Amphidromous fish - Fish living in the amphidromous environment

Many types of fish migrate on a regular basis, on time scales ranging from daily to annual, and over distances ranging from a few meters to thousands of kilometers. Fish usually migrate because of diet or reproductive needs, although in some cases the reason for migration remains unknown.

Order Anguilliformes

Dark moray

Slender giant moray - The slender giant moray or gangetic moray, Strophidon sathete, is the longest member of the family of moray eels.

Indian pike conger

Indian longtailed sand-eel

Yellow pike conger

Order Aulopiformes


Order Batrachoidiformes


Order Beloniformes

Silver needlefish - The freshwater garfish, Xenentodon cancila is the sole member of its genus.

Japanese halfbeak


Short-nosed river-garfish

Order Carcharhiniformes

Broadfin shark - The broadfin shark, Lamiopsis temminckii, the only member of the genus Lamiopsis, is a shark of the family Carcharhinidae, found in the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific oceans between latitudes 24° N and 4° S, from the surface to 50 m.

Arrow headed hammerhead shark - The winghead shark, Eusphyra blochii, is a species of hammerhead shark, family Sphyrnidae, named for the remarkably wide lobes on its head.

Pondicherry shark - The Pondicherry shark, Carcharhinus hemiodon is a requiem shark of the family Carcharhinidae, found in the Indo-West Pacific Ocean between latitudes 25° N and 13° S.

Order Clupeiformes

Short-hairfin anchovy

Burmese river shad

Ramcarat grenadier anchovy

Malabar thryssa

Hamilton's thryssa

Burmese river gizzard shad

Goldspotted grenadier anchovy

Bagan anchovy

Reynald's grenadier anchovy

Slender thryssa

Dussumier's thryssa

Sandy sprat - The Sandy sprat, Hyperlophus vittatus, also known as the glassies, glassy, white pilchard, or whitebait, is a type of sprat fish.

Deep-bodied herring

Gilchrist's round herring

Godavari thryssa

Southern Burmese gizzard shad

Neglected grenadier anchovy

Malabar sprat

Thai anchovy


Ganges river gizzard shad

Gautama thryssa

Indian pellona

Day's round herring

Order Cypriniformes

Freshwater bream - The white Amur bream is a species of cyprinid fish, of the monotypic genus Parabramis.

Pool barb - The pool barb is a tropical freshwater and brackish fish belonging to the Puntius genus in the family Cyprinidae.

Order Cyprinodontiformes

Rainwater killifish - The rainwater killifish, is a species of fish in the Fundulidae family.

Order Elopiformes

Atlantic tarpon - In appearance, it is greenish or bluish on top, and silver on the sides.

Order Gadiformes

Cod - Its range spans the North Pacific, from off the Korean coasts until beyond Bering Straits, off the Alaskan coasts.

Arctic cod - Navaga fish usually occur at shallow depths, along shores with soft bottoms, close to the ice and on the continental shelf.

Order Orectolobiformes

Leopard shark - The zebra shark, Stegostoma fasciatum , is a species of carpet shark and the sole member of the family Stegostomatidae.

Order Osmeriformes

Aplochiton taeniatus

Spotted mountain trout - Spotted galaxias has a very wide distribution, being found in southern Victoria, all of Tasmania, offshore islands in between, as well as south-west Western Australia.

Maori trout - The giant kokopu, Galaxias argenteus, is a galaxiid of the genus Galaxias, found only in New Zealand.

Galaxias platei

Aplochiton zebra

Koaro - The climbing galaxias is unlikely to be confused with the other diadromous whitebait species because of its shape.

Shortjaw kokopu - The shortjaw kokopu, Galaxias postvectis, is a galaxiid of the genus Galaxias, found only in New Zealand, apart from the Chatham and Stewart/Rakiura islands.

Ryukyu ayu-fish - The name "sweetfish" is due to the sweetness of its flesh.

Banded kokopu - The banded kokopu, Galaxias fasciatus, is a galaxiid of the genus Galaxias, found only in New Zealand, including the Chatham and Stewart/Rakiura islands.

