Needle dogfish

It has no anal fin, two dorsal fins with spines, the first dorsal fin being low and long, a moderately long snout, and a notched caudal fin.

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The Needle dogfish lives in the bathydemersal, marine, depth range 200 - 1000 m environment.

Range of needle dogfish (in blue) Greyreefsharksmall2.jpg Sharks portal The needle dogfish, Centrophorus acus, is a small, little-known deepwater shark. It is found in the northern Gulf of Mexico and the western Pacific Ocean around Honshū, Japan. More

skill or dexterity The needle dogfish, Centrophorus acus, is a small little-known deepwater Shark. Needles (1953–1984 was an American Hall of Fame Champion Thoroughbred racehorse. The needle-clawed bushbabies are the two Species in the Genus Euoticus, which is in the family Galagidae. More

En - Needle dogfish, Fr - Squale-chagrin aiguille, Sp - Quelvacho agujon. 3Alpha Code: CEA Taxonomic Code: 1090100805 Scientific Name with Original Description Centrophorus acus Garman, 1906, Bull .Mus.Comp.Zool.Harvard, 46(11):204. More

Common names

Centrophorus acus in Spanish (español)
Naaldzwelghaai in Dutch (Nederlands)
needle dogfish in English
Quelvacho agujon in Spanish (español)
Squale-chagrin aiguille in French (français)
Tarôzame in Japanese (日本語)
尖鰭刺鯊 in Mandarin Chinese
尖鳍刺鲨 in Mandarin Chinese
黑尖鰭鮫 in Mandarin Chinese
黑尖鳍鲛 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Squaliformes
Family : Centrophoridae
Genus : Centrophorus
Species : Centrophorus acus
Authority : Garman, 1906