Pale-barred coris

The Pale-barred coris lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 2 - 40 m environment.

* Pale-barred coris, Coris dorsomacula Fowler, 1908 * Yellowstripe coris, Coris flavovittata (Bennett, 1828) * Queen coris, Coris formosa (Bennett, 1830) * Yellowtail coris, Coris gaimard (Quoy & Gaimard, 1824) More

Pale-barred coris; Coris julis; Coris variegata; Coris venusta; Coris agula; Coris aygula; Coris caudimacula; Coris flavovittata; Coris pictoides; Coris formosa; Coris picta; Coris frerei; Coris gaimard; Coris sandeyeri; Coris dorsomacula; Coris gaimardi; Coris bulbifrons; Cory's shearwater; Dapple coris; Elegant coris; Clown More

pale-barred coris pale-barred coris (Coris dorsomacula) yellowstripe coris yellowstripe coris (Coris flavovittata) queen coris queen coris (Coris formosa) yellowtail coris yellowtail coris (Coris gaimard) (Coris hewetti) Mediterranean rainbow wrasse Mediterranean rainbow wrasse (Coris julis) More

Pale-barred coris, Coris dorsomacula Fowler, 1908 ... 3 Pink-lined Wrasse, Coris dorsomacula (Fowler, 1908 ... Explore our collections, exhibitions, natural history and indigenous cultures ... ANIMAL SPECIES:Pink-lined Wrasse, Coris dorsomacula (Fowler, 1908) ... More

Pale-barred coris (Coris dorsomacula) English Queen coris (Coris frerei) English Schroeder's coris (Coris batuensis) English Spotfin coris (Coris dorsomacula) English Spottail More

Common names

Koilauko in Gela
Pale-barred coris in English
Pink-lined coris in English
Pink-lined rainbow wrasse in English
Pink-lined wrasse in English
Pinklined wrasse in English
Spotfin coris in English
Spotfin wrasse in English
Sujibera in Japanese (日本語)
背斑盔魚 in Mandarin Chinese
背斑盔鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Labridae
Genus : Coris
Species : Coris dorsomacula
Authority : Fowler, 1908