Tasmanian mudfish - N.

Order Perciformes

Sandwich Island sleeper

Glossogobius olivaceus

Saddled rockclimbing goby

Clown goby

Calamiana illota

Stiphodon surrufus

Bronze croaker

Mexican goby

Tubenose blenny

Tropical sand goby

Atlantic cutlassfish - Largehead hairtails can grow to over 2 m in length; the largest recorded weight is 5 kg and the oldest recorded age is 15 years.

Walking goby

Eleotris annobonensis

Golden goby

Clown goby

Black pargue - Its color is typically greyish red, but it can change color from bright red to copper red.

Greenback gauvina

Stiphodon aureorostrum - This species stands as something of a giant among the diminutive members of this genus with one female being the largest Stiphodon individual recorded.

Sharptail goby

Sicydium hildebrandi

Lophogobius bleekeri

Shrimp scad - The shrimp scad is one of five species of fish in the scad genus Alepes, which itself is one of thirty genera in the jack family Carangidae.

Mud skipper

Chin-band goby

Orangefin ponyfish

Rhyacichthys guilberti

Longjaw goby

Awaous nigripinnis


Silver sandfish

Periophthalmodon septemradiatus

Redigobius sapangus

Rhinohorn goby


Redfinned bully - The redfinned bully, Gobiomorphus huttoni, is a sleeper of the genus Gobiomorphus, found in rivers in New Zealand and the Chatham Islands.

Gray rockclimbing goby

Mugilogobius notospilus

Scalycheek goby

Rainbow prigi

Eel worm goby

Pacific fat sleeper - Dormitator latifrons mainly feeds on detritus and MOND and vegetal rest, but in addition it includes in his diet micromoluscus, ostracodos, nemertinos, trematodos, grudges of fish, copepodos, annelids, larvae of insects and possibly inorganic sediments with which it also incorporates some foraminiferos.

Oxyurichthys formosanus

Yongeichthys thomasi

Spotfin snouted goby

Smoothbelly goby

Orbiculate spade fish

Gobioides sagitta

Stimpson's goby - The nopoli rockclimbing goby, oopu nopili, or Stimpson's goby is a species of fish in the Gobiidae family.

Apocryptodon madurensis

Pupilspot goby

Caragobius burmanicus

Celebes goby

Red-tailed goby

Threadless blenny

Olive flathead-gudgeon

Palauan riffle goby

Northern mud gudgeon

Burrowing goby - This species has a very limited distribution and is threatened by coastal development, pollution and siltation of estuaries caused by soil erosion from further inland.

Saddle grunt

Yellowstripe scad

Eleotris oxycephala

Gangetic silvery-biddy

Gymnogobius taranetzi

Leucopsarion petersii

Acanthogobius lactipes

Finetooth rockclimbing goby

Flat-headed goby

Flag-tailed glass perchlet

Bumblebee goby - B.

Stigmatogobius minima

Shortnose ponyfish

Spotted archerfish


Rhinogobius giurinus - Barcheek goby, Rhinogobius giurinus is a species of the family Gobiidae.

Stenogobius blokzeyli

Caspian round goby - Round gobies are small, soft-bodied fish, characterized by a distinctive black spot on the first dorsal fin.

Hiukole goby

Bathygobius ostreicola

Sharptail goby

Barebreast goby

Freshwater goby

Seargent fish - One of the largest snooks, C.

Istigobius diadema

Lord's goby

Black batfish

Bighead goby

Large-mouth goby

Asian sand goby

Pearl-spot - The species co-occurs throughout its range with the Green chromide .

Giant bully - It is very similar to the common bully; they have seven spines in the first dorsal fin but giant bullies always have six.

Lipstick goby

Obscure goby

Bayad - It is predominantly an inshore fish, inhabiting reefs down to depths of around 100 m in both coastal zones and offshore islands, often venturing into estuaries and sandy bays as juveniles.

