Bathydemersal fish - Fish living in the bathydemersal environment

Order Albuliformes

Longfin bonefish

Order Anguilliformes

Acromycter atlanticus

Acromycter perturbator

Ariosoma bauchotae

Blunttooth conger

Ariosoma sokotranum

Arrowtooth eel

Swollen-headed conger eel - The swollen-headed conger eel, Bassanago bulbiceps, is a conger of the family Congridae, found on continental slopes around southern Australia and New Zealand.

Bathycongrus aequoreus

Bullish conger

Dubious conger

Bathycongrus guttulatus

Shorthead conger

Bathycongrus nasicus

Bathycongrus odontostomus

Bathycongrus polyporus

Bathycongrus retrotinctus

Conger eel

Bathycongrus trimaculatus

Largehead conger

Neighbor conger

Longnose conger

Maputo conger

Bathyuroconger parvibranchialis

Blachea longicaudalis

Chlopsis bidentatus

Chlopsis slusserorum

Coloconger cadenati

Coloconger canina

Coloconger eximia

Giant leptocephalus

Coloconger japonicus

Coloconger meadi

Froghead eel

Shorttail conger

Conger macrocephalus

Congrhynchus talabonoides

Congriscus maldivensis

Congriscus marquesaensis

Evermann's conger

Basketwork eel - The basketwork eel, Diastobranchus capensis, is a cutthroat eel, the only species in the genus Diastobranchus.

Dysomma fuscoventralis

Echelus pachyrhynchus

Facciolella karreri

Facciolella saurencheloides

Gavialiceps arabicus

Gavialiceps bertelseni

Gavialiceps javanicus

Gavialiceps taiwanensis

Gnathophis andriashevi

Gnathophis asanoi

Blackgut conger

Gnathophis castlei

Gnathophis leptosomatus

Gnathophis microps

Gnathophis musteliceps

Gnathophis neocaledoniensis

Gnathophis parini

Gnathophis tritos

Gymnothorax bacalladoi - Gymnothorax bacalladoi is a moray eel of the family Muraenidae, found only around the Canary Islands in the eastern central Atlantic, at depths of between 17 and 605 m.

Gymnothorax bathyphilus

Saddled moray

Gymnothorax eurygnathos

Haptenchelys texis

Pale green eel

Hoplunnis megista

Hoplunnis similis

Conger eel

Ilyophis arx

Ilyophis nigeli

Ilyophis robinsae

Ilyophis saldanhai

Japonoconger africanus

Japonoconger caribbeus

Japonoconger sivicolus

Kenyaconger heemstrai

Linkenchelys multipora

Macrocephenchelys brachialis

Meadia roseni

Myroconger gracilis

Myroconger prolixus

Nettastoma falcinaris

Nettastoma syntresis

Nettenchelys dionisi

Nettenchelys erroriensis

Nettenchelys exoria

Nettenchelys inion

Dark deepwater snake-eel

Ophichthus arneutes

Ophichthus brachynotopterus

Ophichthus exourus

Ophichthus genie

Ophichthus karreri

Ophichthus leonensis

Ophichthus mystacinus

Ophichthus tetratrema

Slope conger

Parabathymyrus brachyrhynchus

Parabathymyrus karrerae

Promyllantor adenensis

Promyllantor atlanticus

Promyllantor purpureus

Purplemouthed conger


Pseudoxenomystax nielseni

Rhechias bertini

Whiptail conger

Rhynchoconger trewavasae

Saurenchelys meteori

Scolecenchelys profundorum

Snubnosed eel - The snubnosed eel, Simenchelys parasitica, also known as the pug-nosed eel, slime eel, or snub-nose parasitic eel, is a species of deep-sea eel and the only member of its genus.

Gray's cutthroat

Synaphobranchus oregoni

Thermobiotes mytilogeiton

Uroconger erythraeus

Venefica multiporosa

Venefica ocella

Whipsnout sorcerer

Venefica procera

Deepwater conger

Xenomystax austrinus

Bristletooth conger

Xenomystax trucidans

Order Ateleopodiformes

Ateleopus indicus

Ateleopus japonicus

Ateleopus purpureus

Highfin tadpole fish

Ijimaia dofleini

Loppe's tadpole fish

Order Aulopiformes

Bathymicrops belyaninae

Bathymicrops brevianalis

Bathymicrops multispinis

Bathymicrops regis

Bathypterois andriashevi


Bathypterois filiferus

Tripodfish - It spends much of its adult life standing on the ocean bottom on its fins.

Bathypterois guentheri

Bathypterois insularum

Bathypterois longicauda

Bathypterois oddi

Bathypterois parini

Bathypterois pectinatus

Bathypterois perceptor

Blackfin spiderfish

Bathypterois quadrifilis

Bathypterois ventralis

Bathypterois viridensis

Black lizardfish - The black lizardfish or deep-water greeneye, Bathysauropsis gracilis, is a grinner of the genus Bathysauropsis, found around the world in the southern oceans, at depths of between 1,500 and 3,000 m.

Bathysauropsis malayanus

Deepsea lizardfish

Highfin lizardfish - Bathysaurus mollis is a species of fish in the Bathysauridae family.

Bathytyphlops marionae

Bathytyphlops sewelli

Spinyjaw greeneye

Chlorophthalmus brasiliensis

Chlorophthalmus corniger

Chlorophthalmus ichthyandri

Chlorophthalmus pectoralis

Chlorophthalmus proridens

Spotted greeneye

Chlorophthalmus zvezdae

Harpadon erythraeus - The Harpadon erythraeus is a type of lizardfish or Synodontidae that lives mainly in the Western Indian Ocean .

Grideye fish

Ipnops meadi

Parasudis fraserbrunneri


Paraulopus filamentosus

Paraulopus japonicus

Paraulopus legandi

Paraulopus maculatus

Paraulopus novaeseelandiae

Paraulopus okamurai

Order Batrachoidiformes

Porichthys bathoiketes

Order Beryciformes

Gephyroberyx philippinus

Common sawbelly

Giant sawbelly

Hoplostethus mediterraneus trunovi

Smallscale slimehead

Hoplostethus vniro

Deepwater soldier

Ostichthys ovaloculus

Order Carcharhiniformes

Flatnose cat shark - The flatnose cat shark, Apristurus acanutus, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found in the northwest Pacific Ocean off Zhujiang, South China Sea.

Apristurus albisoma - Apristurus albisoma, the white-bodied catshark, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae.

Apristurus ampliceps - The roughskin catshark, Apristurus ampliceps, is a species of fish in the Scyliorhinidae family.

Bighead catshark

Hoary cat shark - Reproduction is oviparous.

Demon cat sharks - The flaccid catshark, Apristurus exsanguis, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found only around New Zealand.

Humpback cat shark - The humpback cat shark is a little-known oviparous deepwater catshark.

Longfin cat shark - The longfin catshark, Apristurus herklotsi, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found in the western Pacific from Japan, the Philippines, East and South China seas, and the Kyūshū-Palau Ridge, at depths of between 530 and 865 m.

Smallbelly cat shark - The smallbelly catshark is not well known.

Broadnose cat shark - Reproduction is oviparous.

Japanese catshark

Longnose cat shark - The longnose catshark, Apristurus kampae, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found in the eastern central Pacific from central and southern California and the Gulf of California, between latitudes 38° N and 23° N, at depths down to 1,890.

Atlantic ghost catshark

Longhead cat shark - The longhead catshark, Apristurus longicephalus, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found in the Indo-West Pacific from the Seychelles, Japan, the East China Sea, the Philippines, Australia, New Caledonia, and Mozambique, between latitudes 39° N and 22° S, at depths of between 680 and 900 m.

Flathead cat shark - The flathead catshark, Apristurus macrorhynchus, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae in the order Carcharhiniformes, found in deep water in the northwest Pacific Ocean.

Broadmouth cat shark - The broadmouth catshark is oviparous.

Ghost cat shark - Reproduction is oviparous.

Smalleye cat shark - Reproduction is oviparous.

Smalldorsal cat shark - The smalldorsal catshark is oviparous.

Largenose cat shark - Reproduction is oviparous.

Smallfin cat shark - The smallfin catshark, Apristurus parvipinnis, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae in the order Carcharhiniformes, found in the western Atlantic at depths of between 635 and 1,115.

Deepwater cat shark - The deepwater catshark, Apristurus profundorum, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found in the western Atlantic from Delaware Bay and Suriname, and from the eastern Atlantic from Morocco and northwest Africa.

Broadgill cat shark - The broadgill catshark is oviparous.

Saldanha catshark - The Saldanha catshark, Apristurus saldanha, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found from Cape Columbine to south of False Bay in South Africa, between latitudes 31° S and 40° S.

Pale cat shark - The pale catshark is oviparous.

South China cat shark - Reproduction is oviparous.

Spongehead cat shark - The spongehead catshark, Apristurus spongiceps, is a rare species of deep-sea catshark, family Scyliorhinidae.

Panama ghost catshark - Reproduction is oviparous.

Dusky catshark

Lollipop cat shark - The lollipop catshark, Cephalurus cephalus, is a little-known species of deep sea catshark, family Scyliorhinidae, and the only described member of its genus.

Cuban ribbontail catshark - The Cuban ribbontail catshark is ovoviviparous.

Pygmy ribbontail cat shark - The pygmy ribbontail catshark, Eridacnis radcliffei, is a species of finback catshark, family Proscylliidae, distributed patchily in the western Indo-Pacific from Tanzania to the Philippines.

African ribbontail catshark - The African ribbontail catshark is ovoviviparous giving birth to two young per litter.

Australian sawtail catshark

Northern sawtail shark

Atlantic sawtail cat shark - Reproduction is oviparous.

Gecko cat shark - The gecko catshark, Galeus eastmani, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found in deep water in the western Pacific from Japan and the East China Sea, and possibly Viet Nam and the Philippines.

Slender sawtail catshark - The slender sawtail catshark, Galeus gracilis, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found off northern Australia, at depths of between 290 and 4,730 m.

