Pelagic-oceanic fish - Fish living in the pelagic-oceanic environment

Order Anguilliformes

Thread eel

Thalassenchelys foliaceus

Saurenchelys stylura

Synaphobranchus dolichorhynchus

Thalassenchelys coheni

Order Atheriniformes

Querimana silverside

Order Aulopiformes

Lestidiops distans

Paralepis brevirostris

Macroparalepis brevis

Lestidiops bathyopteryx

Lestidiops neles

Scopelosaurus ahlstromi - Scopelosaurus ahlstromi is a waryfish of the family Notosudidae, found in all oceans, at depths of down to 500 m.

Hubb's pearleye

Duckbill barracudina

Lestidiops cadenati

Stemonosudis elongata


Scopelosaurus hoedti

Rosenblattichthys nemotoi

Order Beloniformes

Margined flyingfish

Platybelone argalus lovii

Mirrorwing flyingfish - Mirrorwing flyingfish have 10-12 soft rays on their dorsal fins and 11-13 rays on their anal fins.

Dwarf saury


Slender halfbeak

Shoulderspot needlefish

Whitetip flyingfish

Guinean flyingfish

Hound needlefish - While the houndfish has no spines, its dorsal fin has 21–25 soft rays, and its anal fin has 19–22.

Banded flyingfish

Pharao flyingfish


Stained flyingfish

Cheilopogon doederleinii

Tylosurus acus imperialis

Keeltail needlefish

Barbel flyingfish

Gyre flyingfish

Whitespot flyingfish

Short-beaked garfish

African flyingfish

Glider flyingfish

Agujon needlefish

Black wing flyingfish


Cape needlefish

Pacific saury - It is known as sanma in Japanese, kongchi in Korean, qiu dao yu in Chinese, and saira in Russian.

Cheilopogon ventralis

Bandwing flyingfish

Agujon needlefish

Sailor flyingfish

Coromandel flyingfish

Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus japonicus

Order Carcharhiniformes

Gulf smoothhound - Reproduction is Ovoviviparous.

Asymbolus rubiginosus - Asymbolus rubiginosus is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found only off West Australia, at depths of between 25 and 540 m.

Western spotted catshark - Reproduction is oviparous.

Cephaloscyllium parvum

Carcharhinus macrops

Holohalaelurus favus - The Holohalaelurus favus is a type of shark in the Western Indian Ocean areas near South Africa.

Variegated catshark - The Australian spotted catshark, Asymbolus analis, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found only around Australia between latitudes 32° S and 38° S, at depths of between 10 and 180 m.

Northern river shark - Northern river sharks are likely piscivorous.

Dwarf catshark - Asymbolus pallidus, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found only off West Australia, at depths of between 200 and 400 m.

Blue whaler shark - The blue shark is the most widely distrubted animal in the world.

Proscyllium magnificum

Holohalaelurus grennian - The Holohalaelurus grennian is a type of shark in the Western Indian Ocean waters near Kenya.

Order Cetomimiformes

Cetomimoides parri

Order Clupeiformes

Key anchovy

Marini's anchovy

Order Gadiformes

North Pacific hake - Its length is about 3 ft and they live up to 15 years.

Lyconodes argenteus


Svetovidovia lucullus

Lyconus pinnatus

Ahuru - The ahuru is a small deepwater fish, the only fish of the genus Auchenoceros, found on the east coast of New Zealand.

Silvery cod

Order Lamniformes

Hoe-mother - This shark is called the basking shark because it is most often observed when feeding at the surface and appears to be basking in the warmer water there.

Bigeye sand tiger - The bigeye sand tiger, Odontaspis noronhai, is a species of sand shark, family Odontaspididae, possibly found worldwide at depths of 60–1,000 m .

Beaumaris shark - The porbeagle is a species of mackerel shark in the family Lamnidae, distributed widely in the cold and temperate marine waters of the North Atlantic and Southern Hemisphere.

Megamouth shark - The appearance of the megamouth is distinctive, but little else is known about it.

Crocodile shark - The crocodile shark, Pseudocarcharias kamoharai, is a species of shark and the only member of the family Pseudocarchariidae.

Great white shark - The best selling novel Jaws and the subsequent film by Steven Spielberg provided the great white shark with the image of a "man eater" in the public mind.

Porbeagle - Adult salmon sharks are medium grey to black over most of the body, with a white underside with darker blotches.

