Ventichthys biospeedoi

The Ventichthys biospeedoi lives in the bathydemersal, marine, depth range - 2586 m environment.

Ventichthys biospeedoi from site Oasis over bottom with galatheid crab Munidopsis subsquamosa, stalked barnacle Neolepas cf. rapanui and actinostolid sea-anemone Chondrophellia sp., Copyright fremer/BIOSPEEDOI/ D.Jollivet Découvrez l'origine de cette image : Ventichthys biospeedoi n. gen. More

A new genus and species of ophidiid fishes, Ventichthys biospeedoi, is described based on two male specimens caught in the French BIOSPEEDO expedition to the South East Pacific Rise. They were caught by a baited trap at the hydrothermal vent site Oasis ( 17 degrees 25. More

Ventichthys biospeedoi Ventichthys biospeedoi from site Oasis swimming over Consultez les sites de la catégorie : Organismes nationaux et internationaux > Autres organismes * Page d'accueil Les événements Compuware... More

Ventichthys biospeedoi in Desbry More

Order : Ophidiiformes
Family : Ophidiidae
Genus : Ventichthys
Species : Ventichthys biospeedoi
Authority : Nielsen, M