Stiphodon aureorostrum

This species stands as something of a giant among the diminutive members of this genus with one female being the largest Stiphodon individual recorded.

The Stiphodon aureorostrum lives in the benthopelagic, amphidromous, freshwater environment.

Stiphodon aureorostrum is a species of amphidromous freshwater goby. It is only known from Tioman Island, Malaysia, and even here it does not appear to be a common species. More

of Stiphodon aureorostrum (described in 2005) with a standard length of 60.3 mm is the largest Stiphodon individual on record. More

The fish, which has been named Stiphodon aureorostrum, was found in freshwater streams on the island of Pulau Tioman, which lies about 28 miles/45 km off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia in the South China Sea. More

Order : Perciformes
Family : Gobiidae
Genus : Stiphodon
Species : Stiphodon aureorostrum
Authority : Chen & Tan, 2005