Manystriped blowfish

Feroxodon multistriatus is a genus of Tetraodontidae.

The Manystriped blowfish lives in the reef-associated, marine environment.

* Manystriped Blowfish (Feroxodon multistriatus) - Text and Image. * Map Puffer (Arothron mappa) - Text and Image. * Mappa-Kugelfisch (Arothron mappa) - Abbildungen. * Marbled Puffer (Sphoeroides dorsalis) - Text and Image. More

Common names

Many-striped puffer in English
Many-striped pufferfish in English
Manystriped blowfish in English
Seeprapallokala in Finnish (suomen kieli)
多带叉鼻鲀 in Mandarin Chinese
多带猛齿鲀 in Mandarin Chinese
多帶叉鼻魨 in Mandarin Chinese
多帶猛齒魨 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Tetraodontiformes
Family : Tetraodontidae
Genus : Feroxodon
Species : Feroxodon multistriatus
Authority : Richardson, 1854