

Oxymetopon formosum

Spangled arrowfin goby

Spotfin goby

Meteor goby

Pruinosa goby

Reticulate goby

Fringe-finned trevally

Crested blenny - The crested blenny, Parablennius laticlavius, is a blenny of the genus Parablennius, found around New South Wales, Australia and New Zealand to depths of about 3 metres.

Seaweed blenny

Saddle-back snapper

Dirty ordure snapper

Yellowtail blue snapper

Palette surgeonfish - Paracanthurus hepatus has a royal blue body, yellow tail, and black 'palette' design.

Sixspine butterflyfish

Angular flasher

Mccosker's flasher

Bell's flasher

Pink flasher

Blue flasher-wrasse

Paracheilinus dispilus

Filamentous wrasse

Yellow-fin flasher-wrasse

Paracheilinus hemitaeniatus

Spot-lined flasher

Paracheilinus nursalim

Red Sea eightline flasher

Paracheilinus togeanensis

Paracheilinus walton

Arc-eye hawkfish - Paracirrhites arcatus is a Hawkfish from the Indo-Pacific.

Blackside hawkfish - Paracirrhites forsteri, commonly called black-sided hawkfish, is a Hawkfish from the Indo-Pacific.

Whitespot hawkfish - Paracirrhites hemistictus is a Hawkfish from the Eastern Indian Ocean.

Paracirrhites nisus

Paracirrhites xanthus - Paracirrhites xanthus is a Hawkfish from the Eastern Central Pacific.

Paraclinus arcanus

Goatee blenny

Coral blenny

Banded blenny

Horned blenny

Bald blenny

Marbled blenny

Mexican blenny

Paraclinus rubicundus

Paraclinus spectator

Blackfin coral goby

Warthead goby

Emerald coral goby

Seychelle's wormfish


Meo Viejo - The meo viejo is a species of fish in the Serranidae family.

Sea bass

Sand bass

Ambon rockskipper

Pacific creolefish

Latticed sandperch

Cylindrical sandperch

Wavy grubfish

Parapercis lineopunctata

Harlequin sandperch

Parapercis maritzi

Blackdotted sand perch

Double-stitch grubfish

Spotted sandperch

Schauinsland's sea perch

Blackflag sandperch

U-mark sandperch

Yellowbar sandperch

Paraplesiops alisonae

Eastern blue devil

Blue devil

Paraplesiops poweri

Paraplesiops sinclairi

Pygmy sweeper

Parapriacanthus marei

Pigmy sweeper

Scalemouth jobfish

Panama spadefish

Bank bass

Black batfish

Paraxenisthmus springeri

Hepburn's blenny

Odd highhat


Gungo highhat

Broadstripe dartfish

Blackstripe dartfish

Naked dartfish

Blacktail dartfish

Philippine dartfish

Stripetail dartfish

Yellow dartfish

Slimstripe dartfish

Banded dartfish

Black scalyfin - The New Zealand black angelfish or the black scalyfin, Parma alboscapularis, is a damselfish of the family Pomacentridae, found around northeastern New Zealand to depths of a few metres, over shallow rocky reef areas.

Bicolor scalyfin

Kermadec scalyfin - The Kermadec scalyfin, Parma alboscapularis, is a damselfish of the genus Parma, found around New Zealand's Kermadec Islands to depths of between 3 and 20 m, over shallow rocky reef areas.

Mcculloch's scalyfin

White-ear scalyfin

Western scalyfin

Big-scale parma

Banded scalyfin

Girdled scalyfin

Victorian scalyfin

Bicolor goatfish - Parupeneus barberinoides is a Goatfish from the Western Pacific.

Pointed goatfish

Whitesaddle goatfish

Doublebar goatfish

Blue kumu - May be up to 50cm long, has long barbels; the body is usually yellow with a bluish sheen to the dorsal part but there is a golden yellow variant.

Parupeneus diagonalis


Cinnabar goatfish

Indian goatfish

Joe Louis

Parupeneus louise

Longrayed goatfish

Pearly goatfish

Common goatfish - Parupeneus barberinoides is a Goatfish from the Western Pacific.

Sidedspot goatfish

Pectinochromis lubbocki

Fourlined terapon

Bigeye - New Zealand bigeye, Pempheris adspersa, is a sweeper of the genus Pempheris, found around New Zealand to depths of about 100 metres, in reef areas of broken rock containing suitable caves and overhangs.

Dusky sweeper

Small-scale bullseye

Molucca sweeper

Pempheris otaitensis

Curved sweeper

Pempheris rapa

Glassy sweeper

Black-stripe sweeper

Vanikoro sweeper

Longsnout boarfish

Pentapodus aureofasciatus

White-shoulder whiptail

Whip-tailed threadfin-bream

Japanese whiptail

China fish

Northwest whiptail

Bluebanded whiptail


Western butterfish

Barred mudskipper

Common mudskipper

Striped poison fangblenny mimic

Deceiver fangbelly

Wolf fangblenny

Floral blenny

Xestus sabretooth blenny

Conklin's cardinalfish

Pigmented cardinalfish

Sponge cardinalfish

Convict blenny - Pholidichthys leucotaenia is a marine fish from the Western Central Pacific.

Slender spongegoby

Yellow-top dottyback

Yellow-top dottyback

Bicoloured dottyback

Diadem dottyback - This species is found in rich coral reefs in the western central Pacific Ocean, eastern Malay Peninsula, and western Philippine waters.

Royal dottyback - It can grow up to 6 cm in length.

Magenta dottyback

Pictilabrus brauni

Green parrotfish

Pictilabrus viridis

Slender pinjalo

Sabertooth blenny

Ewa blenny

Scale-eating blenny

Imposter fangblenny

Bluestriped fangblenny

Piano fangblenny - The mimic blenny or piano fangblenny, Plagiotremus tapeinosoma, is a blenny of the genus Plagiotremus, with a wide-spread Indo-Pacific distribution including New Zealand from depths of a few metres to about 20 m.

Townsend's fangblenny

Humpback batfish

Golden spadefish

Tiera batfish - Platax teira is a fish from the Indo-West Pacific.

Saddle stargazer

Two-stripe sweetlips - Plectorhinchus albovittatus is a Grunt from the Indo-West Pacific.

Celebes sweetlips

Harlequin sweetlips - Juveniles are brown with large white blotches and mimic the movement of a poisonous flatworm for defence against predators.

Goldenlined sweetlips

Dusky rubberlips

Crescent sweetlips

Lemon sweetlip

Lined sweetlips

Blackspotted rubberlips

Harry hotlips

Plectorhinchus macrospilus

Many-lined sweetlips


Zebra sweetlip

Barred rubberlip

Whitebarred rubberlip

Ribboned sweetlips - Juveniles have black stripes and live alone on rubble slopes in deep water.

Plectorhinchus punctatissimus

Sordid rubberlip

Plectorhinchus umbrinus

Plectorhinchus unicolor

Oriental sweetlips - Juveniles are striped black.

Plectranthias altipinnatus

Doublespot perchlet

Red blotched perchlet

Longfin perchlet

Bownband perchlet

Plectranthias randalli

Plectranthias wheeleri

Redblotched basslet

Dick's damsel

Yellow-belly damsel

Johnston Island damsel

Whitespeckled demoiselle

Singlebar devil

Phoenix devil

Mauritian damsel


Rock damselfish

Squaretail coraltrout

Blacksaddled coraltrout - The blacksaddled coralgrouper, Plectropomus laevis, is a grouper from the Indo-Pacific that occasionally makes its way into the aquarium trade.

