Banded yellowfish

The banded bellowsfish, banded yellowfish, banded snipefish, or bluebanded bellowsfish, Centriscops humerosus, is a species of fish of the family Centriscidae, found in southern oceans at depths of 35 to 1,000 metres .

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The Banded yellowfish lives in the bathydemersal, marine, depth range 35 - 1000 m , usually 400 - 750 m environment.

Nothing known about the Banded yellowfish

Common names

Balk-snipvis in Afrikaans
Banded bellows fish in English
Banded bellowsfish in English
Banded snipefish in English
Banded yellowfish in English
Båndet sneppefisk in Danish (dansk)
bellowfish in English
Bluebanded bellowsfish in English
Buglet in English
Canario in Spanish (español)
Gebänderter Schnepfenfisch in German (Deutsch)
Redbanded bellowsfish in English
Trumpet fish in English
条纹大鳞长吻鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
條紋大鱗長吻魚 in Mandarin Chinese
横带大鳞长吻鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
橫帶大鱗長吻魚 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Syngnathiformes
Family : Centriscidae
Genus : Centriscops
Species : Centriscops humerosus
Authority : Richardson, 1846