Order Lampriformes


Pacific king-of-salmon - King-of-the-salmon, Trachipterus altivelis, is a species of ribbonfish in the family Trachipteridae.

Regalecus kinoi

Whiptail ribbonfish

Southern opah

Tapertail ribbonfish

Streamer fish

King of herrings

Trachipterus ishikawae

Order Myctophiformes

Diaphus diadematus

Mexican lampfish

Protomyctophum beckeri

Diogenichthys panurgus

Diaphus rivatoni

Bolinichthys pyrsobolus

Diaphus impostor

Nannobrachium isaacsi


Large scale lantern fish

Diaphus vanhoeffeni

Lamp fish

Diaphus malayanus

Lantern fish

Myctophum lunatum

Andre's lanternfish

California flashlightfish

Diaphus signatus

Hector's lanternfish - It is a widespread marine fish, known from shallow tropical waters in the south-eastern Atlantic, from the western Pacific off Australia and New Zealand, and from the eastern Pacific off Chile.

Diaphus kapalae

Diaphus danae

Loweina terminata

Metelectrona herwigi

Reverse gland lanternfish

Diaphus wisneri



Diaphus regani

Diaphus gigas

Myctophum ovcharovi

Giant lampfish

Centrobranchus brevirostris

Protomyctophum subparallelum - Protomyctophum subparallelum is a lanternfish in the family Myctophidae, found circumglobally in the southern hemisphere south of about 30° S, in deep water.

Bigfin lanternfish

Diaphus suborbitalis

Southern lanternfish


Glacial lanternfish

Diaphus kora

Order Ophidiiformes

Pycnocraspedum phyllosoma

Order Osmeriformes

Rhynchohyalus natalensis

Nansenia tenera

Javelin spookfish - The species is notable for unusual protuberances that grow from its eyes, which each have "a well developed lens"

Persparsia kopua - Persparsia kopua, is a tubeshoulder of the family Platytroctidae, found around the world in the southern hemisphere between latitudes 30° S and 50° S.

Nansenia oblita

Breakfast fish - Females reach 20 cm in length, while males are up to 25 cm long.

Bathylagichthys australis

Xenophthalmichthys danae

Nansenia atlantica

Nansenia pelagica

Bathylagichthys problematicus

Nansenia macrolepis

Order Perciformes

Bathyclupea elongata

Whitemouth jack

Pacific striped marlin - In 2010, Greenpeace International has added the striped marlin to its seafood red list.

Spotted fanfish - The spotted fanfish, Pteraclis velifera, is a pomfret of the family Bramidae, found in the indo-west Pacific oceans from South Africa to New Zealand, at depths to 500 m.


Luvar - It is a big ellipsoidal fish, growing to two meters in length.

Slender tuna - The slender tuna, Allothunnus fallai, is a species of tuna, the only species in the genus Allothunnus, found around the world in the southern oceans between latitudes 20° and 50° South.

Scad - The koheru, Decapterus koheru, is a jack of the genus Decapterus, found only between the North Cape and the East Cape of the North Island of New Zealand, in mid-waters of reef and offshore areas.

Banded driftfish

Angel - The big-scale pomfret, Taractichthys longipinnis, is a pomfret of the family Bramidae, found in the Atlantic ocean, at depths down to 500 m.


Caristius japonicus

Large-scale cigarfish

Brama pauciradiata

Mocosa ruff

Pompano dolphinfish - Pompano dolphinfish have a lifespan of 3 to 4 years.

Symphysanodon disii

Escolar - The snake mackerel, Gempylus serpens, is a species of fish in the monotypic genus Gempylus, belonging to the family Gempylidae .

Plectranthias klausewitzi

Ragfish - The southern driftfish or ragfish, Icichthys australis, is a medusafish of the genus Icichthys found around the world in all southern oceans between latitudes 50° S and 60° S, from the surface down to 2,000 m.

Prickly pomfret

Champsodon nudivittis

Atlantic white marlin - Average size is 45 to 65 lbs , with females reaching relatively larger sizes.

Inca scad

Bluestriped sea chub

Barracuda - The body is elongated and covered with small, scarcely visible scales; the back is an iridescent blue, while the sides are silvery, with a pattern of vertical blue bars.


Stout infantfish - S.


Maldives Slopefish

Bluefin - The southern bluefin tuna is a large, streamlined, fast swimming fish with a long, slender caudal peduncle and relatively short dorsal, pectoral and anal fins.