Blue-lined coral trout

Leopard grouper

Mottled coraltrout

Plesiops auritus

Plesiops facicavus

Plesiops genaricus

Threadfin longfin

Plesiops insularis

Plesiops malalaxus

Spotted longfin

Plesiops nakaharae

Sharp-nosed longfin

Plesiops polydactylus

Plesiops thysanopterus

Plesiops verecundus

Pleurosicya australis

Soft-coral goby

Caroline Islands ghost goby

Blue coral ghost goby

Cling goby

Pleurosicya larsonae

Michel's ghost goby

Toothy goby

Ghost goby

Plicata ghost goby

Snowflake soapfish

Spotted soapfish

Knife-back seabream

Bleeding wrasse

Polylepion russelli

Bass groper - The bass groper, Polyprion moeone, is a wreckfish of the genus Polyprion, found around southern Australia, and New Zealand, at depths of between 30 and 800 m on rocky reefs on the upper continental shelf.

Blueskin seabream

Scotsman seabream

Seventy-four seabream

Bluering angelfish - It is highly sought after and prized member of the Pomacanthus genus, composed of large marine angelfish.

Grey angelfish - The gray angelfish, Pomacanthus arcuatus, is a large angelfish of the family Pomacanthidae, found in the western Atlantic from New England to the vicinity of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and also the Bahamas, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean, including the Antilles, at depths of between 2 and 30 m.

Arabian angelfish - The Arabian Angelfish is a fish well known for its use in saltwater aquariums, even though it tends to be a shyer specimen compared to the other, sometimes aggressive, angelfish.

Goldtail angelfish

Angel fish - Juveniles are dark blue with electric blue and white rings; adults have yellow and blue stripes, with black around the eyes.

Yellowbar angelfish - The maculosus angelfish grows to a size of 50cm in length.

Majestic angelfish - Blue-girdled angelfish, Pomacanthus navarchus is a marine angelfish from the Indo-Pacific ocean.

French angelfish - The French angelfish is common in shallow reefs, occurs usually in pairs often near sea fans.

Old woman

Sixbar angelfish - Despite being very sought after by many aquarists, the sixbar angelfish is very difficult to care for.

Yellowface angelfish

Cortez angelfish - Pomacanthus zonipectus is a marine angelfish from the Eastern Pacific.

Obscure damsel

Creole damsel

Whitefin damsel

Whitespot damsel

Andaman damsel

Ambon damsel - Pomacentrus amboinensis is a Damselfish from the Western Pacific.

Dark damsel

Arabian damsel

Bracelet damsel

Pomacentrus atriaxillaris

Pomacentrus aurifrons

Goldbelly damsel - Pomacentrus auriventris is a Damselfish from the Western Central Pacific.

Australian damsel

Bluespotted damsel

Baensch's damsel

Speckled damselfish - Pomacentrus bankanensis is a Damselfish from the Western Pacific.

Pomacentrus bipunctatus

Charcoal damsel

Burrough's damsel

Pomacentrus caeruleopunctatus

Caerulean damsel - Pomacentrus caeruleus is a Damselfish from the Western Indian Ocean.

Pomacentrus callainus

Whitetail damsel

Neon damsel - The neon damselfish, pomacentrus coelestis is a Damselfish from the Indo-Pacific.

Colin's damsel

Wedgespot damsel

Outer-reef damsel

Tahiti damsel

Sabah damsel

Bluespot damsel

Imitator damsel

Indian damsel

Java damsel

Scaly damsel

Slender damsel

Smoky damsel

Indonesian damsel

Pomacentrus microspilus

Pomacentrus milleri

Nagasaki damsel

Goldback damsel

Blackmargined damsel - Pomacentrus nigromarginatus is a Damselfish from the Western Pacific.

Brown damsel

Philippine damsel

Blacklip damsel

Thai damsel

Colombo damsel

Reid's damsel

Pomacentrus rodriguesensis

Anton's damsel

Similar damsel

Blueback damsel

Smith's damsel - Pomacentrus smithi is a Damselfish from the Western Central Pacific.

Pomacentrus spilotoceps

Blackspot damsel

Sulfur damsel

Paletail damsel

Threeline damsel

Threespot damsel

Princess damselfish

Ward's damsel

Yellowbreasted damsel

Pomacentrus yoshii

Slender reef-damsel

Guam damsel

Richardson's reef-damsel

Pomadasys andamanensis

Smallspotted grunter

Banded grunter

Javelin grunter

Saddle grunt

Olive grunt

Yellow-lined grunter

Red patched grunter

Dane seabream

Praealticus bilineatus

Crenulate-lipped rockskipper

Marianas rockskipper

Spinecheek anemonefish - The stripes across the body are normally white, but they are yellow in the taxon epigrammata.

Atlantic bigeye

Hawaiian bigeye

Priacanthus nasca

Purple-spotted bigeye

Priolepis agrena

Priolepis ailina

Priolepis anthioides

Yellow-green goby

Priolepis boreus

Girdled goby

Crossroads goby

Priolepis dawsoni

Noble goby

Priolepis fallacincta

Farcimen goby

Rusty goby

Brick goby

Priolepis kappa

Priolepis latifascima

Priolepis limbatosquamis

Priolepis nocturna

Orange reef-goby

Palebarred goby

Randall's goby

Half-barred goby

Priolepis squamogena

Priolepis triops

Priolepis vexilla

Indonesian sawtail

Razor surgeonfish

Yellowspotted sawtail - The yellowspotted sawtail, Prionurus maculatus, is a tang of the family Acanthuridae, found in the southwest Pacific Ocean.

Sixplate sawtail

Yellowtail surgeonfish

Scalpel sawtail


Pristigenys meyeri

Japanese bigeye

Popeye catalufa - Pristigenys serrula is a fish from the Eastern Pacific.

Golden eye jobfish

Bluedotted damsel

Spotted damsel

Butterbun - The longsnout butterflyfish, Prognathodes aculeatus, is a species of butterflyfish found in tropical atlantic waters.

Bank butterflyfish - It is a silver–white-colored fish with yellow on all fins except the pectoral fins.

Prognathodes carlhubbsi

Bicolor butterflyfish

Scythemarked butterflyfish

Gueze's butterflyfish

French butterflyfish

French butterflyfish

Warthead blenny

Protemblemaria perla

Protemblemaria punctata

Proteracanthus sarissophorus

Waigieu seaperch - Reaching a maximum overall length of 47 cm , P.

Gelatinous cardinalfish

Hayashi's cardinalfish

Pseudamia rubra

Paddlefish cardinalfish

Transparent cardinalfish

Pseudamiops phasma

Pseudanthias albofasciatus

Pseudanthias aurulentus

Bartlett's anthias - Pseudanthias bartlettorum is a Pseudanthias fish from the Pacific Ocean.

Bicolor anthias - Pseudanthias bicolor is a Pseudanthias fish from the Indo-Pacific Ocean.

Two-spot basslet - They are a medium-sized anthias reaching a maximum of 5in/12cm at adulthood.

Pseudanthias carlsoni

Nusa penida basslet

Harlequin goldie

Pseudanthias conspicuus

Red-bar anthias - Pseudanthias cooperi is a Pseudanthias fish from the Indo-Pacific Ocean that occasionally makes its way into the aquarium trade.

Peach fairy basslet

Orangebar anthias

Yellowback anthias

One-stripe anthias

Pseudanthias flavicauda

Red-saddled basslet

Orangehead anthias - Pseudanthias heemstrai is a Pseudanthias fish from the Western Indian Ocean.

Pseudanthias hiva

Red-cheeked fairy basslet - Pseudanthias huchtii is a Pseudanthias fish from the Western Central Pacific Ocean.

