Seargent fish

One of the largest snooks, C.

The Seargent fish lives in the reef-associated, amphidromous, freshwater, brackish, marine, depth range - 22 m environment.

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Add snorkeling with seargent fish, river tubing in rushing white water and tasting special "bagoong" to this trip and you're well on your way to an experience of a lifetime. More

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seargent fish and snappers, whitetip reef sharks, on the tila often turtles, many napoleons, eagle rays & mantas - Coral Growth: in the caves yellow, longs soft corals; at outer reef slope huge gorgonians; on the tila beautiful stone corals More

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Common Snook, Pike, Seargent Fish, Sergeant Fish, Snoek, Snook, Thin Snook Common Names in French: Brochet, Brochet De Mer, Crossie Blanc, Loubine Common Names in Galibi: Kamuli Common Names in German: Snook More

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This picture shows a seargent fish feeding in a sea star. White coral in the back ground. This picture was taken near Ilha Grande in the state of Rio de Janeiro, where this type of fish and sea stars are very usual. More

Common names

Almindelig Robalo in Danish (dansk)
Almindelig snook in Danish (dansk)
Bicudo in Portuguese (Português)
Bima in Papiamento
Binnensnoek in Dutch (Nederlands)
Brochet in French (français)
Brochet de mer in French (français)
Cambriaçu in Portuguese (Português)
Camburiaçu in Portuguese (Português)
Camorim in Portuguese (Português)
Camorim-açu in Portuguese (Português)
Camuri in Portuguese (Português)
Camurim in Portuguese (Português)
Camurim branco in Portuguese (Português)
Camurim-açu in Portuguese (Português)
Camurim-cabo-de-machado in Portuguese (Português)
Camurim-preto in Portuguese (Português)
Camurimpema in Portuguese (Português)
Camuripeba in Portuguese (Português)
Camuripema in Portuguese (Português)
Cangoropeba in Portuguese (Português)
Canjurupeba in Portuguese (Português)
common snook in English
Crossie blanc in French (français)
Escalho in Portuguese (Português)
Falso-robalo-branco in Portuguese (Português)
Kamuli in Carib
Kamuli in Galibi
Loubin gran lanmè in Creole, French
Loubin gran lanmè in Creoles and Pidgins, French
Loubine in French (français)
Lubi in Palicur
Pakiyau in South American Indian (Other)
Pakiyau in Wayana
Pike in English
Quéquere in Spanish (español)
Robalão in Portuguese (Português)
Robalito in Spanish (español)
Róbalo in Papiamento
Róbalo in Portuguese (Português)
Róbalo in Spanish (español)
Robalo in Swedish (Svenska)
Róbalo blanco in Spanish (español)
Robalo carita larga in Spanish (español)
Róbalo común in Spanish (español)
Robalo-bicudo in Portuguese (Português)
Robalo-branco in Portuguese (Português)
Robalo-camurim in Portuguese (Português)
Robalo-de-galha in Portuguese (Português)
Robalo-estoque in Portuguese (Português)
Robalo-flecha in Portuguese (Português)
Robalo-flexa in Portuguese (Português)
Rolão in Portuguese (Português)
Sapat'i solda in Papiamento
Seargent fish in English
Sergeant fish in English
Signokou in Creoles and Pidgins, English
Signokou in Djuka
snoek in Dutch (Nederlands)
snoek in English
snoek in Sranan
Snoekoe in Papiamento
Snoekoe in Sranan
Snook in English
Snook in German (Deutsch)
Thin snook in English
Veriyu in Wayuu
Zuchwiak in Polish (polski)
робало in Russian (русский язык)
снук in Russian (русский язык)
鋸蓋魚 in Mandarin Chinese
锯盖鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Centropomidae
Genus : Centropomus
Species : Centropomus undecimalis
Authority : Bloch, 1792