Congridae - Congridae is the family of conger and garden eels.

Ophichthidae - Ophichthidae is a family of eels, comprising species commonly called worm eels and snake eels.

Muraenidae - Moray eels are cosmopolitan eels of the family Muraenidae.

Anguillidae - Anguillidae is a family of fishes that contains many of the freshwater eels.

Synaphobranchidae - Cutthroat eels are a family, Synaphobranchidae, of eels, the only member of the suborder Synaphobranchoidei.

Nemichthyidae - Snipe eels are a family, Nemichthyidae, of eels.

Chlopsidae - The Chlopsidae, or false morays, are a family of eels found in coral reefs worldwide.


Colocongridae - The Colocongridae or Worm eels are a family of eels, containing a single genus, Coloconger.

Muraenesocidae - The Muraenesocidae, or pike congers, are a small family of marine eels found worldwide in tropical and subtropical seas.

Derichthyidae - Longneck eels or neck eels are a family, Derichthyidae, of eels.

Nettastomatidae - The duckbill eels or witch eels are a family, Nettastomatidae, of eels.

Moringuidae - The Moringuidae is a small family of eels.

Myrocongridae - The Myrocongridae or Thin eels are a small family of eels found only in the Atlantic Ocean, and consisting of a single genus, Myroconger.

Heterenchelyidae - The Heterenchelyidae or Mud eels are a small family of eels native to the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and eastern Pacific.

Serrivomeridae - Sawtooth eels are a family, Serrivomeridae, of eels found in temperate and tropical seas worldwide.

Order : Anguilliformes