Ghostly grenadier

Coryphaenoides leptolepis is a species of fish in the Macrouridae family.

The Ghostly grenadier lives in the bathydemersal, marine, depth range 610 - 4000 m , usually 1900 - 3700 m environment.

* Ghostly grenadier, Coryphaenoides leptolepis Günther, 1877 * Bearded rattail, Coryphaenoides liocephalus (Günther, 1887) * Coryphaenoides longicirrhus (Gilbert, 1905) * Longfin grenadier, Coryphaenoides longifilis Günther, 1877 * Coryphaenoides macrolophus (Alcock, 1889) More

* Ghostly Grenadier Coryphaenoides leptolepis * Mediterranean Grenadier Coryphaenoides mediterraneus * Deepwater Grenadier Coryphaenoides profundicolus * Roundnose Grenadier Coryphaenoides rupestris * Günther’s Grenadier Coryphaenoides guentheri More

Ghostly grenadier (Coryphaenoides leptolepis) at 3158 meters water depth. California, Davidson Seamount 2002 May 19 863 thumbnail picture Purple webbed sea star (Pteraster sp.) at 3125 meters. More

Ghostly grenadier (Coryphaenoides leptolepis) at 3158 meters water depth. More

Common names

Ghostly grenadier in English
Peixe rato in Portuguese (Português)
rato in Portuguese (Português)
小鱗突吻鱈 in Mandarin Chinese
小鳞突吻鳕 in Mandarin Chinese
鞭毛鱈 in Mandarin Chinese
鞭毛鳕 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Gadiformes
Family : Macrouridae
Genus : Coryphaenoides
Species : Coryphaenoides leptolepis
Authority : G