Longnose sawtail cat shark - The longnose sawtail cat shark, Galeus longirostris, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found only from the northwest Pacific islands of Amami Ōshima, Ogasawara and Izu.

Southern sawtail catshark - The southern sawtail catshark, Galeus mincaronei, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found only from southern Brazil, at depths from 230 to 600 m.

Mouse catshark - The mouse catshark, Galeus murinus, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found from Iceland and the Faroe Islands, at depths of between 475 and 1,200 m.

Broadfin sawtail cat shark - Reproduction is oviparous.

Peppered cat shark - Reproduction is probably oviparous.

African sawtail catshark - The African sawtail catshark, Galeus polli, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found from southern Morocco to Namibia, at depths of between 200 and 720 m.

Dwarf sawtail cat shark - The dwarf sawtail catshark, Galeus schultzi, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found exclusively off Luzon in the Philippines.

Slender smooth hound - The slender smooth-hound, Gollum attenuatus, is a finback catshark of the family Proscylliidae, the only member of the genus Gollum, found off New Zealand, New Caledonia, Fiji and the east coast of Australia at depths from 120 to 660 m.

Arabian catshark - The Arabian catshark, Halaelurus alcockii, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae.

Cat shark - The dusky catshark, Halaelurus canescens, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae, found from Peru and Chile to the Straits of Magellan.

Broadhead cat shark - The broadhead catshark, Halaelurus clevai, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae.

New Zealand catshark - The New Zealand catshark is a small little-known deepwater bottom shark.

Bristly cat shark - The bristly catshark, Halaelurus hispidus, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae, found from southeastern India and the Andaman Islands between latitudes 15° N and 5° N, at depths of between 200 and 300 m.

Spotless cat shark - The spotless catshark, Halaelurus immaculatus, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae occurring the South China Sea at depths of between 535 and 1,020 m on the continental slope.

Brown catshark

Deepwater sicklefin hound shark - The deepwater sicklefin hound shark, Hemitriakis abdita, is a hound shark of the family Triakidae found in the western central Pacific from the Coral Sea off Queensland, Australia and from New Caledonia.

Izak catshark - The Izak catshark, Holohalaelurus regani, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae, found in the southeast Atlantic and western Indian Ocean, from southern Namibia to southern Mozambique, and Kenya and Somalia, between latitudes 4° S and 37° S, at depths of between 160 and 740 m.

Longnose hound shark - The longnose houndshark, Iago garricki, is a hound shark of the family Triakidae found in the western Pacific off northern Australia and Vanuatu between latitudes 9° S and 26° S, at depths of between 250 and 475 m.

Bigeye hound shark - The bigeye houndshark, Iago omanensis, is a hound shark of the family Triakidae found on deep continental shelves in the western Indian Ocean from the Red Sea to southwestern India, between latitudes 30° N and 10° N, at depths of between 110 and 2,200 m.

White-tip Catshark - The Parmaturus albimarginatus is a type of deepwater shark in the Western Pacific waters near New Caledonia.

White-clasper catshark - The Parmaturus albipenis is a deepwater shark in the Western Pacific waters near New Caledonia.

Beige catshark - Reproduction is oviparous.

Campeche catshark - Reproduction is oviparous.

Velvet catshark - The Parmaturus lanatus is a type of deep-water shark in the Western Pacific waters near Indonesia.

Mcmillan's cat shark - McMillan's cat shark is a small, rare and little-known deepwater shark.

Blackgill catshark

Salamander shark - There are high levels of squalene in its liver.

Onefin cat shark - The onefin catshark, Pentanchus profundicolus, is a catshark of the family Scyliorhinidae, the only member of the genus Pentanchus.

False catshark - The false catshark, Pseudotriakis microdon, is a deep-sea ground shark and the sole species in the family Pseudotriakidae.

Narrowtail cat shark - Reproduction is oviparous.

Lizard catshark - The lizard catshark, Schroederichthys saurisqualus, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found off southern Brazil, at depths of between 122 and 435 m.

Slender cat shark

Comoro cat shark - The Comoro cat shark, Scyliorhinus comoroensis, is a rare cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae, the holotype and only specimen taken from the Comoro Islands in the Indian Ocean at 400 m.

White-saddled cat shark - Reproduction is oviparous.

Blotched cat shark - The blotched catshark was first scientifically described in 1966 by American ichthyologist Stewart Springer, based on a 25 cm long immature male caught off Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Cat shark - The dwarf catshark, Scyliorhinus torrei, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found off southern Florida, the Bahamas, and Cuba.

Order Cetomimiformes

Velvet whalefish - The velvet whalefish, Barbourisia rufa, is a deep-sea whalefish, the sole member of its family Barbourisiidae.

Cetomimus craneae

Parataeniophorus bertelseni

Order Chimaeriformes

Whitefin chimarea

Chimaera - The Cuban chimaera is a species of fish in the Chimaeridae family.

Southern chimaera

Chimaera jordani - Jordan's chimaera is a species of fish in the Chimaeridae family.

Carpenter's chimaera

Longspine chimaera

Rabbit fish

Shortspine chimaera

Chimaera owstoni - Owston's chimaera, Chimaera owstoni, is a species of fish in the Chimaeridae family.

Chimaera panthera

Silver chimaera - The silver chimaera is a species of fish in the Chimaeridae family.

Smallspine spookfish - The smallspine spookfish is a species of fish in the Rhinochimaeridae family.

Smalleyed rabbitfish

African chimaera - The African chimaera is a species of fish in the Chimaeridae family.

Hydrolagus alberti - The gulf chimaera is a species of fish in the Chimaeridae family.

Pale ghost shark - The pale ghost shark, Hydrolagus bemisi, is a shortnose chimaera of the family Chimaeridae.

Philippine chimaera

Hydrolagus eidolon

Black ghostshark

Blackfin ghostshark - The bight ghostshark or blackfin ghostshark is a species of fish in the Chimaeridae family.

Hydrolagus marmoratus

Large-eyed rabbitfish

Dark ghost shark - The dark ghost shark, Hydrolagus novaezealandiae, is a shortnose chimaera of the family Chimaeridae, found on the continental shelf around the South Island of New Zealand.

Ghostshark - Ogilby's ghostshark or whitefish is a species of fish in the Chimaeridae family.

Pallid chimaera

Pointy-nosed blue chimaera

Hydrolagus waitei

Neoharriotta carri - The dwarf sicklefin chimaera is a species of fish in the Rhinochimaeridae family.

Sicklefin chimaera - The sicklefin chimaera is a species of fish in the Rhinochimaeridae family.

Neoharriotta pumila - The Arabian sicklefin chimaera is a species of fish in the Rhinochimaeridae family.

Rhinochimaera africana - The paddlenose chimaera or paddlenose spookfish is a species of fish in the Rhinochimaeridae family.

Spearnose chimaera - The broadnose chimaera, knifenose chimaera, spearnose chimaera, or straightnose rabbitfish is a species of fish in the Rhinochimaeridae family.

Order Gadiformes

Giant rattail - The giant grenadier has the usual greatly elongated pointed tail of the rattails.

Asthenomacrurus victoris

Bathygadus antrodes - This fish is known to grow to around 65 cm.

Codheaded rattail - The codheaded rattail, Bathygadus cottoides, is a rattail of the genus Bathygadus, found in the southeast Atlantic Ocean and the southwest Pacific Oceans, at depths of between 1,000 and 1,600 m.

Bathygadus sulcatus

Cetonurichthys subinflatus

Spotty-faced rattail

Coelorinchus acutirostris

Coelorinchus amirantensis

Coelorinchus amydrozosterus

Duckbill grenadier

Shovel-nose rattail

Blackfin grenadier

Coelorinchus carinifer

Coelorinchus caudani

Black lip rattail

Coelorinchus charius

Chilean grenadier

Coelorinchus cingulatus

Coelorinchus cylindricus

Coelorinchus gaesorhynchus

Coelorinchus goobala

Coelorinchus gormani

Six-band grenadier

Coelorinchus hoangi

Horrible rattail

Coelorinchus immaculatus

Dusky rattail

Japanese grenadier

Campbell whiptail

Kamohara grenadier

Karrer's whiptail

Mugura grenadier

Spearsnouted grenadier

Longhead grenadier

Longarm grenadier

Coelorinchus macrorhynchus

Coelorinchus maculatus

Mahia whiptail

Coelorinchus matsubarai

Dark banded rattail

Coelorinchus mayiae

Coelorinchus mediterraneus

Coelorinchus melanobranchus

Coelorinchus multifasciatus

Upturned snout rattail

Patterned rattail

Coelorinchus obscuratus

Swordsnout grenadier

Coelorinchus osipullus

Spiny grenadier

Coelorinchus platorhynchus

Unicorn grenadier

Spotty-faced rattail

Coelorinchus radcliffei

Coelorinchus semaphoreus

Coelorinchus sereti

Coelorinchus sexradiatus

Coelorinchus shcherbachevi

Coelorinchus simorhynchus

Coelorinchus sparsilepis

Spatulate rattail

Supanose rattail

Coelorinchus thompsoni

Coelorinchus thurla

Coelorinchus trachycarus

Coelorinchus velifer

Firebelly grenadier

Pacific grenadier

Coryphaenoides alateralis

Loosescale grenadier

Humboldt grenadier

Coryphaenoides asprellus

Shortsnout grenadier

Carapine grenadier

Popeye grenadier

Trident grenadier

Coryphaenoides dossenus

Coryphaenoides fernandezianus

Filamented rattail


Coryphaenoides gypsochilus

Coryphaenoides hextii

Coryphaenoides hoskynii

Coryphaenoides lecointei

Ghostly grenadier - Coryphaenoides leptolepis is a species of fish in the Macrouridae family.

Longfin grenadier

Amami grenadier

Coryphaenoides marshalli

Mexican grenadier

Coryphaenoides microstomus

Abyssal rattail - The abyssal rattail, Coryphaenoides murrayi, is a fish of the genus Coryphaenoides, found around southern Australia, Fiji, and the east coast of New Zealand at depths of between 1,200 and 1,300 m.

