Blunt snout gregory

The Blunt snout gregory lives in the reef-associated, non-migratory, marine, depth range 1 - 5 m environment.

Nothing known about the Blunt snout gregory

Common names

'Atoti in Tahitian (Reo Mā`ohi)
Blunt snout gregory in English
Bluntsnout gregory in English
Farmerfish in English
Hananaga-suzumedai in Japanese (日本語)
Kudikiruliya in Mahl
Lisheog in Austronesian (Other)
Lisheog in Carolinian
Padatham in Malayalam (മലയാളം)
Palata in Tagalog
Palata in Visayan
Tu'u'u-moi in Samoan (gagana fa'a Samoa)
പടതാം in Malayalam (മലയാളം)
പടത്തം in Malayalam (മലയാളം)
蓝真雀鲷 in Mandarin Chinese
藍真雀鯛 in Mandarin Chinese
鈍頭真雀鯛 in Mandarin Chinese
钝头真雀鲷 in Mandarin Chinese
長吻眶鋸雀鯛 in Mandarin Chinese
長吻雀鯛 in Mandarin Chinese
长吻眶锯雀鲷 in Mandarin Chinese
长吻雀鲷 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Pomacentridae
Genus : Stegastes
Species : Stegastes lividus
Authority : Forster, 1801