Four-spot basslet

Stocky anthias - Pseudanthias hypselosoma is a Pseudanthias fish from the Indo-Pacific Ocean.

Flame anthias

Pseudanthias leucozonus

Lori's anthias

Lunate goldie

Yellowlined anthias

Marcia's anthias

Pseudanthias mooreanus

Pseudanthias olivaceus

Sunset anthias - Pseudanthias parvirostris is a Pseudanthias fish from the Indo-West Pacific Ocean.

Amethyst anthias

Painted anthias

Square-spot fairy basslet - Pseudanthias pleurotaenia is a Pseudanthias fish from the Pacific Ocean that is also known as the squarespot anthias or pink square anthias.

Pseudanthias privitera

Resplendent goldie

Randall's fairy basslet

Red-belted anthias - Pseudanthias rubrizonatus is a Pseudanthias fish from the Western Pacific Ocean.

Pseudanthias sheni

Princess anthias

Sea goldie - The sea goldie is found in the western Indian Ocean including the Red Sea, and in the Pacific Ocean as far east as Japan and southeast Australia.

Pseudanthias taira

Hawaiian anthias

Pseudanthias truncatus

Yellowstriped fairy basslet

Pseudanthias ventralis hawaiiensis

Underjaw kingfish - In New Zealand, this trevally is known by the Māori as araara, and is generally confined to waters north of Cook Strait, although it sometimes reaches as far south as Otago in the summer.

Pelvic-spot wrasse


Pseudocheilinus dispilus

Striated wrasse

Pseudocheilinus ocellatus

Eight-lined wrasse

Fourline wrasse

Andaman dottyback

Pseudochromis aurulentus

Double-striped dottyback - List of marine aquarium fish species

Pseudochromis colei

Pseudochromis cometes

Surge dottyback - Pseudochromis cyanotaenia is a Pseudochromis from the Western Pacific.

Forktail dottyback


Floppy-tail dottyback - Pseudochromis elongatus is a Pseudochromis from the Western Pacific.

Firetail dottyback - List of marine aquarium fish species

Sunrise dottyback - Pseudochromis flavivertex is a Pseudochromis from the Western Indian Ocean.

Pseudochromis flavopunctatus

Orchid dottyback - A small fish that reaches three inches in length.

Brown dottyback - Pseudochromis fuscus is a Pseudochromis from the Indo-Pacific.

Pseudochromis howsoni

Spot-tailed dottyback

Pseudochromis leucorhynchus

Pseudochromis litus

Pseudochromis luteus

Marshall Is. dottyback

Dark dottyback

Lyretail dottyback

Blackstripe dottyback

Pseudochromis omanensis

Midnight dottyback

Bluespotted dottyback

Blackstripe dottyback

Pseudochromis pictus

Longfin dottyback

Pyle's dottyback

Spiny dottyback

Karimunjawa dottyback

Striped dottyback - Pseudochromis sankeyi is a Pseudochromis from the Western Indian Ocean.

Splendid dottyback - Pseudochromis splendens is a Pseudochromis from the Indo-WestPacific.

Blue-striped dottyback - A small marine fish that reaches two inches in length.

Lyretail dottyback - A small marine fish that reaches five inches in length.

Pseudochromis striatus

Lighthead dottyback

Green dottyback

Yellowfin dottyback

Pseudocoris aequalis

Rust-banded wrasse

Philippine wrasse

Torpedo wrasse

Pseudocoris ocellata

Redspot wrasse

Chiseltooth wrasse

Spotless podge

Pseudogramma axelrodi

Pseudogramma erythreum

Foureye basslet

Pseudogramma guineensis

Pseudogramma megamycterum

Yellow podge

Honeycomb podge

Yellow podge

Polynesian wrasse

Smalltail wrasse

Long green wrasse - The long green wrasse, Pseudojuloides elongatus, is a wrasse of the genus Pseudojuloides, found in Japan, New South Wales and Western Australia in Australia, and the Poor Knights Islands off the east coast of Northland in New Zealand, in weedy reef areas at depths of between 10 and 30 m.

Redeye wrasse

Blue-nose wrasse

Sidespot wrasse

Pseudojuloides pyrius

Pseudojuloides xanthomos

Pseudolabrus biserialis

Red naped wrasse

Pseudolabrus fuentesi

Rosy parrotfish

Pseudoplesiops annae

Pseudoplesiops collare

Pseudoplesiops howensis

Pseudoplesiops immaculatus

Knight's dottyback

Pseudoplesiops occidentalis

Bearded dottyback

Rose Island basslet

Chagos dottyback

Fleckfin dottyback - This rather variable but always brilliantly coloured species shares with Pseudoplesiops collare a higher number of precaudal vertebrae than other members of the genus and differs markedly from that species in colour, having prominent blue spots at the base of the dorsal and anal fins.

Copper pilot

Orange-spotted shrimp-goby

Scaleless goby

Toadfish goby

Highspine goby

Pteragogus aurigarius

Cryptic wrasse

Cockerel wrasse

Pterapogon mirifica

Ptereleotris brachyptera

Blue goby

Ptereleotris crossogenion

Blackfin dartfish - Ptereleotris evides is a Dartfish from the Indo-Pacific.

Lined dartfish

Blue hana goby - Ptereleotris hanae is a Dartfish from the Pacific.

Hovering goby

Blacktail goby

Ptereleotris kallista

Lyre-tail dart-goby

Ptereleotris randalli

Flagtail dartfish

Chinese zebra goby - The Zebra goby, or Ptereleotris zebra, is a Dartfish from the Pacific.

Capricorn fusilier

Double-lined fusilier

Wide-band fusilier

Marr's fusilier


Randall's fusilier

One-stripe fusilier

Dark banded fusilier

Thre-stripe fusilier

Roosevelt's goby

Secret goby

Bluebanded angelfish - Although it is frequently exported through the aquarium trade it rarely survives in the aquarium.

Sailfin anthias

Spotfin anthias

Black king fish - Attaining a maximum length of 2 metres and maximum weight of 68 kilograms , cobia have elongate fusiform bodies and broad, flattened heads.

Flathead perch

Rhabdamia clupeiformis

Swallowtail cardinalfish

Luminous cardinalfish

Rhabdamia nigrimentum

Rhabdamia nuda

Indonesian doubles cardinalfish

Rhabdoblennius rhabdotrachelus

Snow's rockskipper

Haffara seabream

Goldlined seabream

Smallmouth goby

Rotuma lewisi

Pacific soapfish


Largespotted soapfish

Socorran soapfish

Blackfin soapfish



Little fairy basslet

White-spotted blenny

Jewelled blenny

Breast-spot blenny

Salarias luctuosus

Patzner's blenny

Segmented blenny - Salarias segmentatus is a Blenny from the Western Central Pacific.

Salarias sibogai

Fringelip blenny

Deepsea cod

Green-striped coral bream

Molly miller

Filament-finned parrotfish

Arabian parrotfish

Chameleon parrotfish

Scarus chinensis

Red Sea parrotfish

Azure parrotfish

Yellowbarred parrotfish

Regal parrot

Sicklefin parrotfish

Festive parrotfish

Yellowfin parrotfish

Forsten's parrotfish

Bridled parrotfish

Darktail parrotfish

Purple-brown parrotfish

Blue-barred parrotfish

Globehead parrotfish

Scarus gracilis

Blue rainbow - The rainbow parrotfish can be found on coral reefs at depths of 3 to 25 meters.

