Painted mackerel

The Cero reaches larger sizes than the Spanish, often 10 lb or more, but those over 30 lb are extremely rare.

The Painted mackerel lives in the reef-associated, oceanodromous, marine, depth range 1 - 20 m , usually 1 - m environment.

of its body above the A painted mackerel (Scomberomorus regalis) at Benwood wreck, Key Largo, Florida. The fishes of the Scomberomorus genus are the Spanish mackerels, or seerfishes. Photograph by Fred McConnaughey. National Audubon Society Collection/Photo Researchers, Inc. Reproduced by permission. lateral line. More

Cero mackerel (also called cerro or painted mackerel), caught in waters along the coast of Florida, has leaner flesh and more delicate flavor than most varieties. Pacific mackerel (also called American, blue, or chub) is an oily fish with an assertive flavor. More

Common names

Alasana in Spanish (español)
Carite in Spanish (español)
carite chinigua in Spanish (español)
Carite listado in Spanish (español)
Carite rey in Spanish (español)
Carito in Spanish (español)
Carrita in Wayuu
Carrite in Spanish (español)
Cavala in Portuguese (Português)
Cavala-boca-larga in Portuguese (Português)
Cavala-branca in Portuguese (Português)
Cavala-canguçu in Portuguese (Português)
Cavala-pintada in Portuguese (Português)
Cavala-sardinheira in Portuguese (Português)
Cavala-serra in Portuguese (Português)
Céro in Creole, French
Céro in Creoles and Pidgins, French
cero in English
cero in Rumanian
Cero mackerel in English
Karibisk kungsmakrill in Swedish (Svenska)
king cero in English
Kingfish mackerel in English
Königsmakrele in German (Deutsch)
Mackerel in English
Makrela królewska in Polish (polski)
painted mackerel in English
Pelicán in Spanish (español)
Pintada in Spanish (español)
Prægtig kongemakrel in Danish (dansk)
Scomberomorus regalis in Catalan (Català)
Serra in Portuguese (Português)
Serra-malhada in Portuguese (Português)
Serra-penincho in Portuguese (Português)
Serra-pininga in Portuguese (Português)
Sierra in Spanish (español)
Spanish mackerel in English
Thazard atlantique in French (français)
Thazard franc in French (français)
Valse koningsmakreel in Dutch (Nederlands)
Zapadnoatlanticheskaya makrel in Russian (русский язык)
条斑马鲛 in Mandarin Chinese
條斑馬鮫 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Scombridae
Genus : Scomberomorus
Species : Scomberomorus regalis
Authority : Bloch, 1793