Largenose grenadier

Coryphaenoides oreinos

Coryphaenoides paramarshalli

Serrulate whiptail - The serrulate whiptail or serrulate rattail, Coryphaenoides serrulatus, is a rattail of the genus Coryphaenoides, found around southern Australia and New Zealand, at depths of between 750 and 2,000 m.

Longrayed whiptail - The longrayed whiptail or four rayed rattail, Coryphaenoides subserrulatus, is a rattail of the genus Coryphaenoides, found circumpolar in all southern oceans, at depths of between 550 and 1,200 m.

Coryphaenoides tydemani

Wood-mason's rattail

Rough abyssal grenadier

Thickbeard grenadier

Eucla cod - The Eucla cod has a long and tapering body, a large mouth and no chin barbel.

Gadella dancoheni

Gadella filifer

Gadella jordani

Gadella svetovidovi

Gadella thysthlon

Longbeard grenadier

Gadomus introniger

Gadomus magnifilis

Gadomus pepperi

Arctic rockling

Gaidropsarus pakhorukovi

Fat-headed cod

Tadpole cod - The tadpole cod is a member of the family Moridae, the Morid cods, related to the true cods .

Guttigadus kongi

Guttigadus latifrons

Guttigadus nudirostre

Guttigadus squamirostre

Hymenocephalus billsam

Hymenocephalus hachijoensis

Glasshead grenadier

Hymenocephalus lethonemus - This is a small, slender rattail with a total length of up to 14 cm.

Hymenocephalus longipes

Hymenocephalus megalops

Hymenocephalus nascens

Hymenocephalus neglectissimus

Hymenocephalus nesaeae

Hymenocephalus semipellucidus

Pineapple rattail

Kumba dentoni

Kuronezumia darus

Kuronezumia macronema

Kuronezumia pallida

Laemonema compressicauda

Laemonema filodorsale

Laemonema gracillipes

Guinean codling

Longfin codling

Laemonema macronema

Robust Mora

Laemonema yarrellii

Laemonema yuvto

Small-headed cod - The second common name highlights the fact that its first dorsal fin is made up of long filamentous rays.

Northern gray hakeling

Lucigadus acrolophus

Lucigadus microlepis

Blackspot rattail - The blackspotted grenadier or blackspot rattail, Lucigadus nigromaculatus, is a rattail of the genus Lucigadus, found around southern Australia, New Zealand, and Chile, at depths of between 400 and 1,400 m.

Lucigadus nigromarginatus

Lucigadus ori

Lyconus brachycolus

Ridge scaled rattail - The ridge scaled rattail, Macrourus carinatus, is a rattail of the genus Macrourus, found in the Great Southern Ocean at depths of between 200 and 1,200 m.

Malacocephalus nipponensis

Western softhead grenadier

Malacocephalus okamurai

Mataeocephalus hyostomus

Offshore silver hake - The haddock is easily recognized by a black lateral line running along its white side and a distinctive dark blotch above the pectoral fin, often described as a "thumbprint" or even the "Devil's thumbprint" or "St.

South Pacific hake

Cortez hake

Deep-water Cape hake

Benguela hake

Kudersky parketnik

Southern Pacific moray cod

Nezumia aspidentata

Western atlantic grenadier

Shortbeard grenadier

Nezumia cliveri

Nezumia coheni

Pugnose grenadier - As the common name suggests, this fish has a very short, blunt snout.

Peruvian grenadier

Twelve-rayed grenadier

Nezumia investigatoris

Nezumia kapala

Broadsnout grenadier

Nezumia leucoura

Smooth grenadier

Parrot grenadier

Nezumia merretti

Smalltooth grenadier

Miller's grenadier

Squashed face rattail - The squashed face rattail, Nezumia namatahi, is a rattail of the genus Nezumia, found around New South Wales, Australia, and New Zealand, at depths of between 1,250 and 1,300 m.

Spectacled grenadier

Nezumia polylepis

Short-tail grenadier

Atacama grenadier

Thumb grenadier

Nezumia soela

Nezumia spinosa

California grenadier

Nezumia suilla

Nezumia tinro

Nezumia toi - Nezumia toi is a rattail of the family Macrouridae, found only in New Zealand at depths of about 950 m.

Nezumia umbracincta

Nezumia ventralis

Nezumia wularnia

Notophycis fitchi

Pseudonezumia flagellicauda

Physiculus andriashevi

Physiculus bertelseni

Physiculus cyanostrophus

Physiculus cynodon

Physiculus hexacytus

Japanese codling

Morid cod

Luminesent cod

Physiculus marisrubri

Physiculus maslowskii

Physiculus microbarbata

Physiculus normani

Physiculus sterops

Pseudonezumia cetonuropsis

Pseudonezumia japonicus

Pseudonezumia parvipes

Pseudonezumia pusilla

Sphagemacrurus gibber

Swallow grenadier

Luminous hake


Bristly grenadier

Trachonurus yiwardaus

Trachyrincus aphyodes

Armourhead grenadier

Slender unicorn rattail - The slender unicorn rattail, Trachyrincus longirostris, is a rattail of the genus Trachyrincus, found around southeast Australia and New Zealand, at depths of between 850 and 1,300 m.

Roughnosed rattail

Grey grenadier

Grenadier cod - The grenadier cod, Tripterophycis gilchristi, is a morid cod of the genus Tripterophycis, found in the mid-south Atlantic Ocean, and around southern Australia, South Africa, Sumatra, and New Zealand.

Gulf hake

Sagami grenadier

Ventrifossa gomoni

Ventrifossa johnboborum

Ventrifossa macrodon

Longbeard grenadier

Palau grenadier - This species is rather similar to many of its congeners and is best distinguished by a combination of morphometric characters.

Slimehead grenadier

Ventrifossa - This species reaches a length of 31 cm.


Spinaker grenadier

Ventrifossa obtusirostris

Peterson's grenadier

Ventrifossa rhipidodorsalis - This species reaches a length of up to 21 cm.

Ventrifossa saikaiensis - This species reaches a length of up to 25 cm.

Ventrifossa sazonovi

Ventrifossa teres

Ventrifossa vinolenta

Order Gobiesociformes

Alabes bathys

Gymnoscyphus ascitus

Order Hexanchiformes

Greenland shark - Superficially, the frilled shark resembles a dark brown or grey eel, but the six gill slits identify it as a shark.

One-finned shark - The sharpnose sevengill shark, Heptranchias perlo, is a species of shark in the family Hexanchidae, and the only species in the genus Heptranchias.

Bigeyed sixgill shark - Its diet is fish and invertebrates.

Order Lamniformes

Goblin shark - Mitsukurina owstoni is found in the deep ocean, far below where the sun's light can reach at depths greater than 200 m.

Order Lophiiformes

Ceratias tentaculatus

Chaenophryne quasiramifera

Chaunacops coloratus

Chaunacops melanostomus

Chaunacops roseus


Chaunax flammeus

Chaunax latipunctatus

Chaunax penicillatus

Redeye gaper - The redeye gaper has a rounded, slightly compressed body and a very large head.

Chaunax suttkusi

Coelophrys bradburyae

Coelophrys oblonga

Dibranchus accinctus

Dibranchus cracens

Dibranchus discors

Dibranchus erinaceus

Dibranchus hystrix

Dibranchus japonicus

Dibranchus nudivomer

Dibranchus sparsus

Dibranchus spinosus

Dibranchus spongiosa

Dibranchus tremendus

Dibranchus velutinus

Halicmetus reticulatus

Halicmetus ruber

Spiny seabat

Hairy seabat

Halieutopsis andriashevi

Halieutopsis bathyoreos

Halieutopsis galatea

Halieutopsis ingerorum

Lesser handfish

Halieutopsis simula

Halieutopsis stellifera

Halieutopsis tumifrons

Halieutopsis vermicularis

Lophiodes abdituspinus

Lophiodes beroe

Lophiodes bruchius

Lophiodes infrabrunneus

Natal angler

Lophiodes miacanthus

Lophiodes monodi

Smooth angler


Reticulated goosefish

Black-bellied angler

Blackfin goosefish


Shortspine African angler

Malthopsis annulifera

Malthopsis gnoma

Malthopsis jordani

Malthopsis mitrigera

Celebes monkfish

Sladenia shaefersi - Sladenia shaefersi is a species of fish in the Lophiidae family.

Solocisquama carinata

Solocisquama erythrina


Thaumatichthys axeli - Thaumatichthys is a genus of deep-sea anglerfish in the family Thaumatichthyidae, with three known species.

Thaumatichthys binghami - Thaumatichthys is a genus of deep-sea anglerfish in the family Thaumatichthyidae, with three known species.

Thaumatichthys pagidostomus - Thaumatichthys is a genus of deep-sea anglerfish in the family Thaumatichthyidae, with three known species.

Order Myctophiformes

Diaphus burtoni

Diaphus confusus

Diaphus lucifrons

Diaphus mascarensis

Scopelengys clarkei

Order Myxiniformes

Eptatretus caribbeaus

Giant hagfish

Eptatretus chinensis

Hagfish - The New Zealand hagfish, or Broadgilled Hagfish, , is a hagfish of the genus Eptatretus, found in south and east Australia, and around New Zealand, at depths of between 40 and 700 metres.

Black hagfish

Eptatretus eos

Eptatretus grouseri

Eptatretus indrambaryai

Eptatretus laurahubbsae

Eptatretus mccoskeri

Eptatretus mendozai

Eptatretus menezesi

Eptatretus minor

Eptatretus multidens

Eptatretus nanii

Eptatretus okinoseanus

Fivegill hagfish

Cortez hagfish

Gulf hagfish

Eptatretus strickrotti - Eptatretus strickrotti is a hagfish of the genus Eptatretus, found in the Pacific Ocean depths south of Easter Island.

Cape hagfish

Whiteface hagfish

Myxine debueni

Myxine dorsum

Myxine fernholmi

Myxine formosana

Myxine garmani

Myxine hubbsi

Myxine hubbsoides

White-headed hagfish

Myxine knappi

Myxine mccoskeri

Caribbean hagfish - The Caribbean Hagfish is a species of hagfish.