Yellow-tail parrotfish

Grey chub

Marquesan parrotfish

Highfin parrotfish

Spot fin parrotfish


Scarus obishime

Darkcapped parrotfish

Knobsnout parrotfish

Bumphead parrotfish

Singapore parrotfish

Common parrotfish

Ember parrotfish

Eclipse parrotfish

Dusky-capped parrotfish

Yellowband parrotfish

Greensnout parrotfish

Greenback parrotfish

Roundhead parrotfish

Red parrotfish

Zelinda's parrotfish

Schindler's fish - Schindleria, is a genus of marine fish.

School bass

Peters' monocle bream

Blue-nosed monocle-bream

Yellowfin spinecheek - The two-lined monocle bream can reach a maximum length of 23cm.

Ciliate spinecheek

Bridled monocle bream

Arabian monocle bream

Latticed monocle-bream

Pearly spine cheek

Barred-face spine-cheek

Banded monocle bream

Three-line monocle-bream

Whitecheek monocle bream

Olive-spotted monocle-bream

Talang queenfish

Barred queenfish

Needlescaled queenfish

Log - The king mackerel is a medium sized fish, typically encountered from 5-30 pounds, but is known to exceed 90 pounds.

Painted mackerel - The Cero reaches larger sizes than the Spanish, often 10 lb or more, but those over 30 lb are extremely rare.

Banded sweep

Silver sweep - The silver sweep, Scorpis lineolata, is a sweep of the genus Scorpis, found around eastern Australia and northern New Zealand to depths of about 30 m, over reef areas and off headlands.

Oxeye scad

Yellowstripe scad


California sheephead - The sheephead can reach a size of 91 cm and a weight of 16 kg.

Pacific amberjack - Achille Valenciennes, and Georges Cuvier have both been credited by various sources with describing the Almaco jack in 1833 even though Cuvier died in 1832.

Blackbanded trevally

Pygmy sea bass

Hawkfish anthias

Orangeback bass

Baldwin's serranid

Snow bass

Twinspot bass

Saddle bass


Barred serrano

Serranus stilbostigma

Golden fish

Harlequin serranid

Chalk bass - A fish from the Western Atlantic that occasionally makes its way into the aquarium trade.

Streamlined spinefoot

Barred rabbitfish

Labyrinth spinefoot

Dusky spinefoot

Magnificent rabbitfish - Siganus magnificus is a Rabbitfish from the Eastern Indian Ocean.

Black foxface

Blackeye rabbitfish

Masked spinefoot - The body is yellow-orange dorsally grading through pale blue to white below.

Peppered spinefoot

Variegated spinefoot

Threeblotched rabbitfish

Blotched foxface - Lo

Bicolored foxface - Siganus uspi is a Rabbitfish from the Western Pacific.

Siganus woodlandi

Twinspot goby

Siphamia argentea

Siphamia corallicola

Coppery siphonfish

Slender siphonfish

Fistulose cardinalfish

Crown-of-thorns cardinalfish

Siphamia jebbi

Striped siphonfish

Sea urchin cardinal

Siphamia ovalis

Tubifer cardinalfish

Sea urchin cardinalfish

Siphamia woodi

Long-rayed weed whiting

Siphonogobius nue

Reef parrotfish


Black parrot

Gray parrotfish

Parrotfish - It breeds during the summer, from July to September.

Agassiz's parrotfish

Sparisoma griseorubrum


Sparisoma tuiupiranga

Pajama cardinalfish - A hardy and peaceful fish that can live many years in a marine aquarium.

Orbiculate cardinalfish - In the Orbiculate cardinalfish, males incubate the eggs in their mouth until they hatch.

Sharpfin barracuda

Barra - The great barracuda is a species of barracuda.

Northern barracuda - Like other members of the Sphyraenidae family, Northern sennet have elongated bodies, pike-like heads, and large jaws.

Yellowtail barracuda - Body has two brown or brownish yellow longitudinal stripes which may disappear in old specimens; caudal fin yellowish.

Pelican barracuda

Little barracuda - Southern sennet, like other members of the Sphyraenidae family, possess elongated bodies, pike-like heads, and large jaws.

Sawtooth barracuda

Kulbicki's triplefin

Stalix dicra

Stalix eremia

Stalix flavida

Stalix immaculata

Stalix moenensis

Oman jawfish

Stalix sheni

Stalix versluysi

Seychelles blenny

Talbot's blenny

Smooth-eye blenny

Elongate blenny

Blackbar blenny

Galapagos blenny

Spotted blenny

Ringed blenny

Blackcheek blenny

Whitesaddle blenny

Black spot blenny

Manyscaled blenny

Dwarf blenny

Occidental blenny

Checkered blenny

Tawny blenny

Darksaddle blenny

Chessboard blenny

Brokenbar blenny

Key blenny

Starksia variabilis

Panamanian worm blenny

Naked blenny

Blackbelly blenny

Eelgrass blenny

Steeneichthys plesiopsus

Acapulco major

Dusky damselfish

Whitebar gregory

Japanese gregory

Australian gregory

Island major

Golden gregory

Baldwin's major

Galapagos ringtail damselfish

Honey damselfish - Stegastes diencaeus is a Damselfish from the Western Atlantic.

Emery's gregory

Pacific gregory


Brazilian damsel

Coral sea gregory - The Coral Sea gregory, Stegastes gascoynei, is a damselfish of the family Pomacentridae in the western Pacific Ocean at depths of between 1 and 30 m.

Island gregory


Ebony gregory

Blunt snout gregory

Stegastes lubbocki

Western gregory

Bicolor damselfish

Mauritian gregory

Threespot damselfish - Stegastes planifrons is a Damselfish from the Western Atlantic.

Cortez damselfish

Clarion major

Stegastes robertsoni

Rocas gregory

Stegastes sanctaehelenae

Yellow demoiselle - Adults feed mainly on benthic algae but also on sponges, ascidiacea and anemones while juvenile feed on invertebrates such as harpacticoid copepods and nemerteans.

Belted wrasse

Red shoulder wrasse

Three-ribbon wrasse

Threeline rainbowfish

Dracula shrimp-goby

Filament-finned prawn-goby - Adult fish can grow up to two inches in length, with the striking pointed dorsal fin becoming more raised and pronounced in adulthood.

Yellownose prawn-goby

Sueviota aprica

Sueviota atrinasa

Sueviota lachneri

Rainbow slender wrasse - The rainbow slender wrasse, Suezichthys arquatus, is a wrasse of the genus Suezichthys, found in New Caledonia, New South Wales in Australia, Norfolk Island, Lord Howe Island, the Kermadec Islands, and the north east coast of New Zealand, in reef areas at depths of between 5 and 100 m.

Crimson cleaner fish - The crimson cleaner fish, Suezichthys aylingi, is a wrasse of the genus Suezichthys, found in a few coastal localities of New South Wales in Australia, and north east New Zealand at depths of between 5 and 100 m.

Gracilis wrasse

Slender wrasse

Freckleface podge

Suttonia suttoni

Baillon's wrasse

Blacktailed wrasse

Gilt-head - The corkwing wrasse is a coastal wrasse, a fish of European waters.

Ocellated wrasse - Main Ref:Quignard, J.

Five-spotted wrasse

Symphodus rostratus

Painted wrasse

Blue-lined seabream - Symphorichthys spilurus is a Snapper from the Western Pacific.


Circled dragonet

Japanese dragonet

Ladd's dragonet

Synchiropus minutulus

Morrison's dragonet

Moyer's dragonet

Ocellated dragonet - Synchiropus ocellatus is a species of tropical marine fish in the Dragonet family.

Picturesque dragonet - Synchiropus picturatus is a Dragonet from the Indo-West Pacific.

Dwarf dragonet

Synchiropus rosulentus

Mandarinfish - The mandarinfish or mandarin dragonet , is a small, brightly-colored member of the dragonet family, which is popular in the saltwater aquarium trade.

