Saddled rockclimbing goby

The Saddled rockclimbing goby lives in the demersal, amphidromous, freshwater, brackish, marine environment.

Nothing known about the Saddled rockclimbing goby

Common names

saddled rockclimbing goby in English
浅蓝瓢鳍鰕虎鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
浅蓝瓢鳍鰕虎鱼 in Unknown
淺藍瓢鰭鰕虎魚 in Mandarin Chinese
淺藍瓢鰭鰕虎魚 in Unknown

Order : Perciformes
Family : Gobiidae
Genus : Sicyopterus
Species : Sicyopterus lividus
Authority : Parenti and Maciolek, 1993