Myxine paucidens

Myxine pequenoi

Myxine robinsorum

Myxine sotoi

Nemamyxine kreffti

Brown hagfish

Paramyxine cheni

Paramyxine fernholmi

Paramyxine sheni

Paramyxine wayuu

Paramyxine wisneri

Quadratus ancon

Order Notacanthiformes

Abyssal halosaur


Goanna fish - The goanna fish, Australian halosaur, or common halosaur, Halosaurus pectoralis, is a halosaur of the genus Halosaurus, found in the south west Pacific Ocean.

Halosaurus ridgwayi

Blackfin tapirfish

Spiny-back eel - The spiny-back eel, Notacanthus sexspinis, is a deep-sea spiny eel of the genus Notacanthus, found in all the southern hemisphere oceans, in depths between 500 and 1,000 m.

Polyacanthonotus merretti

Smallmouth spiny eel

Order Ophidiiformes

Gelatinous blindfish

Aphyonus rassi

Barathrites iris

Barathronus affinis

Barathronus maculatus

Bassogigas gillii

Abyssal assfish

Bassozetus elongatus

Bassozetus galatheae

Bassozetus glutinosus

Bassozetus levistomatus

Bassozetus multispinis

Bassozetus nasus

Bassozetus normalis

Bassozetus oncerocephalus

Bassozetus robustus

Bassozetus taenia

Bassozetus werneri

Bathyonus caudalis

Bathyonus laticeps

Bathyonus pectoralis

Bellottia apoda

Bellottia armiger

Benthocometes robustus

Bythites islandicus

Cataetyx alleni

Cataetyx bruuni

Cataetyx chthamalorhynchus

Hairlip brotula

Cataetyx lepidogenys

Brown brotula

Cataetyx platyrhynchus

Rubynose brotula

Cataetyx simus

Black brotula

Dicrolene filamentosa

Dicrolene gregoryi

Dicrolene hubrechti

Digitate cusk eel

Dicrolene kanazawai

Dicrolene longimana

Dicrolene mesogramma

Slender brotula

Dicrolene nigra

Dicrolene nigricaudis

Dicrolene pallidus

Dicrolene pullata

Dicrolene quinquarius

Dicrolene tristis

Dicrolene vaillanti

Diplacanthopoma alcockii

Diplacanthopoma brachysoma

Diplacanthopoma brunnea

Diplacanthopoma jordani

Diplacanthopoma kreffti

Diplacanthopoma nigripinnis

Diplacanthopoma raniceps

Diplacanthopoma riversandersoni


Echiodon drummondii

Echiodon neotes

Echiodon pukaki

Encheliophis sagamianus

Enchelybrotula gomoni

Epetriodus freddyi

Eretmichthys pinnatus

Pink ling - Other names in English include ling, Australian rockling, kingclip, pink ling, and northern ling.


Red cusk-eel

Glyptophidium argenteum

Glyptophidium effulgens

Bigeye brotula

Glyptophidium lucidum

Glyptophidium oceanium

Humpback brotula

Hephthocara crassiceps

Snubnosed blindfish

Holcomycteronus aequatoris

Holcomycteronus brucei

Holcomycteronus digittatus

Holcomycteronus profundissimus

Holcomycteronus pterotus

Holcomycteronus squamosus

Homostolus acer

Armored weaselfish

Hypopleuron caninum

Legless cuskeel

Lamprogrammus fragilis

Lepophidium kallion

Cusk eel

Barred cusk-eel

Leucicorus atlanticus

Leucicorus lusciosus

Lucifuga inopinata

Luciobrotula corethromycter

Luciobrotula nolfi

Mastigopterus imperator

Melodichthys hadrocephalus

Meteoria erythrops

Monomitopus americanus

Scaly-headed blindfish

Monomitopus garmani

Monomitopus kumae

Monomitopus magnus

Monomitopus malispinosus

Monomitopus metriostoma

Monomitopus microlepis

Monomitopus nigripinnis

Monomitopus torvus

Monomitopus vitiazi

Neobythites alcocki

Neobythites australiensis

Neobythites bimaculatus

Neobythites bimarginatus

Neobythites braziliensis

Neobythites elongatus

Neobythites fijiensis

Neobythites franzi

Neobythites kenyaensis

Neobythites longipes

Neobythites longispinis

Neobythites longiventralis

Neobythites malhaensis

Neobythites marquesaensis

Neobythites multistriatus

Neobythites musorstomi

Neobythites natalensis

Neobythites neocaledoniensis

Neobythites nigriventris

Neobythites pallidus

Neobythites sereti

Neobythites sinensis

Neobythites somaliaensis

Neobythites stefanovi

Neobythites vityazi

Neobythites zonatus

Nybelinella brevidorsalis

Nybelinella erikssoni

Parasciadonus brevibrachium

Parasciadonus pauciradiatus

Penopus microphthalmus

Porogadus abyssalis

Porogadus atripectus

Porogadus catena

Cavernous assfish

Porogadus guentheri

Porogadus longiceps

Porogadus melampeplus

Porogadus melanocephalus

Slender cuskeel

Porogadus nudus

Porogadus silus

Porogadus subarmatus

Porogadus trichiurus

Pseudonus acutus

Pseudonus platycephalus

Pseudonus squamiceps

Pycnocraspedum microlepis

Pyramodon lindas

Saccogaster hawaii

Saccogaster maculata

Saccogaster parva

Saccogaster rhamphidognatha

Saccogaster staigeri

Saccogaster tuberculata

Sciadonus cryptophthalmus

Sciadonus galatheae

Sciadonus jonassoni

Sciadonus pedicellaris

Snyderidia canina

Pudgy cuskeel - Spectrunculus grandis is a species of ray-finned fish in the cusk-eel family known by the common names pudgy cusk-eel and giant cusk-eel.

Tauredophidium hextii

Thermichthys hollisi

Typhlonus nasus

Ventichthys biospeedoi

Xyelacyba myersi

Order Osmeriformes

Agassiz' smooth-head

Alepocephalus andersoni

Alepocephalus antipodianus

Alepocephalus asperifrons

Small scaled brown slickhead

Baird's smooth-head

Alepocephalus bicolor

Alepocephalus dentifer

Alepocephalus fundulus

Alepocephalus longiceps

Alepocephalus longirostris

Alepocephalus melas

Alepocephalus owstoni

Alepocephalus planifrons

Smalleye smooth-head

California slickhead

Alepocephalus triangularis



Argentina georgei - Argentina georgei is a species of fish in the Argentinidae family.

Argentina stewarti

Aulastomatomorpha phospherops

Bathylaco macrophthalmus

Glossanodon danieli

Glossanodon elongatus

Smalltoothed argentine

Glossanodon nazca

Leptochilichthys microlepis

Grenadier smooth-head

Microphotolepis schmidti

Mirorictus taningi

Nansenia ardesiaca

Narcetes wonderi

Threadfin slickhead


Order Perciformes

Acanthodraco dewitti


Acropoma lecorneti

Aiakas kreffti

Aiakas zinorum

Akarotaxis nudiceps

Andriashevia aptera

Anthias cyprinoides

Anthias helenensis

Antigonia aurorosea


Antigonia ovalis

Rhomboidal boarfish

Roseate boarfish

Antigonia socotrae

Antigonia xenolepis

Sailfin sandfish

Brown driftfish

Parin's ariomma

Artedidraco loennbergi

Bathyanthias cubensis

Bathyanthias roseus

Bathydraco antarcticus

Bathydraco joannae

Bathydraco macrolepis

Deepwater dragon

Duckbill flathead - Bembrops anatirostris, commonly known as a duckbill flathead, is a species of fish in the Percophidae family.

Sharpnosed duckbill

Roundtail duckbill

Bembrops macromma

Bembrops magnisquamis

Flathead - The New Zealand flathead, Bembrops morelandi, is a duckbill of the family Percophidae, subfamily Bembropinae, found only around New Zealand, at depths of between 365 and 395 m.

Bembrops nelsoni

Bembrops nematopterus

Ocellate duckbill

Natal duckbill

Saddleback duckbill

Bahama duckbill

Bodianus flavifrons

Twoline eelpout

Bothrocara elongatum

Bothrocara hollandi

Short-snout eelpout

Alaska eelpout

Bothrocara tanakai

Bothrocarina microcephala

Branchiostegus australiensis

Ribbed tilefish

Branchiostegus hedlandensis

Branchiostegus paxtoni

Brephostoma carpenteri

Brinkmannella elongata

Pearly prickleback

Cabillus macrophthalmus

Callanthias parini

Callionymus africanus - Callionymus africanus is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Callionymus.

Indian deepwater dragonet - Indian deepwater dragonet is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Callionymus.

Callionymus futuna - Callionymus futuna is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Callionymus.

Callionymus kailolae - Callionymus kailolae is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Callionymus.

Callionymus mortenseni - Callionymus mortenseni is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Callionymus.

Callionymus sereti - Callionymus sereti is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Callionymus.

Bermuda tilefish

Bankslope tilefish

Centrodraco abstractum

Centrodraco gegonipus

Centrodraco nakaboi

Centrodraco oregonus lineatus

Centrodraco otohime nakabo

Centrodraco rubellus

Centrodraco striatus

Red bandfish - Cepola haastii is a bandfish of the family Cepolidae, found on the inner continental shelf around New Zealand.

Champsodon machaeratus

Champsodon omanensis

Champsodon pantolepis

Channichthys irinae

Channichthys mithridatis

Unicorn icefish

Chiasmodon bolangeri

Chiasmodon lavenbergi

Chionobathyscus dewitti

Myers' icefish

Chrionema chlorotaenia

Chrionema chryseres

Chrionema furunoi

Chrionema pallidum

Chrionema squamentum

Chrionema squamiceps

Silver-sided weedfish - The silver-sided weedfish, Cristiceps argyropleura, is a weedfish of the family Clinidae, found around southern Australia in depths from low water to 60 m, particularly in reef and seaweed areas.

