Atlantic bigeye

The Atlantic bigeye lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 10 - 200 m , usually 15 - 100 m environment.

* Atlantic bigeye tuna abundance has stabilized near sustainable levels. More

Distribution: Scientific knowledge of Atlantic bigeye tuna is limited. Its range is almost the entire Atlantic from 50° N to 45° S latitude. It is rarely taken in the Gulf of Mexico (W. J. Richards, pers. comm.). More

genetic structure patterns of Atlantic bigeye tuna at the nuclear level, and compare them with mitochondrial evidence. More

breeding and nursery area of Atlantic bigeye tuna is located in the Gulf of Guinea, whereas adult feeding grounds are placed at both northern and southern temperate areas (Fig. (Fig.1).1Figure 1). More

patterns of Atlantic bigeye tuna at the nuclear level, and compare them with mitochondrial evidence. Results: We examined allele size variation of nine microsatellite loci in 380 individuals from the Gulf of Guinea, Canary, Azores, Canada, Indian Ocean, and Pacific Ocean. More

fraction of the Atlantic bigeye population which undertake these migrations is totally unknown. Furthermore the existence and magnitude of exchanges between adults from north and south zones into the equatorial zone is also totally unknown. These different points are essential in managing the fisheries. More

Atlantic bigeye is a source of concern due to weak stocks. Imported longlined bigeye should be avoided. The fishery tends to incur high levels of bycatch and to put heavy pressure on stocks. More

Common names

Achote in Spanish (español)
Alferaz in Portuguese (Português)
Alfonsim in Portuguese (Português)
Alfonsón in Spanish (español)
Alforaz in Portuguese (Português)
Alunado in Spanish (español)
Atlantic big-eye in English
Atlantic bigeye in English
Atlantisk storøjefisk in Danish (dansk)
Balarton in English
Balatan in English
Beauclaire de roche in French (français)
Beauclaire soleil in French (français)
Beni-kintokidai in Japanese (日本語)
Big eye in Spanish (español)
Big-eye in English
Bigeye in English
Candil in Spanish (español)
Cardenal in Spanish (español)
Catalana in Spanish (español)
Catalucia in Spanish (español)
Catalufa in English
Catalufa in French (français)
Catalufa in Spanish (español)
catalufa ojón in Spanish (español)
Catalufa toro in Spanish (español)
catalufas in Izo
catalufas in Izon
Cataluja toro in Spanish (español)
Comico in Spanish (español)
Common bigeye in English
Façola in Creole, Portuguese
Façola in Creoles and Pidgins, Portuguese
Façola in Portuguese (Português)
Figueira in Portuguese (Português)
Fura vasos in Portuguese (Português)
Fura-vasos in Portuguese (Português)
Fura-vasos-vulgar in Portuguese (Português)
glasseye snapper in English
Goggle eye in English
Großaugenbarsch in German (Deutsch)
Imperador in Portuguese (Português)
Ishoo in Wayuu
Johnny diggens in English
Juif in French (français)
Latarnik karaibski in Polish (polski)
Majarra ojona in Spanish (español)
Mirassol in Portuguese (Português)
Moonshine conga in English
Moonshine snapper in English
Ojo buey in Spanish (español)
Ojo'e plato in Spanish (español)
Ojón in Spanish (español)
Ojona colorada in Spanish (español)
Olhão in Portuguese (Português)
Olho-de-boi in Portuguese (Português)
Olho-de-cão in Portuguese (Português)
Olho-de-vidro in Portuguese (Português)
Olho-do-diabo in Portuguese (Português)
Pargo in Spanish (español)
Piranema in Portuguese (Português)
Pirapema in Portuguese (Português)
Ray in Spanish (español)
Rojo in Spanish (español)
sol in Spanish (español)
tête ronde in French (français)
Toro in English
Toro in Spanish (español)
Wow 'i baka in Papiamento
Wow 'i boyo in Papiamento
Wow'i baka in Papiamento
Wow'i boyo in Papiamento
каталуфа обыкновенная in Russian (русский язык)
окунь «бычий глаз» in Russian (русский язык)
приакант in Russian (русский язык)

Order : Perciformes
Family : Priacanthidae
Genus : Priacanthus
Species : Priacanthus arenatus
Authority : Cuvier, 1829