Comet pygmy goby

The Comet pygmy goby lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 1 - 40 m environment.

Species Summary: Eviota cometa Comet pygmy goby, You can sponsor this page, ... Biogeographic Modelling Tools: Analysis tools: WhyWhere Modelling | Environmental statistics | Web LoiczView |. Eviota cometa (27 records) Note: Do corrections on both boxes. ... More

comet pygmy goby comet pygmy goby (Eviota cometa) (Eviota corneliae) (Eviota disrupta) twospot pygmy goby twospot pygmy goby (Eviota distigma) (Eviota epiphanes) barred pygmy goby barred pygmy goby (Eviota fasciola) More

Comet Pygmy Goby, Comet Pygmy-Goby Common Names in Mandarin Chinese: 對斑磯塘鱧 Description - Family Gobiidae Chiefly marine and brackish , some species are catadromous More

Common names

Comet pygmy goby in English
Comet pygmy-goby in English
对斑矶塘鳢 in Mandarin Chinese
对斑矶塘鳢 in Unknown
對斑磯塘鱧 in Mandarin Chinese
對斑磯塘鱧 in Unknown

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Gobiidae
Genus : Eviota
Species : Eviota cometa
Authority : Jewett & Lachner, 1983