Starry dragonet - Synchiropus stellatus is a Dragonet from the Indian Ocean.

Black-fish - Barlett wrote " is an Indian word, and may be found in Roger Williams' Key to the Indian Language.

Blue perch

Tautogolabrus brandaonis

Jordan's damsel

Largescaled therapon

Marine gudgeon

New Zealand pygmy sleeper

Bluntheaded wrasse - Thalassoma amblycephalum, or the Blunt-headed wrasse, is a species of fish in the Labridae family.

Blacktail wrasse - Thalassoma ballieui, or the Blacktail wrasse, is a species of fish in the Labridae family.

Saddle-back wrasse - Thalassoma duperrey, or the Saddle wrasse, is a species of fish in the Labridae family.

Red-cheek wrasse - Thalassoma genivittatum, or the Red-cheek wrasse , is a species of fish in the Labridae family.

Sunset wrasse - Thalassoma grammaticum, or the Sunset wrasse, is a species of fish in the Labridae family.

Sixbar wrasse - Thalassoma hardwicke, or the Six-bar wrasse, is a species of fish in the Labridae family.

Goldbar wrasse

Thalassoma heiseri - Thalassoma heiseri is a species of fish in the Labridae family.

Cortez rainbow wrasse - Thalassoma lucasanum, or the Cortez rainbow wrasse , is a species of fish in the Labridae family.

Blue wrasse - Juveniles are blue on the lower half of the body.

Thalassoma newtoni - Thalassoma newtoni is a species of fish in the Labridae family.

Thalassoma nigrofasciatum

Noronha wrasse - Thalassoma norohanum, or the Noronha wrasse, is a species of fish in the Labridae family.

Surge wrasse - Thalassoma purpureum, or the Surge wrasse, is a species of fish in the Labridae family.

Fivestripe wrasse

Thalassoma robertsoni - Thalassoma robertsoni is a species of fish in the Labridae family.

Klunzinger's wrasse - Thalassoma rueppellii, or Klunzinger's wrasse, is a species of fish in the Labridae family.

Greenfish - Thalassoma sanctahelenae, or the St.

Seven-banded wrasse - Thalassoma septemfasciata, or the Seven-banded wrasse, is a species of fish in the Labridae family.

Christmas wrasse

Emerald wrasse - Thalassoma virens, or the Emerald wrasse, is a species of fish in the Labridae family.

Silver spot

Lanceolate shrimpgoby

Fan shrimp-goby

Monster shrimpgoby

Tall-fin shrimp-goby

Banded archerfish - The name refers to Sagittarius the archer, because of the unusual method banded archerfish use to capture prey.

Trachinops brauni

Trachinops noarlungae

African permit

Smallspotted dart

Largespotted dart

Gaff-topsail - Palometa are most recognized by their elongated dorsal and anal fins with dark anterior lobes .


Arabian scad

Jack mackerel

Long-rayed sand-diver

Black-spot sand-diver

Spotted sand-diver

Fishnet pygmy goby

Greybearded pygmy goby

Honey-bee pygmy goby

Trimma avidori

Trimma barralli

Redface dwarfgoby

Caesiura goby

Polkadot goby

Emery's goby

Red-barred rubble goby

Fang's pygmy goby

Trimma fishelsoni

Flame goby

Trimma flavicaudatus

Harlot pygmy goby

Giant pygmy goby

Trimma grammistes

Four-eye pygmy goby

Trimma hoesei

Princess pygmy goby

Trimma nasa

Naude's rubble goby

Orange-speckled pygmy-goby

Trimma nomurai

Okinawa rubble goby

Exquisite pygmy goby

Randall’s pygmy goby

Red-blotched pygmy-goby

Sanguinello pygmy goby

Trimma sheppardi

Stripehead goby

Bullseye pygmy goby

Yellow cave goby

Blue-striped cave goby

Cheekscale dwarfgoby

Winterbottom's goby

Trimma yanagitai

Trimmatom macropodus

Trimmatom pharus

African spadefish

Tyson belos

Largemouth triplefin - The largemouth triplefin, Ucla xenogrammus, is a fish of the family Tripterygiidae and only member of the genus Ucla, found in the Pacific Ocean from Viet Nam, the Philippines, Palau and the Caroline Islands to Papua New Guinea, Australia , and the Solomon Islands, Fiji, Tonga, east to American Samoa and Rapa, at depths of between 2 and 41 m.

Longrakered trevally

Yellow fin goat fish

Goldband goatfish

Freckled goatfish

Marbled stargazer

Whitemargin stargazer

Valenciennea alleni

Valenciennea decora

Twostripe goby

Red-lined sleeper

Long-finned goby

Mural goby

Parva goby

Valenciennea persica

Maiden goby

Greenband goby

Sixspot goby

Blueband goby

Ward's sleeper

Twin-spotted shrimp-goby

Candystick goby

Mertens' prawn-goby

Vanderhorstia opercularis

Ornate prawn-goby

Lunar-tailed grouper

Vincentia badia

Gentle cardinalfish

Vincentia conspersa

Vincentia macrocauda

Vincentia novaehollandiae

Vincentia punctata

Mozambique large-eye bream

Sharpnose wrasse

Wetmorella tanakai

White salema

Flathead wriggler

Bullseye wriggler

Halfbelt wriggler

Black-striped salema

Finspot wrasse

Redrump blenny

Xyrichtys geisha

Straighttail razorfish

Yellowpatch razorfish

Cleaver wrasse

Xyrichtys pastellus

Fivefinger wrasse

Green razorfish

Shadow goby

Ninespine batfish

Moorish idol - It is said the moorish idol got its name from the Moors of Africa, who purportedly believe the fish to be a bringer of happiness.

Longnose surgeonfish

Twotone tang - The Scopas Tang or Twotone Tang is a marine reef tang in the fish family Acanthuridae.

Yellowtail tang - The Purple Tang, Yellowtail Surgeonfish, or Yellowtail Tang is an ornamental marine fish belonging to the family Acanthuridae.

Gilbert's cardinalfish

Longspine cardinalfish

Pearly cardinalfish

Order Pleuronectiformes

Sole - Occurs mainly in brackish or hyper-saline lagoons, or on sandy-muddy bottoms of estuaries as well as the littoral zone.

Unicorn sole

Aseraggodes auroculus

Aseraggodes cheni

Aseraggodes cyaneus

Aseraggodes heemstrai

Mottled sole

Aseraggodes magnoculus

Aseraggodes orientalis

Aseraggodes pelvicus

Aseraggodes satapoomini

Aseraggodes senoui

Aseraggodes suzumotoi

Whitaker's sole

Aseraggodes winterbottomi

Aseraggodes zizette

Angler flatfish

Asterorhombus filifer

Blotched flounder

Flounder - The plate fish, Bothus lunatus, is a flounder of the genus Bothus, from the Western Atlantic.


Spotted whiff

Spotfin flounder - As its name suggests, the species can be recognised by dark spots on its fins.

Largescale flounder

Tropical flounder

Peacock sole

Three-spot righteye flounder

Tiger sole - Soleichthys heterorhinos is a sole from the Eastern Indian Ocean and Western Pacific.

Shoal flounder

Dusky flounder

Caribbean tonguefish

Striped sole

Order Rajiformes

Bishop ray - The spotted eagle ray, Aetobatus narinari, Euphrasen , or bonnet ray, is a cartilaginous fish found in shallow coastal water by coral reefs and bays, in depths down to 80 meters .

Mottled eagle ray - The mottled eagle ray is a species of fish in the Myliobatidae family.

Zonetail butterfly ray - The zonetail butterfly ray is a species of fish in the Gymnuridae family.

