Striped gudgeon

The Striped gudgeon lives in the demersal, amphidromous, freshwater, brackish, marine environment.

The Striped Gudgeon has a small mouth that extends posteriorly to a point level with the front margin of the eye. It has two dorsal fins, the soft-rayed second dorsal fin being slightly taller than the spiny dorsal fin. More

locate striped gudgeon ( Gobiomorphus australis ) for the suburban community of Sunnybank, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. More

* Striped gudgeon, Gobiomorphus australis (Krefft, 1864) * Cran's bully, Gobiomorphus basalis (Gray, 1842) * Upland bully, Gobiomorphus breviceps (Stokell, 1939) * Common bully, Gobiomorphus More

Striped Gudgeon Gobiomorphus australis Trout Cod Maccullochella macquariensis Australian Salmons Eastern Australian Salmon Arripis trutta Bandfishes Bandfish Cepola australis Bannerfishes See Butterflyfishes Barracudas More

purple striped gudgeon is the most commonly found around the world. These are medium sized fishes and they grow typically to a length of 6 inches. They are known to be opportunistic predators. Smaller fishes are generally their main food. More

> I GOT A PURPLE STRIPED GUDGEON, He is soooo cool!!! Options V Dwarfs View Member Profile post Mar 20 2004, 01:21 AM Post #1 Leader of the Fishes Group Icon Group: Member More

tag including bullrout, striped gudgeon, cox's gudgeon, flat headed gudgeon, dwarf flat headed gudgeon and Australian smelt. “Local anglers who catch a tagged fish can call the DPI number on the external tag. More

Common names

Streifengrundel in German (Deutsch)
Striped gudgeon in English
Viirutorkkuja in Finnish (suomen kieli)
澳洲鮈塘鱧 in Mandarin Chinese
澳洲鮈塘鳢 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Eleotridae
Genus : Gobiomorphus
Species : Gobiomorphus australis
Authority : Krefft, 1864