Myxine sotoi

The Myxine sotoi lives in the bathydemersal, non-migratory, marine, depth range 690 - 810 m environment.

Species Summary: Myxine sotoi, You can sponsor this page, Myxine sotoi Mincarone, 2001, Family: Myxinidae (Hagfishes) , subfamily: Myxininae, No FishBase pictures available. ... Family - Search Result: Myxine paucidens, 30.5 TL. Myxine pequenoi, 18.3 TL. Myxine robinsorum, 54. More

Free Content Myxine sotoi, a new species of hagfish (Agnatha, Myxinidae) from Brazil = Author: Mincarone, Michael Maia Source: Bulletin of Marine Science, Volume 68, Number 3, May 2001 , pp. More

Order : Myxiniformes
Family : Myxinidae
Genus : Myxine
Species : Myxine sotoi
Authority : Mincarone, 2001