Bandtail notothen

Bluefish - In South Africa, this fish is commonly known as shad on the east coast, and elf on the west coast.

Gvozdarus balushkini

Pacific pomfret

Marlin sucker

Checked swallowtail

Antarctic silverfish - The Antarctic Silverfish, Pleuragramma antarcticum is a member of the suborder Notothenioidei of the Perciform fishes.

Arctic bonito - It is a streamlined, fast-swimming pelagic fish, common in tropical waters throughout the world, where it inhabits surface waters in large shoals , feeding on fish, crustaceans, cephalopods and mollusks.


Roundscale spearfish - A team of university and government scientists has confirmed the existence of the enigmatic billfish species closely resembling the heavily fished, overexploited white marlin.

Mackerel icefish

Japanese scad

Silver driftfish

Bigeye squaretail

Maori cod - Paranotothenia magellanica, the Maori cod, is also known as Magellanic rockcod, blue notothenia or orange throat notothen.

Dwarf cigarfish

Patagonian toothfish - A close relative, the Antarctic toothfish , is found farther south around the edges of the Antarctic shelf; it also lives in the Ross Sea.

Longfinned albacore - It is found in the open waters of all tropical and temperate oceans, and the Mediterranean Sea.

Pelagic butterfish - The pelagic butterfish, Schedophilus maculatus, is a medusafish of the genus Schedophilus found in all warm oceans.

Akarnax Slopefish

Chiasmodon subniger

Whale remora - The whalesucker, Remora australis, is a species of remora in the family Echeneidae, so named because it attaches itself exclusively to cetaceans.

Neoscombrops atlanticus

Plectranthias lasti

Brown rudderfish

Japanese spearfish - The shortbill spearfish, Tetrapturus angustirostris, is a species of marlin found in Indo-Pacific oceans not far from the surface.

R - The slender suckerfish or lousefish, Phtheirichthys lineatus, is a rare species of remora, family Echeneidae, and the only member of the genus Phtheirichthys.

Yellowtail horse mackerel - The yellowtail horse mackerel is very similar to the greenback horse mackerel but has 68 to 73 lateral line scutes, compared with 76 to 82 for the greenback horse mackerel.

Palm ruff

Hyperoglyphe macrophthalma

Big eye tunny - In Hawaiian, it is one of two species known as ‘ahi; the other is yellowfin tuna.

Black fathead

Parabarossia lanceolata

Naked-head toothfish

Brama myersi

Schedophilus griseolineatus

Mantasucker - The white suckerfish or mantasucker, Remorina albescens, is a species of remora in the family Echeneidae, a group of elongate marine fish with adhesive discs for attaching to larger organisms.

Blackblotch swallowtail

Bigscaled mackerel - The butterfly kingfish, bigscale mackerel, or butterfly mackerel, Gasterochisma melampus, the only species in the genus Gasterochisma, is found around the world in southern temperate waters, down to 200 m in open water.

Broad-bill sword-fish - They are the sole member of their family Xiphiidae.

Arabian blackspot threadfin

Atlantic fanfish


Atlantic longbill spearfish

Plectranthias jothyi

Champsodon longipinnis

Japanese scad

North-west ruffe


Longfin cigarfish

Sala y G

Antarctic toothfish - Though sometimes called the Antarctic Cod, the Antarctic toothfish is quite unrelated to a cod.

Cocinero - The cocinero is classified within the genus Caranx, one of a number of groups known as the jacks or trevallies.

Allison's tuna - The yellowfin tuna is often marketed as ahi tuna, from its Hawaiian name ʻahi although the name ʻahi in Hawaiian also refers to the closely related bigeye tuna.

Schedophilus marmoratus

Cryothenia amphitreta - In November 2004, a researcher by the name of Paul A.

Bald notothen - Growing to a maximum length of about 28 cm , it is yellow with dark spots and irregular crossbars.

Caribbean pomfret

Grey marlinsucker - The spearfish remora, Remora brachyptera, is a remora of the family Echeneidae, found around the world in tropical and subtropical seas.

Plectranthias sheni - This is a deep-bodied fish with large mouth and eyes, growing up to 11 cm standard length.

Pacific black marlin - In 2010, Greenpeace International has added the black marlin to its seafood red list.

Atlantic sailfish - Tests in the 1920s estimated that they were capable of short sprints of up to 111 kilometres per hour, however, a more conservative estimates of 37 to 55 kilometres per hour are more widely accepted .