Crossostomus chilensis

Long-fingered icefish

Dacodraco hunteri

Dactylopsaron dimorphicum

Davidijordania jordaniana

Davidijordania poecilimon

Dentex fourmanoiri


Dieidolycus adocetus

Dieidolycus gosztonyii

Dieidolycus leptodermatus

Doederleinia gracilispinis

Dolloidraco longedorsalis

Emmelichthys nitidus cyanescens

Enigmapercis acutirostris

Epigonus affinis

Epigonus angustifrons


Epigonus crassicaudus

Epigonus ctenolepis

Bigeye - The pencil cardinalfish and the bulls-eye are very similar, except the former has seven spines in the first dorsal fin, whereas the later has eight.

Epigonus devaneyi

Epigonus elegans

Epigonus elongatus

Epigonus glossodontus

Epigonus heracleus

Big-eyed cardinalfish - The big-eyed cardinalfish, bigeye cardinalfish, or bigeye, Epigonus lenimen, is a deepwater cardinalfish of the genus Epigonus, found in southern temperate waters at depths of between 500 and 800 m.

Epigonus marimonticolus

Epigonus merleni

Epigonus notacanthus

Epigonus oligolepis

Epigonus parini

Cardinal fish

Robust cardinalfish - It is a vigorous fish which, apart from the second dorsal fin exhibiting a longer spine, resembles the big-eyed cardinalfish.

Epigonus waltersensis

Red snapper

Exechodontes daidaleus

Spotfin dragonet

Foetorepus australis

Foetorepus dagmarae

Foetorepus kamoharai

Foetorepus kanmuensis

Foetorepus kinmeiensis

Foetorepus paxtoni

Bight stinkfish - The bight stinkfish, Foetorepus phasis, is a dragonet of the family Callionymidae, found in the eastern Indian and southwest pacific Oceans, at depths of between 160 and 200 m.

Foetorepus valdiviae

Gerlachea australis

Roule's goby

Long-tailed groppo

Gymnelopsis brevifenestrata

Hadropogonichthys lindbergi

Uncombed blenny

Histiodraco velifer

Kali caribbaea

Smooth stargazer


Spiny stargazer

New Zealand orange perch

Letholycus magellanicus

Letholycus microphthalmus

Banded basslet

Yellow basslet

Yellowbar basslet

Lonchopisthus lemur

Lycenchelys alba

Lycenchelys albeola

Lycenchelys albomaculata

Lycenchelys alta

Lycenchelys antarctica

Lycenchelys aratrirostris

Lycenchelys argentina

Lycenchelys aurantiaca

Lycenchelys bachmanni

Lycenchelys bellingshauseni

Lycenchelys bullisi

Lycenchelys callista

Lycenchelys camchatica

Lycenchelys chauliodus

Lycenchelys cicatrifer

Snakehead eelpout

Lycenchelys fedorovi

Lycenchelys folletti

Lycenchelys hadrogeneia

Lycenchelys hippopotamus

Lycenchelys hureaui

Lycenchelys incisa

Shortjaw eelpout

Checkered wolf eel

Lycenchelys lonchoura

Lycenchelys maculata

Lycenchelys makushok

Lycenchelys maoriensis

Lycenchelys melanostomias

Lycenchelys micropora

Lycenchelys monstrosa

Moray wolf eel

Lycenchelys nanospinata

Lycenchelys nigripalatum

Parin's wolf eelpout

Common wolf eel

Lycenchelys pearcyi

Lycenchelys pentactina

Lycenchelys pequenoi

Lycenchelys peruana

Lycenchelys platyrhina

Lycenchelys plicifera

Lycenchelys porifer

Lycenchelys rassi

Lycenchelys ratmanovi

Shifted wolf eelpout

Lycenchelys rosea

Lycenchelys ryukyuensis

Sars' wolf eel

Lycenchelys scaurus

Lycenchelys squamosa

Lycenchelys tohokuensis

Lycenchelys tristichodon

Lycenchelys uschakovi

Wolf eelpout

Lycenchelys vitiazi

Lycenchelys volki

Lycenchelys wilkesi

Lycenchelys xanthoptera

Lycodapus dermatinus

Lycodapus leptus

Lycodapus poecilus

Specklemouth eelpout

Adolf's eelpout

Lycodes albolineatus

Lycodes bathybius

Bigfin eelpout

Blackfin eelpout

Greater eelpout

Lycodes hubbsi

Lycodes japonicus


Mcallister's eelpout

Lycodes obscurus

Lycodes ocellatus

Paamiut eelpout

Blackbelly eelpout

Lycodes pectoralis

Arctic eelpout

Archer eelpout

Lycodes semenovi

Longear eelpout

Lycodes tanakae

Atlantic eelpout

Vahl's eelpout

Lycodichthys antarcticus


Lycodonus flagellicauda

Lycodonus malvinensis

Chevron scutepout

Lycodonus vermiformis

Nalbantichthys elongatus

Nemadactylus vemae

Black barracouta

Notolycodes schmidti

Nototheniops nybelini

Obliquogobius turkayi

Oidiphorus brevis

Oidiphorus mcallisteri

Opaeophacus acrogeneius

Ophthalmolycus amberensis

Ophthalmolycus bothriocephalus

Ophthalmolycus campbellensis

Ophthalmolycus chilensis

Ophthalmolycus conorhynchus

Ophthalmolycus macrops

Roughcheek jawfish

Osopsaron karlik

Ostracoberyx dorygenys

Ostracoberyx fowleri

Ostracoberyx paxtoni

Owstonia dorypterus

Owstonia maccullochi

Owstonia simoterus

Owstonia weberi

Pachycara alepidotum

Pachycara andersoni

Pachycara arabica

Pachycara brachycephalum

Snubnose eelpout

Pachycara cousinsi

Pachycara crassiceps

Pachycara crossacanthum

Pachycara garricki

Pachycara goni

Pachycara gymninium

Pachycara lepinium

Pachycara mesoporum

Pachycara microcephalum

Pachycara nazca

Pachycara pammelas

Pachycara priedei

Pachycara rimae

Pachycara saldanhai

Pachycara shcherbachevi

Pachycara sulaki

Pachycara suspectum

Pachycara thermophilum

Pagetopsis maculatus

Palatogobius grandoculus

Paracaesio paragrapsimodon

Cape dragonet

Parapercis striolata

Parascolopsis baranesi

Dwarf monocle bream

Red-spot dwarf monocle bream

Bigspined boarfish

Petroscirtes marginatus

Piedrabuenia ringueleti

Rubyfish - The rubyfish, Plagiogeneion rubiginosum, is a rover of the genus Plagiogeneion, found off South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and the south west Pacific, at depths of between 50 and 600 m.

Plagiogeneion unispina

Plectranthias foresti

Plectranthias intermedius

Plectranthias maugei

Plesienchelys stehmanni

Pogonophryne albipinna

Pogonophryne barsukovi

Pogonophryne cerebropogon

Pogonophryne dewitti

Pogonophryne eakini

Dark toad plunderfish

Pogonophryne lanceobarbata

Pogonophryne macropogon

Pogonophryne mentella

Pogonophryne orangiensis


Pogonophryne squamibarbata

Pogonophryne ventrimaculata

Priolepis goldshmidtae

Prognathodes guyotensis

Bigeye bass

Protogrammus sousai

Indian ruff

Psenopsis intermedia

Obscure ruff

Pseudanthias rubrolineatus

Pseudohowella intermedia

Pteropsaron incisum

Puzanovia rubra

Puzanovia virgata

Pyrolycus manusanus

Racovitzia glacialis

Robinsichthys arrowsmithensis

Atlantic scombrops - They have two dorsal fins and are notable for scales covering the soft parts of the dorsal and anal fins.

Selenoscopus turbisquamatus

Stereolepis doederleini

Slope bass

Insular bunquelovely

Aden splitfin

Sea bass

Synagrops philippinensis

Synagrops pseudomicrolepis

Keelcheek bass

Threespine bass

Synchiropus delandi

Synchiropus grandoculis

Synchiropus hawaiiensis

Deep-water dragonet

Synchiropus novaecaledoniae

Synchiropus orstom

Synchiropus richeri

Synchiropus signipinnis

Looseskin eelpout

Thermarces andersoni

Thermarces cerberus

Thorogobius rofeni

Slender scalyhead

Deepwater notothen

Bigeye notothen

Japanese stargazer

Uranoscopus marisrubri

Vomeridens infuscipinnis

Order Pleuronectiformes

Ancylopsetta antillarum

Ancylopsetta microctenus

Arabian flounder

Arnoglossus boops

Brown lefteye flounder

Arnoglossus marisrubri

Arnoglossus nigrifrons

Arnoglossus sayaensis

Megrim - The witch, Arnoglossus scapha, is a lefteye flounder of the family Bothidae, found around China and New Zealand, in waters less than 400 m in depth.

Arnoglossus septemventralis

Aseraggodes microlepidotus

Aseraggodes texturatus


Bathysolea lagarderae

Bathysolea polli

Chascanopsetta elski

Chascanopsetta kenyaensis

Pelican flounder

Chascanopsetta megagnatha

Chascanopsetta micrognatha

Chascanopsetta prognatha

Chascanopsetta prorigera

Horned whiff

Spined whiff

Citharoides axillaris

Twospot largescale flounder

Citharoides orbitalis

Sharpnose tonguesole - Cynoglossus acutirostris, commonly known as the Sharpnose tongue sole is a species of tonguefish.

Hooked tonguesole - Cynoglossus carpenteri, commonly known as the Hooked tonguesole is a species of tonguefish.

Cynoglossus suyeni - Cynoglossus suyeni is a species of tonguefish.

Deepsea sole - The deepsea sole, Embassichthys bathybius, is a flatfish of the family Pleuronectidae.

