Caspian round goby

Round gobies are small, soft-bodied fish, characterized by a distinctive black spot on the first dorsal fin.

The Caspian round goby lives in the demersal, amphidromous, freshwater, brackish, marine, depth range 0 - 30 m environment.

At the western coast of the Middle Caspian round goby feeds on mollusks (48.2-85.8%) and crustaceans (15.0-32.7%). In the South Caspian the most significant are crustaceans (50-60%) followed by fish (30-35%) and Nereis (20-25%) (Gaibova, Ragimov, 1979). Reproduction Reproduction type. More

Common names

Babca neagra in Rumanian
Babka bycza in Polish (polski)
Babka kragla in Polish (polski)
Black spotted goby in English
Bychok-kruglijack in Russian (русский язык)
Bychok-kruglyak in Russian (русский язык)
Bychok-ryszyk in Russian (русский язык)
Bychok-ryzshik in Russian (русский язык)
Caspian round goby in English
Chornorotyj bychok in Russian (русский язык)
Gavmahi-e-domguerd in Farsi
Gavmahi-e-domguerd in Persian (‫فارسی)
Gel-ye Mahi Gerd in Farsi
Gel-ye Mahi Gerd in Persian (‫فارسی)
Ginger goby in English
Gobie à tache noire in French (français)
Gobie à taches noires in French (français)
Gobie arrondie in French (français)
Gobie rond in French (français)
Gobio pintato in Spanish (español)
Guvid in Rumanian
Guvid de mare in Rumanian
Isopäätokko in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Kaukasiantokko in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Kocabaskaya baligi in Turkish (Türkçe)
Kocabaşkaya balığı in Turkish (Türkçe)
Kruglyak - Grundel in German (Deutsch)
Kumkayasi baligi in Turkish (Türkçe)
Kumkayası balığı in Turkish (Türkçe)
Mustakitatokko in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Neogovios melanostomos in Greek (Ελληνικά)
Neogovios melanostomos in Greek, Modern (1453)
round goby in English
Schwarzmund-Grundel in German (Deutsch)
Sortmundet kutling in Danish (dansk)
Strogil in Bulgarian (български език)
Stronghil in Rumanian
Strunghil in Rumanian
zwartbekgrondel in Dutch (Nederlands)
Νεογωβιός μελανόστομος in Greek (Ελληνικά)
Νεογωβιός μελανόστομος in Greek, Modern (1453)
бычок-кругляк in Russian (русский язык)
Стронгил in Bulgarian (български език)
گاو ماهي in Farsi
黑口新鰕虎魚 in Mandarin Chinese
黑口新鰕虎鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
黑口鰕虎魚 in Mandarin Chinese
黑口鰕虎鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Gobiidae
Genus : Neogobius
Species : Neogobius melanostomus
Authority : Pallas, 1814