Chinese silver pomfret

Bengal corvina

Mangrove goby

Sicydium cocoensis

Eleotris senegalensis

Orangespotted goby

Yellowtail rockclimbing goby

Hasselt's goby

Pama croaker

Blackbar goby

Acentrogobius cyanomos

Blue riffle goby

Shimofuri goby

Bluecheek silver grunt

Schismatogobius roxasi

Lutea sleeper

Bearded goby

Sicyopterus japonicus

Chiseltooth goby

Amoya madraspatensis

Bunaka pinguis

Yellow fin mojarra

Gymnogobius opperiens


Antillian rockclimbing goby

Crested goby

Bostrychus africanus

Malabar goby

Tiera batfish - Platax teira is a fish from the Indo-West Pacific.

Glass goby

Nematogobius maindroni

Spotfin river goby

Torrent fish - The torrent fish, Cheimarrichthys fosteri, is the only member of the genus Cheimarrichthys which in turn is the only member of the family Cheimarrichthyidae.

Barred mudskipper

Burmese gobyeel

Parapocryptes rictuosus

Sleeper goby

Speckled goby

Giant goby

Belted rockclimbing goby

Indonesian goby

Awaous fluviatilis


Striped gudgeon

Sicyopus auxilimentus

Bandfin mullet goby

Broadbanded cardinalfish

Scaleless worm goby

Manson's goby

Maned goby

Slender mudskipper - Zappa is a genus of goby named after musician Frank Zappa "for his articulate and sagacious defense of the First Amendment of the U.

Pseudogobius melanostictus

Glossogobius kokius

Red-tailed goby

Tapiroid grunter

Marblecheek sleeper

Stiphodon percnopterygionus

Mozambique tilapia - The Mozambique tilapia is laterally compressed, and has a deep body with long dorsal fins.

Darter goby

Porogobius schlegelii

Banded scat

Smallscaled spinycheek sleeper

Acanthogobius luridus

Banded archerfish - The name refers to Sagittarius the archer, because of the unusual method banded archerfish use to capture prey.

Large-scaled spinycheek sleeper

Sicyopterus fuliag

Luciogobius pallidus

Masked shrimpgoby

Bryaninops isis

Gymnogobius urotaenia

Spotted goby - Knight Gobies live in fresh and brackish waters in Borneo, Java, Sumatra, and the Philippines.

Odontamblyopus tenuis

Kaalpens goby

Robbermask goby

Lentipes whittenorum

Pearse's mudskipper

Loach goby - Thacker and Hardman's study of the molecular phylogeny of the gobies indicates that the loach goby is the most primitive member of the gobioidei.

Boddart's goggle-eyed goby

Sperm goby

Gangetic sillago - The Gangetic whiting is the only species of the genus Sillaginopsis, which itself is one of three genera the family Sillaginidae, containing all the smelt whitings.

Largesnout goby

Knipowitschia caucasica

Small-scaled terapon

Roemer's goby

Tropical sand goby

Splendid ponyfish

Bluegilled bully - The bluegill bully, Gobiomorphus hubbsi, is a sleeper of the genus Gobiomorphus, found in most rivers in the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

Green prigi

Specklefin rockclimbing goby

Mugilogobius mertoni

Cleftbelly trevally - The cleftbelly trevally is the only species in the genus Atropus, which is one of 31 genera in the jack family, Carangidae.

Dwarf pigmygoby - The dwarf pygmy goby is a tropical freshwater fish of the family Gobiidae.

Goatee croaker

Oxuderces dentatus

Shadow goby

Pointed-tailed goby

Sicydium fayae

Violet goby - Violet gobies are found all along the Atlantic coast from Georgia in the United States of America, to northern Brazil.