Engyprosopon hensleyi

Long snout flounder

Japonolaeops dentatus

Wide-mouthed flounder

Clear fin-base flounder

Laeops cypho

Philippine slender flounder

Khaki flounder

Longarm flounder

Scale-eyed flounder


Slender sole - The slender sole, Lyopsetta exilis, is a flatfish of the family Pleuronectidae.

Microstomus shuntovi

Monolene atrimana

Monolene danae

Monolene helenensis

Pacific deepwater flounder

Deepwater flounder

Narrow-body righteye flounder

Armless flounder - The armless flounder, Neoachiropsetta milfordi, is a southern flounder, the only species in the genus Neoachiropsetta.

Crosseyed flounder

Parabothus coarctatus

Parabothus filipes

Parabothus kiensis

Poecilopsetta albomaculata

Deepwater dab - The deepwater dab, Poecilopsetta beanii, is a flatfish of the family Pleuronectidae.

Coloured righteye flounder

Poecilopsetta dorsialta

Poecilopsetta hawaiiensis

Poecilopsetta inermis

Poecilopsetta macrocephala

Fowler's large-scale righteye flounder

African righteye flounder

Alcock's narrow-body righteye flounder

Poecilopsetta vaynei


Norman's flounder

Longfinned flounder

Spotted righteye flounder

Symphurus australis

Symphurus bathyspilus

Kriete's tonguefish

Devil's tonguefish

Symphurus gilesii

Ginsburg's tonguefish

Blackbelly tonguesole

Symphurus maldivensis

Margined tonguefish

Smallfin tonguefish

Freckled tonguefish

Double-spot tonguesole

Spotfin tonguefish

Symphurus regani

Symphurus schultzi

Sevenband tonguesole

Blotchfin tonguefish

Threeband tonguesole

Symphurus undatus

Symphurus vanmelleae

Symphurus variegatus

Tosarhombus brevis

Tosarhombus longimanus

Tosarhombus neocaledonicus

Tosarhombus octoculatus

Order Polymixiiformes

Beardfish - The beardfishes are a small family of deep-sea marine ray-finned fish named for their pair of long hyoid barbels.

Polymixia busakhini

Polymixia fusca

Polymixia longispina


Polymixia salagomeziensis

Polymixia sazonovi

Polymixia yuri

Order Pristiophoriformes

Bahamas sawshark - The Bahamas sawshark is found on continental and insular slopes.

Order Rajiformes

Broad skate - The broad skate, Amblyraja badia, is a poorly known species of skate in the family Rajidae.

Thickbody skate - The thickbody skate is a species of fish in the Rajidae family.

Antarctic starry skate

Arctic skate - The Arctic skate is about a meter long and is gray-brown with large dark spots.

Jensen's skate

Reversed skate

Bigmouth skate - The Bigmouth skate is a species of fish in the Rajidae family.

American legskate

East China leg skate

Leaf-nose leg skate - Anacanthobatis folirostris is a species of fish in the Anacanthobatidae family.

Longnose leg skate

Spotted legskate - The spotted legskate is a species of fish in the Anacanthobatidae family.

South China leg skate

Black legskate - The black legskate is a species of fish in the Anacanthobatidae family.

Narrow leg skate

Longtail skate - The longtail skate, Arhynchobatis asperrimus is a skate, the only member of the genus Arhynchobatis, found around New Zealand at depths of from 90 to 1,000 m on the continental shelf.

Deep-sea skate - The deepsea skate, Bathyraja abyssicola, is a species of softnose skate, family Arhynchobatidae, found in deep water from 362 to 2,906 m, usually on the continental slope.

Aguja skate

Aleutian skate - The Aleutian skate is a species of skate in the family Rajidae.

Little-eyed skate

Cinnamon skate

Graytail skate

West African skate

White-blotched skate - The white-blotched skate is well established to inhabit waters in the Northern Sea of Japan, Sea of Okhotsk and Aleutian islands.

Dusky-purple skate

Pale ray

Butterfly skate

Peruvian skate

Bottom skate

Richardson's ray - Richardson's ray, Bathyraja richardsoni, is a skate of the family Rajidae, found in the Atlantic and around Cook Strait in New Zealand, at depths of from 1,300 to 2,500 m.

Whitemouth skate

Longnose deepsea skate

African softnose skate

Spinetail ray

White skate - The Pacific white skate, Bathyraja spinosissima, is a species of softnose skate, family Arhynchobatidae.

Black skate

Brightspot skate

Lightnose skate

Markle's skate

Blackbelly skate

Spinose skate - Breviraja spinosa is a species of fish in the Rajidae family.

Brochiraja aenigma

Brochiraja albilabiata

Smooth deepsea skate

Brochiraja leviveneta

Brochiraja microspinifera

Prickly deepsea skate

Andaman leg skate

Cuban legskate

Broadfoot leg skate

Smoothnose legskate

Roughnose legskate

Cuban leg skate

Rough leg skate

Triangular legskate



Multispine giant stingray - The multispine giant stingray, Dasyatis multispinosa is a species of stingray in the family Dasyatidae.

Bullis skate

Madagascar skate

Thorny tail skate

Violet skate

San Blas skate

Giant skate

Bight skate

Travancore skate

Rattail skate

Thintail skate


Bigtail skate

Norwegian skate

Hooktail skate

Long-nosed burton skate

Argus skate - The argus skate is a species of fish in the Rajidae family.

Roughbelly skate

Prow-nose skate - The prownose skate is a species of fish in the Rajidae family.

Prickly brown ray


Blackfin skate

Cuban pygmy skate

Plain pygmy skate

Madagascar pygmy skate

Prickly skate

Longtail skate

Siboga pygmy skate

Atlantic pygmy skate

Onefin skate

Southern false skate - The dusky finless skate is a species of fish in the Rajidae family.

Sixgill stingray

Tigertail skate

Shagreen skate - The shagreen ray or fuller's ray, Leucoraja fullonica, is a species of skate in the family Rajidae.

Maltese ray - In 2010, Greenpeace International has added the maltese skate to its seafood red list.

Yellowspotted skate

Malacoraja obscura

Prickly skate

Roughskin skate

West African pygmy skate

Blue ray - Neoraja caerulea, also known as the blue ray, is a species of fish in the Rajidae family.

Carolina pygmy skate

African pygmy skate - The African dwarf skate or South African pygmy skate is a species of fish in the Rajidae family.

Leadhued skate

East African skate

Allens skate

Deepwater stingray - The deepwater stingray or giant stingaree, Plesiobatis daviesi, is a species of ray and the only species in the family Plesiobatidae.

Bahama skate

Longnose skate

Indonesian round skate

Bigthorn skate - The bigthorn skate is a species of fish in the Rajidae family.

Deepwater ray

Bigelow's ray

Munchkin skate - The munchkin skate is a species of fish in the Rajidae family.

Ghost skate - The ghost skate is a species of fish in the Rajidae family.

Rajella eisenhardti

Round ray

Mid-atlantic skate

Leopard skate - The leopard skate is a species of fish in the Rajidae family.

Blackish skate - The blackish skate is a species of fish in the Rajidae family.

Purplebelly skate

Smoothback skate

Brazilian skate - The Brazilian skate is a species of fish in the Rajidae family.

Stripenose guitarfish

Dapple-bellied softnose skate

Aleutian dotted skate

Mud skate

Urolophus deforgesi - The Chesterfield Island stingaree or Deforge's stingaree, Urolophus deforgesi, is a species of fish in the Urolophidae family.

Wide stingaree

Kai stingaree - The Kai stingaree is a species of fish in the Urolophidae family.

Mitotic stingaree - The blotched stingaree or mitotic stingaree is a species of fish in the Urolophidae family.

Urolophus neocaledoniensis - The New Caledonian stingaree, Urolophus neocaledoniensis, is a species of fish in the Urolophidae family.

Urolophus papilio - The butterfly stingaree, Urolophus papilio, is a species of fish in the Urolophidae family.

Coral sea stingaree

Order Scorpaeniformes

Abyssocottus elochini

Abyssocottus gibbosus

Abyssocottus korotneffi

Spiny snailfish

Adelosebastes latens

Alert pigfish - The alert pigfish, Alertichthys blacki, is a pigfish, the only species in the genus Alertichthys, found around New Zealand at depths between 100 and 600 m.

Cherry snailfish

Combed snailfish

Peach snailfish

Goldeneye snailfish

Whiskered snailfish

Ambophthalmos eurystigmatephoros

Blue cod - The sable fish is found in muddy sea beds in the North Pacific at depths of 300 to 2,700 m and is commercially important to Japan.

Antipodocottus megalops - Antipodocottus megalops is a sculpin of the family Cottidae, found on the continental shelf around New Zealand, at depths of between 400 and 600 m.

