Catadromous fish - Fish living in the catadromous environment

Many types of fish migrate on a regular basis, on time scales ranging from daily to annual, and over distances ranging from a few meters to thousands of kilometers. Fish usually migrate because of diet or reproductive needs, although in some cases the reason for migration remains unknown.

Order Anguilliformes

Mottled eel

Eel - The eel lives in fresh water and only leaves this habitat to enter the Atlantic ocean for spawning.

Highlands long-finned eel

Speckled longfin eel - The long-finned eel is a native of New Guinea, eastern Australia , Lord Howe Island, and New Caledonia.

Polynesian longfin eel

Indian short-finned eel - Anguilla bicolor is a species of eel in the genus Anguilla of the family Anguillidae consisting of two sub-species.

Anguilla nigricans

Japanese eel - Populations of the Japanese eel, along with anguillid eel populations worldwide, have declined drastically in recent years.

African longfin eel

New Zealand longfin eel

South Pacific eel

Giant mottled eel - This anguillid species can be found from East Africa to French Polynesia and north to southern Japan.

African mottled eel

Order Clupeiformes

New Guinea thryssa - The freshwater anchovy is a species of fish in the Engraulidae family.

Australian freshwater herring

Bonga shad

Order Mugiliformes


Tade mullet

Golden grey mullet

Sand grey mullet

Freshwater mullet


Largescaled mullet

Half fringelip mullet

So-iny mullet

So-iuy mullet

Freshwater mullet

Fairy mullet

Grooved mullet

Freshwater springer - The freshwater mullet, Myxus capensis, is a species of fish in the Mugilidae family.

Blueback mullet

South African mullet - The South African mullet or harder mullet, Liza richardsonii, is a species of mullet.

Thicklip grey mullet - It is a common fish of shallow, sheltered coasts, estuaries, and around power station and sewer outfalls; it can also enter fresh water areas.

Robust mullet


Sicklefin mullet

Bobo mullet

Order Osmeriformes

Clarence galaxias - The Clarence galaxias is a species of fish in the Galaxiidae family.

Common galaxias - The common galaxias, Galaxias maculatus, is a species of fish from the galaxiid family that is very widespread in the southern hemisphere.

Order Perciformes

Twospotted cichlid - Cichlasoma bimaculatum is an omnivorous, freshwater, tropical fish commonly referred to as the Black Acara or two-spot cichlid.

Samoan mullet goby

Jungle perch

Papuan black snapper

Jarbua terapon - Terapon jarbua is a Grunter from the Indo-Pacific.

Barramundi - Barramundi is a loanword from an Australian Aboriginal language of the Rockhampton area in Queensland L.


Orange-spotted therapon

Order Pleuronectiformes

Flounder - The distinctive features of the starry flounder include the combination of black and white-to-orange bar on the dorsal and anal fins, as well as the skin covered with scales modified into tiny star-shaped plates or tubercles , resulting in a rough feel.

Black flounder - The black flounder, Rhombosolea retiaria, is a flatfish of the genus Rhombosolea, found around New Zealand in shallow enclosed waters and coastal freshwater lakes.

European flounder - The European flounder is oval in shape and is usually right-eyed.

Order Scorpaeniformes

Roughskin soulpin

Cottus hangiongensis


Fourspine sculpin

Order Siluriformes

Bloch's catfish