Antarctic toothfish

Though sometimes called the Antarctic Cod, the Antarctic toothfish is quite unrelated to a cod.

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The Antarctic toothfish lives in the pelagic-oceanic, marine, depth range 0 - 1600 m environment.

The Antarctic toothfish, of the fish family Nototheniidae, is famous for producing antifreeze glycoprotein that allows it to survive in the ice-laden waters of the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica. More

A close relative, the Antarctic toothfish (Dissostichus mawsoni), is found farther south around the edges of the Antarctic shelf; it also lives in the Ross Sea. More

Studying Antarctic toothfish and the special proteins in their bodies that help them thrive in subfreezing waters Cassandra Brooks Cassandra Brooks is a graduate student in Marine Science at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML) in California. More

6: Finding the role of Antarctic toothfish in the Ross Sea ecosystem 7: Decline of Antarctic toothfish and its predators in McMurdo Sound and the Southern Ross sea, and recommendations for its restoration - Arthur L. More

* Antarctic toothfish fishery in the Ross Sea * Distribution, demography, and discard mortality of crabs caught as bycatch in an experimental pot fishery for toothfish in the South Atlantic - Dissostichus eleginoides More

about the Antarctic toothfish and not mention the Pantagonian species. Both are similar in appearance, a grayish white color, with sizes up to 8 feet in excess of 200 pounds. (2.3 m/91 kg.) although something around 20 pounds is the usual catch. More

the Patagonian toothfish and Antarctic toothfish, for all member States in order to prevent fishing from reaching levels of overexploitation; FURTHER NOTING that CCAMLR, at its 21st meeting, urged CITES Parties to require a document under More

Antarctic toothfish has very similar biological characteristics, but is thought to grow a bit slower than Patagonian toothfish, and has a smaller maximum length (estimated at around 1.8 metres). More

Because of its similarity, the Antarctic toothfish is also disappearing. In just three years, the population of Patagonian toothfish around Prince Edward and Marion islands, off the coast of South Africa, was reduced by 90%. More

The rare Antarctic toothfish may be the poster fauna for vanishing marine biodiversity. More

appearance and habits but the Antarctic Toothfish is found in the high latitude region close to the Antarctic continent whereas the Patagonian Toothfish is found in sub-Antarctic waters on shelves around islands and submarine banks. blue. More

Finding the role of Antarctic toothfish in the Ross Sea ecosystem = Home › News & Publications › Publications › Water & Atmosphere › Vol.15 No. More

understand how exactly the Antarctic toothfish adapted to life in waters colder than 32 degrees Fahrenheit. But she was decidedly unprepared for the sight of the slimy creature they hauled to the surface. More

the Antarctic toothfish appears to be the next target of the longliners in southern oceans. Before you buy a filet, you may want to check out the Seafood Watch at; that cautions consumers to avoid buying Chilean seabass because populations are reportedly in danger of collapse. More

Common names

Antar polarny in Polish (polski)
Antarctic blenny in English
Antarctic cod in English
Antarctic toothfish in English
Antarktisk isfisk in Danish (dansk)
Austromerluza antártica in Spanish (español)
Giant Antarctic cod in English
Légine antarctique in French (français)
Marlonga-do-Antárctico in Portuguese (Português)
Riesen-Antarktisdorsch in German (Deutsch)
鱗頭犬牙南極魚 in Mandarin Chinese
鳞头犬牙南极鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Nototheniidae
Genus : Dissostichus
Species : Dissostichus mawsoni
Authority : Norman, 1937