Artediellina antilope

Artediellus fuscimentus

Asprocottus abyssalis

Asprocottus intermedius

Asprocottus parmiferus

Asprocottus platycephalus

Asprocottus pulcher

Bathylutichthys taranetzi

Bembradium furici

Bembradium roseum

Careproctus abbreviatus

Appendageless snailfish

Careproctus acanthodes

Careproctus aciculipunctatus

Careproctus acifer

Small-spine snailfish

Careproctus albescens

Careproctus ampliceps

Careproctus armatus

Careproctus atacamensis

Black snailfish

Careproctus attenuatus

Marginate snailfish

Careproctus bathycoetus

Careproctus batialis

Careproctus bowersianus

Careproctus cactiformis

Careproctus canus

Careproctus catherinae

Careproctus continentalis

Careproctus credispinulosus

Careproctus curilanus

Careproctus cyclocephalus

Careproctus cypseluroides

Careproctus cypselurus

Deryugin's tadpole

Careproctus discoveryae

Careproctus ectenes

Careproctus eltaninae

Careproctus fedorovi

Careproctus filamentosus

Emarginate snailfish

Careproctus guillemi

Careproctus herwigi

Careproctus homopterus

Careproctus hyaleius

Careproctus improvisus

Careproctus inflexidens

Knipowitsch's tadpole

Careproctus lacmi

Careproctus leptorhinus

Careproctus longifilis

Careproctus longipectoralis

Careproctus macranchus

Careproctus macrodiscus

Careproctus maculosus

Careproctus magellanicus

Careproctus mederi

Careproctus melanuroides

Black-tailed liparid

Merret's snailfish

Careproctus micropus

Careproctus microstomus

Careproctus mollis

Careproctus nigricans

Careproctus novaezelandiae

Careproctus opisthotremus

Smallfin snailfish

Microdisk snailfish

Abyssal liparid

Careproctus parini

Careproctus parvidiscus

Careproctus parviporatus

Careproctus patagonicus

Careproctus paxtoni

Careproctus polarsterni

Careproctus profundicola

Careproctus pseudoprofundicola

Salmon snailfish

Careproctus rhodomelas

Careproctus rimiventris

Careproctus roseofuscus

Careproctus sandwichensis

Careproctus scaphopterus

Careproctus segaliensis

Careproctus seraphimae

Careproctus simus

Careproctus sinensis

Careproctus smirnovi

Careproctus steini

Careproctus stigmatogenus

Tapir tadpole

Careproctus trachysoma

Careproctus tricapitidens

Careproctus vladibeckeri

Careproctus zachirus

Careproctus zispi

Deepsea pigfish

Congiopodus kieneri


Cottunculus gyrinoides

Cottunculus konstantinovi

Polar sculpin

Cottunculus sadko

Cottunculus spinosus

Pallid sculpin

Cottunculus tubulosus

Crystallichthys cameliae

Cyphocottus eurystomus

Vitim sculpin

Dactyloptena tiltoni

Ebinania costaecanariae

Ebinania macquariensis

Ebinania malacocephala

Ebinania vermiculata

Eknomoliparis chirichignoae

Blackbelly snailfish

Elassodiscus obscurus

Elassodiscus tremebundus

Ereunias grallator


Eurymen bassargini

Eutelichthys leptochirus

Genioliparis lindbergi

Gyrinichthys minytremus

Helicolenus avius

Bigeye sea perch

Helicolenus fedorovi

Helicolenus lengerichi

Heminodus philippinus

Armoured flathead - The armoured flathead or deepsea flathead, Hoplichthys haswelli, is a ghost flathead of the family Hoplichthyidae, found in the southwest Pacific Ocean, at depths between 140 and 700 m.

Hoplichthys platophrys

Ghost flathead

Hozukius guyotensis

Icelus armatus

Icelus ecornis

Wide-eye sculpin

Icelus rastrinoides

Icelus toyamensis

Idiastion kyphos

Idiastion pacificum

Lepidotrigla annamarae

Supreme gurnard

Lepidotrigla larsoni

Spiny gurnard

Lepidotrigla musorstom

Lepidotrigla nana

Lepidotrigla oglina

Lepidotrigla pectoralis

Lepidotrigla sereti

Limnocottus bergianus

Limnocottus godlewskii

Limnocottus griseus

Limnocottus pallidus

Gelatinous snailfish

Blackfin sculpin

Marukawichthys ambulator

Marukawichthys pacificus

Menziesichthys bacescui

Neocentropogon mesedai

Threespotted waspfish

Neocottus thermalis

Neocottus werestschagini

Neomerinthe bathyperimensis

Neomerinthe bauchotae

Folger's scorpionfish

Neomerinthe rotunda

Neophrynichthys heterospilos

Notoliparis kermadecensis - Notoliparis kermadecensis is a species of snailfish that lives in the deep sea.

Kurchatov's notoliparis

Macquarie notoliparid

Osteodiscus andriashevi

Bigtail snailfish

Palmoliparis beckeri

Ridged flathead

Paraliparis abyssorum

Paraliparis albeolus

Paraliparis albescens

Paraliparis andriashevi

Paraliparis antarcticus

Paraliparis anthracinus

Paraliparis aspersus

Paraliparis ater

Paraliparis atramentatus

Paraliparis atrolabiatus

Paraliparis attenuatus

Paraliparis auriculatus

Paraliparis australiensis

Paraliparis australis

Paraliparis avellaneus

Paraliparis badius

Paraliparis balgueriasi

Black seasnail

Paraliparis bipolaris

Paraliparis brunneocaudatus

Paraliparis brunneus

Lowfin snailfish

Swellhead snailfish

Paraliparis cerasinus

Paraliparis challengeri

Paraliparis charcoti

Paraliparis copei gibbericeps

Paraliparis copei kerguelensis

Paraliparis copei wilsoni

Paraliparis coracinus

Paraliparis costatus

Paraliparis csiroi

Paraliparis dactyloides

Red snailfish

Paraliparis darwini

Prickly liparid

Paraliparis debueni

Paraliparis delphis

Paraliparis devriesi

Paraliparis dewitti

Paraliparis diploprora

Paraliparis dipterus

Paraliparis duhameli

Paraliparis eastmani

Paraliparis edwardsi

Paraliparis eltanini

Paraliparis fuscolingua

Paraliparis galapagosensis

Pouty seasnail

Paraliparis gomoni

Paraliparis gracilis

Paraliparis grandis

Paraliparis hobarti

Paraliparis hubbsi

Paraliparis hureaui

Paraliparis hystrix

Paraliparis impariporus

Paraliparis incognita

Paraliparis infeliciter

Paraliparis kreffti

Paraliparis labiatus

Paraliparis lasti

Bigpored snailfish

Paraliparis leobergi

Paraliparis leucogaster

Paraliparis leucoglossus

Paraliparis liparinus

Paraliparis macrocephalus

Paraliparis mandibularis

Paraliparis mawsoni

Paraliparis megalopus

Slit branchial paraliparis

Paraliparis melanobranchus

Paraliparis membranaceus

Paraliparis mento

Paraliparis meridionalis

Paraliparis merodontus

Paraliparis molinai

Paraliparis monoporus

Paraliparis murieli

Paraliparis nassarum

Paraliparis neelovi

Paraliparis obliquosus

Paraliparis obtusirostris

Paraliparis operculosus

Paraliparis orcadensis

Toothless snailfish

Paraliparis pectoralis

Paraliparis piceus

Paraliparis plagiostomus

Paraliparis retrodorsalis

Pink snailfish

Paraliparis rossi

Paraliparis somovi

Paraliparis tasmaniensis

Paraliparis tetrapteryx

Paraliparis thalassobathyalis

Paraliparis tompkinsae

Paraliparis trilobodon

Paraliparis trunovi

Broadfin snailfish

Paraliparis valentinae

Paraliparis violaceus

Dragon poacher

Percis matsuii

Longnose armoured searobin

Flathead searobin

Peristedion crustosum

Peristedion ecuadorense

Slender searobin

Slenderhead searobin

Peristedion investigatoris

Armoured gurnard

Peristedion longispatha


Black-finned armoured-gurnard

Peristedion nierstraszi

Peristedion riversandersoni

Rimspine searobin

Black armoured searobin

Peristedion unicuspis


Phenacoscorpius adenensis

Phenacoscorpius megalops

Short-tube scorpionfish

Plectrogenium barsukovi

Plectrogenium nanum

Red scorpionfish

Pontinus helena

Pontinus hexanema

Offshore rockfish

Stalkeye scorpionfish

Prognatholiparis ptychomandibularis

Andriashev's dwarf snailfish

Psednos anoderkes

Psednos balushkini

Blackchin dwarf snailfish

Psednos cathetostomus

Psednos delawarei

Psednos dentatus

Psednos griseus

Greenland dwarf snailfish

Hartel's dwarf snailfish

Psednos islandicus

Psednos melanocephalus

Psednos mexicanus

Psednos nataliae

Psednos pallidus

Psednos spirohira

Psednos whitleyi

Pseudoliparis amblystomopsis - In October 2008, a team of researchers from the University of Aberdeen's Oceanlab and the University of Tokyo's Ocean Research Institute discovered a shoal of P.

Pseudoliparis belyaevi

Rass' snailfish

Psychrolutes macrocephalus

Blobfish - Blobfish are found at depths where the pressure is several dozens of times higher than at sea level, which would likely make gas bladders inefficient.

Psychrolutes microporos

Western Australian sculpin

Blob sculpin - It lives off the continental shelves in very deep water in the North Pacific ocean by the coasts of Japan, Bering Sea and California.

Psychrolutes sio

Psychrolutes subspinosus

Spotted gurnard

Pterygotrigla megalops

Antrorse spined gurnard

Yellow spotted gurnard

Pterygotrigla robertsi

Pterygotrigla spirai

Pterygotrigla tagala

Roughskin sculpin

Slim snailfish

Longnose snailfish

Threadfin seasnail

Satyrichthys clavilapis

Satyrichthys isokawae

Satyrichthys magnus

Satyrichthys orientale

Satyrichthys piercei

Satyrichthys quadratorostratus

Scorpaenopsella armata - Scorpaenopsella armata is a marine fish that is the only species of genus Scorpaenopsella.

Blacktip rockfish - The Rougheye rockfish is a rockfish of the genus Sebastes.

Black bass - Adults are found primarily offshore on the outer continental shelf and the upper continental slope in depths 150-420 m.

Aurora rockfish

Buoy keg - Commercial harvesting of shortraker rockfish in the Gulf of Alaska began in the early 1960's when foreign trawl fleets were targeting more abundant Sebastes spp.

Cortez rockfish

Lobe-jawed rockfish

Sebastes flammeus

Sebastes iracundus

Sebastes kiyomatsui - The Rougheye rockfish is a rockfish of the genus Sebastes.

Cow rockfish - The cowcod is one of the largest rockfish species, reaching almost 39 inches in total length and may live up to 55 years.

Blackmouth rockfish

Sebastes owstoni

Gulf rockfish

Chameleon rockfish

Redstripe rockfish

Yellowmouth rockfish

Hidden rockfish

Big-eyed rock-fish

Channel rockcod - The shortspine thornyhead is a species of fish in the Scorpaenidae family.


