New Zealand longfin eel

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The New Zealand longfin eel lives in the demersal, catadromous, freshwater, brackish, marine environment.

The New Zealand longfin eel, Anguilla dieffenbachii, is one of the 15 species of eel in the family Anguillidae. It is found only in New Zealand (including the Chatham Islands), in all its waterways. Usually they grow up to 1. More

New Zealand longfin eel at Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Centre, Wairarapa; (Photo by newtestleopard) While most freshwater eel species can exceed 1 metre in length, with several species reaching 1. More

New zealand longfin eel; Longfinned eel; Longfin eel; Polynesian longfinned eel; Indonesian longfinned eel; Speckled longfin eel; Longfin spotted snake-eel; Longfin grouper; Longfin killie; Longfin mako; Longfin emperor; Longfin bannerfish; Peruvian longfin; Longfin gunnel; Longfin kob; Longfin silverside; Longfin cigarfish; Longfin drum; More

New Zealand longfin eel is a traditional food for Maori in New Zealand. Eels are popular among marine aquarists in the United States, particularly the Moray eel which is commonly kept in tropical saltwater aquariums. More

The New Zealand longfin eel is an iconic species and is highly valued for recreational and cultural purposes. There is also a commercial fishery for these eels. Maori hold a significant interest in both commercial and non-commercial uses of the species. More

New Zealand longfin eel is a traditional food for Maori in New Zealand. In Italian cuisine, eels from the Comacchio area (a swampy zone along the Adriatic coast) are specially praised along with the freshwater ones of the Bolsena Lake. More

Common names

Aal in German (Deutsch)
Anguilee de Nouvell-Zélande in French (français)
Anguille de Nouvelle-Zélande in French (français)
Longfinned eel in English
Neuseeländischer Aal in German (Deutsch)
New Zealand longfin eel in English
Newzealandsk ål in Danish (dansk)
Nyzeeländsk ål in Swedish (Svenska)
Úhoř novozélandský in Czech (česky)
Węgorz nowozelandzki in Polish (polski)
大鰻鱺 in Mandarin Chinese
大鳗鲡 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Anguilliformes
Family : Anguillidae
Genus : Anguilla
Species : Anguilla dieffenbachii
Authority : Gray, 1842