Stingaree - Three to five pups are usually born per litter after a 5 month pregnancy .

Longtail stingray - The longtail stingray, Dasyatis longa , is a species of stingray in the family Dasyatidae, found in the eastern Pacific Ocean from Baja California to Colombia.

Pink whipray - The pink whipray has a diamond-shaped pectoral fin disk with a very broad, characteristically blunt-tipped snout.

Mangrove whipray - The mangrove whipray, Himantura granulata, is a species of stingray in the family Dasyatidae.

Freckled skate

Giant manta - Mantas have a variety of common names, including Atlantic manta, Pacific manta, devilfish, and just manta.

Devilray - The devilray, Japanese devilray, spinetail devilray, or spinetail mobula is a species of fish in the Mobulidae family.

Chilean devil ray

Australian bull ray - It is found in the southern waters of Australia from Jurien Bay, Western Australia, around the southern coast and Tasmania and up the east coast as far as Moreton Bay, south Queensland.

Bluespotted stingray - The bluespotted stingray or Kuhl's stingray, Neotrygon kuhlii, is a species of stingray, family Dasyatidae.

Cowtail stingray - The cowtail stingray, Pastinachus sephen, is a species of stingray in the family Dasyatidae, widespread in the Indo-Pacific region and occasionally entering freshwater habitats.

Bowmouth guitarfish - The bowmouth guitarfish, mud skate, or shark ray, Rhina ancylostoma , is a species of ray related to guitarfishes and skates, and the sole member of the family Rhinidae.

Bluntnose guitarfish - The bluntnose guitarfish or fiddlefish is a species of fish in the Rhinobatidae family.

Atlantic guitarfish

Australian cownose ray

Pacific cownose ray - The golden cownose ray, hawkray, or pacific cownose ray is a species of fish in the Rhinopteridae family.

Bluespotted ribbontail ray - The bluespotted ribbontail ray is a species of stingray in the family Dasyatidae.

Blotched fantail ray - The blotched fantail ray is a member of Dasyatidae, the stingray family.

Striped stingaree

Maid - The yellow stingray, Urobatis jamaicensis, is a species of stingray in the family Urolophidae.

Porcupine ray - The porcupine ray, Urogymnus asperrimus, is a species of stingray in the family Dasyatidae, found in shallow coastal waters throughout the tropical Indo-Pacific and off West Africa.

Guitarfish - The banded guitarfish, mottled guitarfish, prickly skate, or striped guitarfish is a species of fish in the Rhinobatidae family.

Zapteryx xyster - The southern banded guitarfish is a species of fish in the Rhinobatidae family.

Order Scorpaeniformes

Spiny leaf-fish

Cockatoo waspfish

Spotted croucher

Caracanthus typicus

Penny velvetfish


Spotted flathead

Ghost velvetfish

Cottapistus scorpio

Crocodile fish - They are predatory bottom-dwelling fish, using their camouflage to ambush their prey.

Small-eyed flathead

Oriental flying gurnard - The oriental flying gurnard is up to 40 centimetres in length and is usually a grayish brown color with dark markings.

Flying gurnard - The flying gurnard, Dactylopterus volitans, is a fish of tropical to warm temperate waters on both sides of the Atlantic, found as far north as New Jersey and south as Brazil, and from the English Channel to Angola.

Hawaiian lionfish - Dendrochirus barberi is a lionfish from the Eastern Central Pacific.

Twospot turkeyfish - The Twospot turkeyfish, Twinspot lionfish, or Fu Manchu Lionfish, Dendrochirus biocellatus, is a lionfish species.

Shortfin turkeyfish - Dendrochirus brachypterus is a lionfish from the Indo-West Pacific.

Zebra turkeyfish - It reaches a maximum 24 cm and inhabits tropical waters.

Erosa daruma

Broadhead flathead

Furcina osimae


Red gurnard perch

Chinese ghoul

Bearded ghoul - Inimicus didactylus, also known as Demon Stinger or Devil Stinger, is a tropical fish.

Two-stick stingfish

Spotted ghoul

Decoy scorpionfish - Iracundus signifer is a the only member of the genus Iracundus of marine fish.

Leviprora inops

Liparis kusnetzovi

Maxillicosta lopholepis

Steller's sculpin

Threefin velvetfish

Gulf gurnard perch

Capricorn gurnard perch

Blackspot gurnard perch

Black-spotted gurnard perch

Rough gurnard perch

Ruddy gurnard perch

Two-spotted flathead

Tentacled flathead - They are predatory bottom-dwelling fish, using their camouflage to ambush their prey.

Paracentropogon rubripinnis

Paracentropogon vespa

Paracentropogon zonatus

Mcadam's scorpionfish

Mozambique scorpionfish - Parascorpaena mossambica is a Scorpionfish from the Indo-Pacific.

Northern scorpionfish - Parascorpaena picta is a species of marine fish.

Perryena leucometopon

Bartailed flathead - The bartail flathead , also called Bar-Tailed Flathead, Bartail Blenny, Gobi, Indian Flathead, or Indo-Pacific Flathead, is the type species for the Platycephalus genus of fish.

Whitesnout searobin

Striped searobin

Galapagos gurnard

Bandtail sea-robin

Broadbarred firefish - Pterois antennata or Broadbarred firefish is a fish of the genus Pterois.

Devil firefish - Length up to 35 cm.

Frillfin turkeyfish - The Frillfin turkeyfish is a fish of the genus Pterois.

Radial firefish - It is the only lionfish species with blank spines.

Plaintail turkeyfish

Hawaiian turkeyfish

Weedy scorpionfish - Rhinopias aphanes is a Scorpionfish from the Western Pacific.

Eschmeyer's scorpionfish - Rhinopias eschmeyeri is a Scorpionfish from the Indo-West Pacific.

Whiteface waspfish

Serrated flathead

Welander's flathead

Coral scorpionfish

Goosehead scorpionfish

Red scorpionfish

Red rock cod - The eastern red scorpionfish, grandfather hapuku, New Zealand scorpionfish, or New Zealand red rock cod, Scorpaena cardinalis, is a scorpionfish of the family Scorpaenidae, found in New Zealand and southern Australia.

Hunchback scorpionfish

Dwarf scorpionfish

Scorpaena grandisquamis

Mushroom scorpionfish

Scorpaena moultoni

Scorpaena sumptuosa - Scorpaena sumptuosa is also known as the Western red scorpionfish, or scorpioncod.

Longfingered scorpionfish

Saint ann's bay

Scorpaenodes corallinus

Guam scorpionfish

Hairy scorpionfish

Kellogg's scorpionfish

Minor scorpionfish

Blotchfin scorpionfish

Lowfin scorpionfish

Scorpaenodes quadrispinosus

Pygmy scorpionfish

Scorpaenodes steenei

Spotfin scorpionfish

Rainbow scorpionfish

Bearded scorpionfish

False stonefish

Scorpaenopsis furneauxi

Flasher scorpionfish - Scorpaenopsis macrochir is a Scorpionfish from the Pacific.

Papuan scorpionfish - Scorpaenopsis papuensis is a Scorpionfish from the Pacific.

Bigmouth scorpionfish

Spotfin scorpionfish

Humpback nohu

Yellowspotted scorpionfish - Sebastapistes cyanostigma is a Scorpionfish from the Indo-Pacific.

Dwarf scorpionfish

Galactama scorpionfish

Spineblotch scorpionfish

Barchin scorpionfish

Darkspotted scorpionfish

Starry rockfish - The body of the starry rockfish is elongate, robust, heavy forward tapering to the tail.

Puget Sound rockfish

Greenie - The body of the yellowtail rockfish is elongate and compressed.

