Black catfish

Like most of the bullheads it has a squared tail fin, which is strikingly different than the forked tail of channel and blue catfish.

The Black catfish lives in the demersal, amphidromous, freshwater, pH range: 6.5 - 8.0, dH range: 4 - 25, depth range 10 - m environment.

The Asian giant upside down black catfish is pretty hard to find at any petstore or lfs. All that I have checked locally and online extensively respond that they cannot get this fish. More

catching black catfish off my boat dock with nightcrawlers,the fish were jet black and shaped like a channel cat,i was fishing on the bottom in about 7 foot of water,they were crusing thru the mussel shell beds. More

Black Catfish Academy Hat To contact us: Phone: 815-537-5506 E-mail: catmatt@catfishacademy. More

Black Catfish are a good fish to maintain in a community tank of larger fish. Suitable tank mates include rainbows, archerfish, grunters and other large native fish. The Black catfish would also be quite at home with larger gouramis, barbs and many cichlids. More

Black Bullhead, Black Catfish, Brown Catfish, Bullhead, Common Bullhead, Horned Pout, River Snapper, Small Bullhead, Stinger, Yellow Belly Bullhead Synonyms Ameiurus melas More

Common names

Ameiurus melas in Italian (Italiano)
bagre in Spanish (español)
bagre torito negro in Spanish (español)
barbette noire in French (français)
Barbotte noire in French (français)
black bullhead in English
Black catfish in English
bullhead in English
Catfish in English
Coto negro in Spanish (español)
Hornedpout in English
Mustapiikkimonni in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Peix gat negre in Catalan (Català)
Peixe-gato in Portuguese (Português)
Peixe-gato negro in Portuguese (Português)
Pesce gatto in Italian (Italiano)
Poisson-chat in French (français)
Poisson-chat d'Amérique in French (français)
Schwarzer Katzenwels in German (Deutsch)
Schwarzer Zwergwels in German (Deutsch)
Silure d'Amérique in French (français)
Sort dværgmalle in Danish (dansk)
Sumik czarny in Polish (polski)
Svart dvärgmal in Swedish (Svenska)
Yellow belly bullhead in English
Zwarte amerikaanse dwergmeerval in Dutch (Nederlands)
Zwarte dwergmeerval in Dutch (Nederlands)
Zwergwels in German (Deutsch)
黑真鮰 in Chinese (中文)
黑真鮰 in Mandarin Chinese
黑鮰 in Chinese (中文)
黑鮰 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Siluriformes
Family : Ictaluridae
Genus : Ameiurus
Species : Ameiurus melas
Authority : Rafinesque, 1820