Clinging goby


Slashcheek goby

Callogobius seshaiyai

Grey goby

Sicyopterus lacrymosus

Olive flathead-gudgeon

Hemigobius hoevenii

Lampung Hill-stream Goby

Aporos sleeper

Threadfin goby

Freshwater grunt

Chinese seerfish

Snakehead gudgeon

Dusky mountain goby

Saddleback silver-biddy

Gymnogobius petschiliensis

Savalani hairtail

Japanese river goby

Sicydium salvini

Freckled hawkfish

Four-eyed sleeper

Naniha goby

Twoblotch ponyfish

Toxotes blythii

Asian sleeper

Sand fish

Lentipes armatus

Periophthalmus malaccensis

Silhouettea indica

Blotchfin mullet goby

Pacific river goby


Bearded worm goby

Parapocryptes serperaster

Fat sleeper


Lrye goby

Gobionellus occidentalis

Common bully - The common bully, Gobiomorphus cotidianus, is a sleeper of the genus Gobiomorphus, found in New Zealand.

Canara pearlspot

Blackfin rockclimbing goby

Yellowstripe goby

Coastal trevally - The coastal trevally is formally classified within the genus Carangoides, one of a number of groups of fish referred to as jacks and trevallies.

Spotted green goby

Acanthogobius hasta

Eyebrow goby

Pseudogobius poicilosoma

Order Pleuronectiformes

Catathyridium garmani

Largescale tonguesole - The eyed side of the fish is uniform brown, with a dark patch on the gill cover, and its blind side is white.

Freshwater sole

Mazatlan sole

Javan flounder

Commerson's sole

Longtail sole

Hogchoker - Distinguished from other species by an inter-brachial septum lacking a foramen.

Order Pristiformes

Karati hangar - The knifetooth sawfish , also known as the pointed sawfish or narrow sawfish, is a sawfish of the family Pristidae, found in the shallow coastal waters and estuaries of the Indo-West Pacific, ranging from the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf to southern Japan, Papua New Guinea and northern Australia.

Order Rajiformes

Blackedge whipray

Bishop ray - The spotted eagle ray, Aetobatus narinari, Euphrasen , or bonnet ray, is a cartilaginous fish found in shallow coastal water by coral reefs and bays, in depths down to 80 meters .

Annandale's guitarfish

Banded eagle ray - The banded eagle ray is a species of fish in the Myliobatidae family.

Pale-edged stingray - The pale-edged stingray or sharpnose stingray, Dasyatis zugei, is a species of stingray in the family Dasyatidae, found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans from India to Indonesia and Japan.

Bleeker's whipray

Cowtail stingray - The cowtail stingray, Pastinachus sephen, is a species of stingray in the family Dasyatidae, widespread in the Indo-Pacific region and occasionally entering freshwater habitats.

Eagle ray - The longheaded eagle ray is a species of fish in the Myliobatidae family.

Norman's shovelnose ray

Order Scorpaeniformes

Sakhalin sculpin

Pacific staghorn sculpin - Staghorn sculpins are slender fish, with a grayish olive above, pale creamy yellow sides, and a white belly.

Tetraroge niger


Cottus nozawae

Tuberculated flathead

Leister sculpin

Japanese fluvial sculpin

Order Siluriformes

Gray eel-catfish

Black catfish - Like most of the bullheads it has a squared tail fin, which is strikingly different than the forked tail of channel and blue catfish.

Malabar patashi

Silond catfish - Silonia is a genus of catfishes of the family Schilbeidae.

Engraved catfish

Sagor catfish

Deccan rita - Rita kuturnee is an extinct species of catfish of the family Bagridae.

Flatmouth sea catfish

Blackfin sea catfish

Goan catfish

Sona sea catfish

Giant catfish

Mahanadi rita - Rita chrysea is a species of catfish of the family Bagridae.

Thinspine sea catfish

Indian potasi

Assamese batasio

Jerdon's mystus

River catfish

Gogra rita - Rita gogra is a species of catfish of the family Bagridae.

Cochlefelis burmanica

Arius acutirostris

Order Syngnathiformes

Sea pony - The sea pony is a species of fish in the Syngnathidae family.

Barhead pipefish

Black-striped pipefish - Syngnathus abaster is a species of fish in the Syngnathidae family.

Deocata pipefish

Blue-spotted pipefish

Freshwater pipefish

Northern pipefish

Microphis dunckeri

Banded freshwater pipefish

Order Tetraodontiformes

Xenopterus naritus - Xenopterus naritus is a genus of Tetraodontidae.