Squarespot rockfish

Black bass - The rockfish has a total of 8 weak head spines.

Vermilion rockfish - The body of the vermilion rockfish is moderately deep and compressed.

Priestfish - Blue rockfish have a relatively smooth and oval appearance compared to other members of Sebastes, with very few head spines.

China rockfish - The China rockfish has a distinctive appearance, with a dark blue or black body crossed by a patchy but obvious yellow stripe that extends from around the third dorsal spine down and then along the lateral line.

Banded rockfish - Scientists have dated some fish to be up to 166 years old.

Sebastes pachycephalus chalcogrammus

Sebastes pachycephalus nigricans

Sebastes pachycephalus nudus

Boccacio rockfish - Bocaccio can be found from Stepovak Bay, Alaska to central Baja California, but is mostly abundant from Oregon to northern Baja California.

Canary rockfish - As the name suggests, this rockfish is notable for a general orange-yellow appearance, consisting of a blotchy orange pattern over a whitish or light gray background.

Red cod - Yelloweye rockfish are prized for their meat, and were declared overfished in 2002, at which time a survey determined that their population, which had been in decline since the 1980s, was just 7-13% of numbers before commercial fishing of the species began.

Olive rockfish

Sebastes zonatus


Synanceia alula

Stonefish - Stonefish live primarily above the tropic of Capricorn: The reef stonefish is the most widespread species of the stonefishes family, and is known to be found in the shallow tropical marine waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans, ranging from the Red Sea to the Queensland Great Barrier Reef.

Leaf scorpionfish - Taenianotus triacanthus is a species of marine fish which is the sole member of the genus Taenianotus.

Bearded roguefish

Tetraroge darnleyensis

Longsnout flathead

Order Siluriformes

Hardhead - Hardhead catfish spawn during the early summer in estuarine and near-shore waters along the coast.

Black seacatfish - Galeichthys ater is a species of catfish of the family Ariidae.

Whitelip catfish

Sailfin catfish

Kimberley catfish

Order Syngnathiformes

Bastard seahorse


Speckled shrimpfish

Razorfish - The razorfish is generally found in coastal waters from the central Indian Ocean to the Red Sea to Hawaii.

Naked pipefish

Few-rayed pipefish

Bryx heraldi

Pugheaded pipefish

Bulbonaricus davaoensis

Campichthys tricarinatus

Grooved razorfish

Short-bodied pipefish

Choeroichthys latispinosus

Sculptured pipefish

Brown-banded pipefish

Corythoichthys benedetto

Messmate pipefish - The Messmate pipefish , is a pipefish from the Indo-Pacific.

Corythoichthys insularis

Black-breasted pipefish

Ocellated pipefish - Ovoviviparous, the male carries the eggs in a brood pouch which is found under the tail.

Corythoichthys paxtoni

Many-spotted pipefish

Schultz's pipefish - Ovoviviparous, the male carries the eggs in a brood pouch which is found under the tail.

Whitenose pipefish

Ball's pipe fish

Roughridge pipefish

D'arros pipefish

Poey's pipefish

Maxweber's pipefish

Ringed pipefish - The banded pipefish or ringed pipefish is a species of fish in the Syngnathidae family.

Doryrhamphus excisus abbreviatus

Janss' pipefish - Doryrhamphus janssi is a pipefish from the Western Central Pacific.

Honshu pipefish

Many-banded pipefish

Masthead Island pipefish

Kulbicki’s pipefish

Bluespotted cornetfish - The bluespotted cornetfish, Fistularia commersonii, is a fish in the family Fistulariidae.

Booth's pipefish

Brock's pipefish

Duncker's pipefish

Edmondson's pipefish

Ornate pipefish

Samoan pipefish

Glittering pipefish

Spiny snout pipefish

Heraldia nocturna

Barbour's seahorse - Barbour's seahorse is a species of seahorse.

Pygmy seahorse - This species is known to occur only on gorgonian corals of the genus Muricella, and has evolved to resemble its host.

Tiger tail seahorse - The tiger tail sea horse lives in Western Central Pacific: Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Denise's pygmy seahorse - Hippocampus denise is tiny, growing only to a total length of 1.

Northern seahorse - Hippocampus erectus is a Seahorse from the Western Atlantic.

Pacific giant seahorse - The pacific seahorse, Hippocampus ingen , is one of the largest of the 34 known species of seahorses in the world, the pacific seahorse can reach up to 30 cm in length.

Bullneck seahorse - The bullneck seahorse is a species of fish in the Syngnathidae family.

Pygmy thorny seahorse

Slender sea horse - According to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, "This slender seahorse grows to about seven inches long.

Hedgehog seahorse - The hedgehog seahorse is a species of fish in the Syngnathidae family.

Flat-faced seahorse

Zebra seahorse - The zebra seahorse is a species of fish in the Syngnathidae family.

Briggs' pipefish

Sydney's pygmy pipehorse

Short-bodied pipefish

Thorntailed pipefish

Insular pipefish

Micrognathus micronotopterus

Myers' pipefish

Elegant pipefish

Reef pipefish

Nannocampus weberi

Rock pipefish

Spined pipefish

Kampen's pipefish

Leafy seadragon - Much like the seahorse, the leafy sea dragon's name is derived from its resemblance to another creature .

Common seadragon - Weedy sea dragons can reach 45 cm in length.

Siokunichthys bentuviai

Soft-coral pipefish

Mushroom-coral pipefish

New Caledonian soft-coral pipefish

Armored pipefish

Solenostomus halimeda

Delicate ghostpipefish

Harlequin ghost pipefish - The ornate ghost pipefish, Solenostomus paradoxus, is a pipefish of the family Solenostomidae found in the Western Pacific and the Indian ocean along reef edges prone to strong currents.

Ring-backed pipefish

Horned pipefish - The alligator pipefish or double-ended pipefish is a species of fish in the Syngnathidae family.

Caribbean pipefish

Louisiana pipefish

Bull pipefish

Double-ended pipefish

Crested pipefish

Order Tetraodontiformes

Spiny-tailed leatherjacket

Honeycomb cowfish

Cowfish - Overall it is coloured blue-green to yellow cast.

Radial leatherjacket

Bristle-tail file-fish

Unicorn leatherjacket - The unicorn leatherjacket, Aluterus monoceros, is a filefish of the family Monacanthidae, found around the world in subtropical oceans between latitudes 43° N and 35° S, at depths down to 50 m.

Orange filefish

Unicornfish - Mature specimen at Honolulu Harbor

Broom leatherjacket - The broom filefish is a harmless tropical reef fish from the Red Sea and the Indo-Pacific oceans, growing to a length of 20 cm.

Evileye blaasop

Bearded leatherjacket

Chubby basketfish

Blue-spotted puffer

Masked puffer - Red Sea only.

White-spotted puffer - The white-spotted puffer, Arothron hispidus, is a medium sized fish, light grey in color with small white spots.

Narrow-lined toadfish - Arothron immaculatus, or the immaculate puffer, is a pufferfish from the Indo-West Pacific.

Narrow-lined puffer - Salinity: Saltwater PH: 7. Temperature: 74-80F Maximum Size: 12 inches Minimum Tank: 100 Gallons Activity: Hunter/seeker Lifespan: 10 years Breeding: Unknown Gender: No sexual dimorphism

Map puffer - It has an oval shape and the body is covered in small prickles.

Guineafowl puffer - Yellow form

Blackspotted puffer - It has a round shape with a head and snout which at times looks like a seal or a dog.

Reticulated pufferfish

Orange-lined triggerfish

Gray triggerfish - It is also reported from the Mediterranean sea and off Angola on the west coast of Africa.