Setarches longimanus

Stlegicottus xenogrammus

Stlengis distoechus

Stlengis osensis

Bigeye snailfish

Atlantic thornyhead

Cape scorpionfish

Piper gurnard

Spectacled sculpin

Blacktip poacher

Stripefin poacher

Bluespotted poacher

Shortspine combfish

Zesticelus bathybius

Zesticelus ochotensis

Flabby sculpin

Order Siluriformes

Texas blind catfish - The widemouth blindcat's closest relative is the flathead catfish, Pylodictis olivaris.

Toothless blindcat - This species inhabits subterranean habitats.

Order Squaliformes

Needle dogfish - It has no anal fin, two dorsal fins with spines, the first dorsal fin being low and long, a moderately long snout, and a notched caudal fin.

Blackfin gulper shark - The dwarf gulper shark, Centrophorus atromarginatus, is a dogfish of the family Centrophoridae found in theIndo-West Pacific oceans, from the Gulf of Aden, Japan, Taiwan, and northern Papua New Guinea.

Gulper shark - Gulper sharks live in deep water below 200 m to as deep as 1,200 m.

Blackfin gulper shark - The blackfin gulper shark, Centrophorus isodon, is a dogfish of the family Centrophoridae in the Northwest Pacific.

Lowfin gulper shark - The lowfin gulper shark has no anal fin, two dorsal fins with spines with the first dorsal fin being much longer than the rear, a long broad snout, and angular pectoral fins.

Endeavour dogfish - The smallfin gulper has no anal fin, two dorsal fins with spines, long free rear tips on pectoral fins, and a deeply notched caudal fin.

Taiwan gulper shark - The Taiwan gulper shark has no anal, two dorsal and a caudal fin with a more vertical rear edge.

Centrophorus robustus

Centrophorus seychellorum

Deepwater spiny dogfish - The leafscale gulper shark has no anal fin, two dorsal fins with spines, the first dorsal being relatively low and long, large eyes, and rough leaf-like denticles.

Western gulper shark

Southern dogfish

Highfin dogfish - The highfin dogfish is ovoviviparous.

Black dogfish - The black dogfish has no anal fin, grooved dorsal spines, a second dorsal fin larger than the first, rounded nose, large eyes, trident shaped teeth, a long abdomen, and is blackish-brown in color.

Bareskin dogfish - The bareskin dogfish has no anal fin.

Ornate dogfish - The ornate dogfish, Centroscyllium ornatum, is dogfish shark which is not widely known.

Portuguese dogfish - * ambiguous synonym

Shortnose velvet dogfish - The shortnose velvet dogfish is little-known and is ovoviviparous.

Roughskin dogfish

Deepwater dogfish - The longnose velvet dogfish, Centroscymnus crepidater, is a sleeper shark of the family Dalatiidae, found circumglobally in southern hemisphere subtropical seas, at depths of between 230 and 1,500 m.

Roughskin dogfish - The roughskin spurdog is ovoviviparous with 21 to 22 young in a litter.

Mandarin dogfish - The mandarin dogfish, Cirrhigaleus barbifer, is a dogfish, a member of the family Squalidae in the order Squaliformes.

Black shark - * ambiguous synonym

Brier shark - The birdbeak dogfish has a very long narrow snout, no anal fin, two long and low dorsal fins with grooved spines, small rectangular pectoral fins, and pitchfork-like denticles.

Rough longnose dogfish - Rough longnose dogfish have an extremely long snout, no anal fin, small grooved dorsal spines, and rough pitchfork-shaped dermal denticles.

Arrowhead dogfish - Arrowhead dogfish have extremely long angular snouts, no anal fin, small first dorsal and long rear dorsal spines, and pitchfork shaped dermal denticles.

Longsnout dogfish - Longsnout dogfish have an extremely long angular snout, no anal fin, dorsal fins of similar size with the first placed high on the back and the second having a longer rear free tip, and pitchfork shaped dermal denticles.

Mango-tara - Bramble sharks have a long cylindrical body covered with large protruding denticles, no anal fin, two small dorsal fins placed far on the back just before the tail, and five pairs of gill slits.

Lined lantern shark - The lined lanternshark, Etmopterus bullisi, is a shark of the family Dalatiidae found in the western Atlantic from North Carolina to northern Florida, and Honduras, between latitudes 34°N and 15°N, at depths of up to 850 m.

Brown lantern shark

Combtooth lanternshark - Reproduction is presumed to be ovoviviparous.

Smalleye lantern shark - Reproduction is ovoviviparous.

Slendertail lanternshark - Reproduction is presumed to be ovoviviparous.

African lanternshark - Reproduction is ovoviviparous.

Rough sagre - The great lanternshark, Etmopterus princeps, is a shark of the family Dalatiidae found in the northeast and northwest Atlantic.

Dense-scale lantern shark - The dense-scale lanternshark, Etmopterus pycnolepis, is a shark of the family Dalatiidae found in the southeast Pacific off Peru and Chile.

Etmopterus robinsi - Reproduction is ovoviviparous.

Fringfin lanternshark - The fringefin lanternshark, Etmopterus schultzi, is a shark of the family Dalatiidae found in the western central Atlantic from Texas to Florida, northern Gulf of Mexico, and Mexico.

Thorny lanternshark - Reproduction is ovoviviparous.

Velvet belly lantern shark - * ambiguous synonym

Etmopterus tasmaniensis - Reproduction is assumed to be ovoviviparous.

Green lantern shark - The green lanternshark was scientifically described in 1953 by Henry B.

Prickly dogfish - The prickly dogfish, Oxynotus bruniensis, is a species of sleeper shark, family Dalatiidae, found off southern Australia and New Zealand, on the continental shelf at depths of between 45 and 1,000 m.

Caribbean roughshark - The Caribbean roughshark, Oxynotus caribbaeus, is a sleeper shark of the family Dalatiidae, found on the upper continental slopes of the Caribbean Sea, at depths of between 400 and 450 m.

Angular rough shark - The angular roughshark, Oxynotus centrina, is a sleeper shark of the family Dalatiidae.

Japanese roughshark - This species grows to 64.

Humantin - Its reproduction is ovoviviparous.

Roughskin dogfish - The largespine velvet dogfish, Centroscymnus cryptacanthus, is a sleeper shark of the family Dalatiidae, found on the lower continental slopes between latitudes 50°S and 54°S in the southeast Pacific Ocean from the Straits of Magellan, and the southwest Pacific from New Zealand, at depths of between 650 and 920 m.

Lord Plunket's shark - The plunket shark, Centroscymnus plunketi, is a sleeper shark of the family Dalatiidae, found around south eastern Australia, and New Zealand, at depths of between 220 and 1,550 m over continental shelves.

Little sleeper shark - The little sleeper shark, Somniosus rostratus, is a sleeper shark of the family Somniosidae found in the northeast Atlantic, western Mediterranean, and western Pacific around New Zealand, at depths of between 200 and 1,000 m.

Squalus acutirostris - Squalus acutirostris is a harmless deepwater species with ovoviviparous reproduction.

Greeneye spurdog

Dogfish - The shortspine spurdog, Squalus mitsukurii, is a dogfish, a member of the family Squalidae, found around the world on continental shelves in temperate and subtropical oceans between latitudes 45°N and 55°S, from the surface to 950 m.

Japanese spurdog

Squalus lalannei

Blacktail spurdog - Its reproduction is ovoviviparous.

Dogfish - The shortspine spurdog, Squalus mitsukurii, is a dogfish, a member of the family Squalidae, found around the world on continental shelves in temperate and subtropical oceans between latitudes 45°N and 55°S, from the surface to 950 m.

Cyrano spurdog - Its reproduction is ovoviviparous.

Endeavor dogfish

Viper dogfish - Viper dogfish are ovoviviparous.

Order Squatiniformes

Taiwan angelshark - Reproduction is ovoviviparous.

Archbishop - Reproduction is ovoviviparous, with two to nine pups per litter.

Order Stephanoberyciformes

Gibberichthys latifrons


Order Stomiiformes

Argyripnus electronus


Cyclothone kobayashii

Eupogonesthes xenicus

Slope hatchetfish

Polyipnus latirastrus

Polyipnus polli

Polymetme andriashevi

Polymetme thaeocoryla

Stomias boa colubrinus

Order Syngnathiformes

Banded yellowfish - The banded bellowsfish, banded yellowfish, banded snipefish, or bluebanded bellowsfish, Centriscops humerosus, is a species of fish of the family Centriscidae, found in southern oceans at depths of 35 to 1,000 metres .

Deepwater pipefish

Great seahorse - The great seahorse, Kellogg's seahorse, or offshore seahorse is a species of fish in the Syngnathidae family.

Longsnout bellowfish

Longspine bellowfish

Order Tetraodontiformes

Bathyphylax bombifrons

Bathyphylax omen

Halimochirurgus alcocki

Reticulate spikefish

Sawspine spikefish

Tessellated leatherjacket

Spiny blaasop - Tylerius spinosissimus is a genus of Tetraodontidae.

Order Torpediniformes

Benthobatis kreffti - The Brazilian blind electric ray is a species of fish in the Narcinidae family.

Blind torpedo

Dark blind ray

Benthobatis yangi

Slender electric ray

Tasmanian numbfish

Maataa - The New Zealand torpedo, Torpedo fairchildi, is a species of electric ray of the family Torpedinidae found only around New Zealand, at depths of between 5 and 1,100 m.

Short-tail torpedo ray

Blind electric ray - Both Typhlonarke species are native to New Zealand; the exact distribution of each species is uncertain due to confusion between the two.

Order Zeiformes

Oxeye oreo

Capro dory - The capro dory, Capromimus abbreviatus, is a dory, the only species in the genus Capromimus, found around New Zealand only, at depths of between 200 to 500 m.

Cyttomimus affinis

King dory - The king dory or lookdown dory, Cyttus traversi, is a dory, in the genus Cyttus, found around South Africa, southern Australia, and New Zealand, over the continental shelf at depths of between 200 and 800 m.

Macrurocyttus acanthopodus


Smooth oreo - The smooth oreo or smooth dory, Pseudocyttus maculatus, is an oreo, the only species in the genus Pseudocyttus.

Zenion japonicum

Zenion longipinnis

Zenopsis stabilispinosa