The Chucumite lives in the demersal, amphidromous, freshwater, brackish, marine environment.

Chucumite is a Southern California duet comprised of John Robles, harp, and Robert Perales, jarana. // Otro son ja... ANother Son Jarocho, folk music from Veracruz, Mexico - as performed by Chucumite. More

tocado por Chucumite con Xocoyotzin y Roman Moraza. El Pajaro Cu, another vid by Chucumite with guests Xocoyotzin and Roman Moraza - El Pajaro Cu, otro son jarocho tocado por Chucumite con Xocoyotzin y Roman Moraza. More

Chucumite "son jarocho" veracruz "john robles" arpa jarana "world music" harp guitar ... Another son jarocho, in the key of F Sharp Minor this time - El Coco. More

chucumite does not have any recent activity. More

Centropomus parallelus Poey, 1860 - chucumite, fat snook, robalito, smallscale fat snook References Expert(s): Expert: Wayne C. More

called chucumite or else a guachinango, basically the fish in an elongated bowl doused with a spicy broth made of tomato, chili, onions, garlic, olive oil, capers, bay leaves, oregano, parsley, peppercorns and salt More

El Balaju CD Version Chucumite will begin recording our first CD in two weeks! This is a preview of one track, El Balaju, with guests Jacob Hernandez onmarimbol and Tomas Herrera on requinto. The CD should be out in a few months! Chucumite comenzara a ... More

Chucumite playing at a farmer's maret in Santa Barbara. More

(jarana)Tags: chucumite john robles jarocho veracruz folk music son musica world sol mar From: john9tenViews: Duration: 03:44Category: Music Zapateado, from Jarocho, the Mexican Dance SpectacularZapateado, from Jarocho, the Mexican Dance SpectacularThis is the ending of ZAPATEADO, the opening showstopper from JAROCHO, a show I've worked More

Monday 7-10pm: Chucumite, Folk Music of Veracruz, mexico Tuesday & Thursday 7-10pm: Teka Bossa Nova Music of Brazil Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 7-10pm: Gilberto Gonzalez & his Latin Guitar Sunday 7-10pm: Ignacio Lopez & His Paraguayan Harp More

Chucumite! From: john9ten Views: 7039 17 ratings Time: 04:44 More in Music Tags: Responses to “El Jarabe Loco” 1. More

Common names

Calva in Spanish (español)
Cambriaçu in Portuguese (Português)
Camburiapeva in Portuguese (Português)
Camorim-corcunda in Portuguese (Português)
Camorim-peba in Portuguese (Português)
Camorim-pena in Portuguese (Português)
Camorim-tapa in Portuguese (Português)
Camuri in Portuguese (Português)
Camurim in Portuguese (Português)
Camurim branco in Portuguese (Português)
Camurim peva in Portuguese (Português)
Camurim-amarelo in Portuguese (Português)
Camurim-apuá in Portuguese (Português)
Camurim-corcunda in Portuguese (Português)
Camuripeba in Portuguese (Português)
Camurupeba in Portuguese (Português)
Cangoropeba in Portuguese (Português)
Cangurupeba in Portuguese (Português)
Chucumite in English
Chucumite in Spanish (español)
Crossie chucumite in French (français)
fat snook in English
Gabb's snook in English
Grabb's snook in English
Kamuoui in Carib
Kamuoui in Galibi
Kamuoui in Unknown
Lille snook in Danish (dansk)
Little snook in English
Loubi in Palicur
Loubi in Unknown
Loubine rivière in Creole, French
Loubine rivière in Creoles and Pidgins, French
Loubine rivière in Unknown
Pakiyau in South American Indian (Other)
Pakiyau in Unknown
Pakiyau in Wayana
Quéquere in Spanish (español)
Ramuau in Carib
Ramuau in Galibi
Ramuau in Unknown
River snook in English
Riversnook in English
Robalito in Spanish (español)
Robalo in English
Robalo in Portuguese (Português)
Robalo in Spanish (español)
Robalo blanco in Spanish (español)
Robalo chucumite in Spanish (español)
Robalo peba in Portuguese (Português)
Robalo peva in Portuguese (Português)
Robalo-peba in Portuguese (Português)
Salom in English
Saumon in French (français)
Signokou in Creoles and Pidgins, English
Signokou in Djuka
Signokou in Unknown
Smallscale fat snook in English
snoek in Dutch (Nederlands)
snoek in English
snoek in Sranan
snoek in Unknown
Snook in English
робало малое in Russian (русский язык)
小鋸蓋魚 in Mandarin Chinese
小鋸蓋魚 in Unknown
小锯盖鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
小锯盖鱼 in Unknown

Picture of Centropomus parallelus has been licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial.
Original source: FishBase
Permission: Some rights reserved
Order : Perciformes
Family : Centropomidae
Genus : Centropomus
Species : Centropomus parallelus
Authority : Poey, 1860