Finscale triggerfish

Ol'wife - It is a large fish that reaches 60cm in length.

Ocean triggerfish

Clown triggerfish - This species is a primarily marine species.

Titan triggerfish - Titan triggerfish feed on shellfish, urchins, crustaceans and coral.

Pigmy leatherjacket

Pigmy leatherjacket

Japanese inflator filefish

Orange-fin file

Specktacled filefish


Honeycomb filefish


Brown leatherjacket

Large-scaled leatherjacket

Spotted oceanic triggerfish


Spider-eye puffer

Bennett's sharpnose puffer - Canthigaster bennetti is a Pufferfish from the Indo-Pacific.

Macaronesian sharpnose-puffer

Compressed toby

Crowned puffer - Canthigaster coronata is a Pufferfish from the Indo-West Pacific.

Lantern toby

Southern Atlantic sharpnose-puffer

Canthigaster flavoreticulata

Canthigaster inframacula

Goldface toby

Honeycomb toby

Leopard sharpnose puffer

Canthigaster margaritata

Canthigaster marquesensis

Shy toby

Canthigaster punctata

Spotted sharpnosed puffer

Pygmy toby

Canthigaster rapaensis - Canthigaster rapaensis is a species of fish in the Tetraodontidae family.

Brown-lined puffer

Bastard Hogfish

Bicolored toby

West African sharpnose-puffer

Tyler's toby

Valentinni's sharpnose puffer - It has four distinct black stripes on its back.

Prickly leatherjacket - Chaetodermis penicilligerus is a Filefish from the Indo-West Pacific.

Milkspotted puffer

Web burrfish

Porcupine fish

Spotfin burrfish

Striped burrfish - It is distinguished from the porcupinefish by the shorter, less sharply pointed, and immovable spines which cover the somewhat spherical body.

Birdbeak burrfish

Spotbase burrfish - Red Sea to South Africa and east to southern Japan, the Philippines, Australia and New Caledonia.

Three-barred porcupinefish

Globe fish - It is one of the smallest members of the porcupinefish family.

Bluetail leatherjacket

Mosaic leatherjacket

Manystriped blowfish - Feroxodon multistriatus is a genus of Tetraodontidae.

Trunkfish - The spotted trunkfish, like all trunkfish of the Genus Lactophrys, secretes a colorless ciguatera toxin from glands on its skin when touched.

Buffalo trunkfish

Shell fish

Longhorn cowfish - Adults are reef fish, often solitary and territorial, live around sand or rubble bottom up to a depth of 50 m.

Roundbelly cowfish

Thornback cowfish

Lactoria paschae

Silverstripe blaasop

Indian triggerfish - The Indian triggerfish usually feed on hard-shelled mollusks and echinoderms but some feed on algae and zooplankton.

Black triggerfish - These are not to be confused with their cousins, the Indian Triggerfish or Black-finned Triggerfish , which are often mistaken as being black triggerfish within the trade.

Pink-tail trigger - The Pinktail triggerfish, Melichthys vidua, is a dark green triggerfish with translucent pinkish-white dorsal and tail fins.

Brown-striped leatherjacket

Yellow-striped leatherjacket

Blue-lined leatherjacket

Yellowfinned leatherjacket

Stars and stripes leatherjacket

Fan-bellied leatherjacket



Redtoothed triggerfish - The redtoothed triggerfish is a dark blue bodied fish, ranging up to 50 cm in length.

Omegophora cyanopunctata

Yellow boxfish - As the name suggests, it is box shaped.

Bluetail trunkfish

Whitespotted boxfish

Shortnose boxfish

Horn-nosed boxfish

Reticulate boxfish - Ostracion solorensis is a Boxfish from the Western Pacific.

Roughskin trunkfish

Whitley's box

Red Sea longnose filefish

Harlequin filefish - The orange spotted filefish is pale blue with about eight longitudinal rows of orange-yellow patches.

Blacksaddle filefish - The blacksaddle filefish are found in pairs or in small schools and inhabit reefs across the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Paramonacanthus cryptodon

Hairfinned leatherjacket - Paramonacanthus japonicus is a Filefish from the Indo-West Pacific.

Japanese leatherjacket

Yelloweye filefish

Orangetail filefish

Blackbar filefish

Pervagor marginalis

Blacklined filefish

Pervagor randalli

Fantail filefish - Pervagor spilosoma is a Filefish from the Eastern Pacific.

Rhino leatherjacket

Yellowmargin triggerfish - These triggerfish can grow to a maximum length of 60 cm .

Yellow-spotted triggerfish - Tropical Indo-Pacific, Red Sea.

Stone triggerfish

Strap-weed file-fish - Strap-weed filefish are often found in pairs and inhabit reefs across the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Pot-bellied leatherjacket

Blackbar triggerfish - The Hawaiian name for the fish, humu­humu­nuku­nuku­āpua‘a , also spelled humuhumu-nukunuku-a-pua‘a or just humuhumu for short shares the same name with the Reef triggerfish, the state fish of Hawaii.

Picasso triggerfish - Red Sea to the Persian gulf only.

Rhinecanthus cinereus

Halfmoon picassofish

Wedge-tail triggerfish - The triggerfish's teeth are blue and they are set close together inside its relatively chubby mouth, it has a small second spine, which it can use to lock its main spine into an upright position.

Blackbelly triggerfish - Rhinecanthus verrucosus is a Triggerfish from the Indo-West Pacific.

Whitespotted pygmy filefish

Diamond leatherjacket

Minute leatherjacket

Rough leatherjackets

Narrow-headed puffer

Gulf puffer

Green puffer

Guinean puffer - Guinean puffer, Sphoeroides marmoratus, is a species in the family Tetraodontidae, or pufferfishes.


Puffer - The checkered puffer, Sphoeroides testudineus, is a species in the family Tetraodontidae, or pufferfishes.

Common filefish

Pygmy filefish

Bluethroat triggerfish - Sufflamen albicaudatum is a Triggerfish from the Western Indian Ocean.

Boomerang triggerfish - "Scythe" markings on the lei triggerfish contain pigments which may change hue from light yellow to dark brown depending on mood of the fish.

Halfmoon triggerfish - The Halfmoon triggerfish lives around seaward reefs and shallow lagoons.

Masked triggerfish

Orangeside triggerfish

Triangular boxfish

Humpback turretfish


Modest filefish

Thamnaconus modestus

Torquigener flavimaculosus

Longspine burrfish

Soft bellied puffer - It is native to the Indian and western Pacific Oceans.

Gilded triggerfish - Unlike most triggerfish, it is rarely aggressive towards other fish.

Blue-line triggerfish - Xanthichthys caeruleolineatus is a Triggerfish from the Indo-West Pacific.

Xanthichthys lima

Brown-lined triggerfish

Blue-throat trigger - Xanthichthys mento is a Triggerfish from the Western Pacific.

Order Torpediniformes

Ocellated electric ray - The bullseye electric ray or ocellated electric ray, Diplobatis ommata, is a species of numbfish, family Narcinidae, native to the eastern Pacific Ocean from Baja California to Ecuador.

Australian numbfish - The coffin ray, Hypnos monopterygius, is a species of small, unusually shaped electric ray endemic to Australia.

Electric numb ray

Blackspotted electric ray - The black-spotted torpedo, Torpedo fuscomaculata, is a poorly-known, uncommon species of electric ray in the family Torpedinidae, known for being capable of generating an electric shock.

Marbled electric ray - The Gulf torpedo is the most widespread of the electric rays in the western Indian Ocean, with a patchy range extending to South Africa, Somalia, the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Persian Gulf, Sri Lanka, and the Andaman Sea.