Order Pristiophoriformes

Tropical sawshark - This is a small species; the maximum known length is 85 cm for females and 63 cm for males .

Order Rajiformes

Pygmy devilray - It is a brownish-grey colour, with a whitish underside.

Bentfin devil ray - The bentfin devil ray, lesser devil ray, smoothtail devil ray, smoothtail mobula, or Thurton's devil ray is a species of fish in the Mobulidae family.

Guilers stingray - The pelagic stingray, Pteroplatytrygon violacea, is a species of stingray in the family Dasyatidae, and the sole member of its genus.

Shortfin devilray

Fanfin skate

Munk's devil ray - The manta de monk, Munk's devil ray, pygmy devil ray, or smoothtail mobula is a species of fish in the Mobulidae family.

Order Salmoniformes

Sockeye salmon or kokanee - Sockeye salmon , also called red salmon or blueback salmon, is an anadromous species of salmon found in the Pacific Ocean.

Order Scorpaeniformes

Lopholiparis flerxi

Pelagic scorpionfish

Psednos carolinae

Order Squaliformes

Fatspine spurdog

Eastern longnose spurdog - Its reproduction is ovoviviparous.

Eastern highfin spurdog - Its reproduction is ovoviviparous.

Kermadec spiny dogfish

Squalus crassispinus - The fatspine spurdog is a rare, small and slender dogfish with a broad head and short snout.

Western longnose spurdog - The western longnose is a rare, small and slender dogfish with a narrow head and long narrow snout.

Western highfin spurdog - Its reproduction is ovoviviparous.

Etmopterus burgessi - Etmopterus burgessi is a newly described lanternshark of the family Dalatiidae in the order Squaliformes.

Edmund's spurdog

Southern Mandarin Dogfish - C.

Bartail spurdog - The bartail spurdog, Squalus notocaudatus, is a dogfish of the family Squalidae, found on the continental shelf off Queensland, Australia, at depths of between 220 and 450 m .

Order Stomiiformes

Eustomias dinema

Eustomias lipochirus

Eustomias borealis

Eustomias grandibulbus

Photonectes dinema

Astronesthes spatulifer

Leptostomias leptobolus

Eustomias triramis

Polyipnus ovatus

Leptostomias analis

Astronesthes lucibucca

Eustomias similis

Polyipnus asper

Eustomias fissibarbis

Eustomias orientalis

Aristostomias xenostoma

Bathophilus abarbatus

Eustomias decoratus

Eustomias kreffti

Photonectes phyllopogon

Eustomias appositus

Eustomias flagellifer

Eustomias woollardi

Leptostomias gracilis

Astronesthes psychrolutes

Melanostomias paucilaternatus

Eustomias tenisoni

Polyipnus limatulus

Eustomias precarius

Astronesthes gibbsi

Eustomias dubius

Eustomias macrophthalmus

Ichthyococcus australis

Eustomias crucis

Eustomias insularum

Deepsea loosejaw

Astronesthes tchuvasovi

Eustomias achirus

Long-threaded dragon fish

Eustomias variabilis

Polyipnus paxtoni

Leptostomias bermudensis

Astronesthes lupina

Borostomias abyssorum

Eustomias simplex

Polyipnus bruuni

Eustomias perplexus

Astronesthes caulophorus

Bathophilus schizochirus

Eustomias deofamiliaris

Eustomias leptobolus


Eustomias arborifer

Scaleless dragonfish

Eustomias xenobolus

Leptostomias haplocaulus

Eustomias teuthidopsis

Polyipnus oluolus

Manducus greyae

Astronesthes longiceps

Eustomias pyrifer

Scaleless dragonfish

Eustomias melanonema

Ichthyococcus intermedius

Eustomias danae

Eustomias intermedius

Photonectes munificus

Leptostomias macropogon

Astronesthes zetgibbsi

Eustomias acinosus

Eustomias vulgaris

Polyipnus surugaensis

Grammatostomias circularis

Leptostomias bilobatus

Astronesthes oligoa

Melanostomias margaritifer

Eustomias suluensis

Polyipnus danae

Eustomias polyaster

Astronesthes fedorovi

Order Syngnathiformes

Cosmocampus retropinnis

Order Tetraodontiformes

Slender sunfish - Close-up of the head of a slender sunfish

Southern sunfish