Genus Ameiurus

Catfish - Ictalurus catus, also known as the White Catfish or White Bullhead, is a member of the family Ictaluridae of the order Siluriformes.


Black catfish - Like most of the bullheads it has a squared tail fin, which is strikingly different than the forked tail of channel and blue catfish.

Bullhead - The yellow bullhead is a voracious scavenger typically feeding at night on a variety of plant and animal material, both live and dead, including small fish, crayfish, insects, snails, and worms.

Brown catfish - The brown bullhead, Ameiurus nebulosus, is a fish of the Ictaluridae family that is widely distributed in North America.

Order : Siluriformes
Family : Ictaluridae
Genus : Ameiurus