Adult salmon sharks are medium grey to black over most of the body, with a white underside with darker blotches.

The Porbeagle lives in the pelagic-oceanic, oceanodromous, marine, depth range 0 - 650 m , usually 0 - 152 m environment.

Like shortfin mako sharks, porbeagles possess a body heat regulatory mechanism that can raise their temperature several degrees higher than that of the surrounding water. As a result, they function efficiently in the freezing water off the coasts of Iceland and Chile. More

Porbeagle Shark, be prepared for a logistical nightmare. For many years I have dreamed of seeing a Porbeagle. Somewhere between a Great White and a Mako, it is famous among fishermen for its pitbull-like endurance and fighting spirit. More

Range of porbeagle (in blue) Greyreefsharksmall2.jpg Sharks portal The porbeagle, Lamna nasus, is a pelagic predatory shark of the family Lamnidae. More

porbeagle is a stout large shark with large black eyes, a pointed snout (slightly longer and more pointed than salmon shark's), and small, smooth, narrow teeth. More

Recognition: The porbeagle has a conical snout, a first dorsal fin originating over or anterior to the pectoral fin axil, and a lunate tail with a secondary keel. The teeth are smooth edged and have lateral cusps. More

The porbeagle is a stout shark that is blue-gray on top and white underneath with a white patch on the trailing edge of the first dorsal fin. More

porbeagle n : voracious pointed-nose shark of northern Atlantic and Pacific User Contributed Dictionary = English - Noun 1. More

Blue shark success is fairly predictable, but the porbeagle situation is far from straightforward. Atlantic coast waters have not fished well for this heavyweight variety of shark for some years. More

Porbeagles can be solitary or occur in schools. Usually migrates extensively at least in the northern Atlantic, and may aggregate by sex and size. An active, strong swimmer, capable of leaping out of water when captured. More

The porbeagle is a stout, heavy shark with a pointed, conical snout and a crescent-shaped caudal, or tail, fin. Its name is thought to arise from a combination of ‘porpoise’ referring to its shape, and ‘beagle’ referring to its hunting ability. More

Porbeagle, close up of ampullae of Lorenzini Porbeagle, close up of ampullae of Lorenzini © Andy Murch / Elasmodiver.com Porbeagle, close up of jaws Porbeagle, close up of jaws© William J. Howes / www.flpa-images.co. More

Porbeagle Shark Fish Species Information Scientific Fish Name: Lamna nasus Other Fish Species Names: Regions Fished: North America, from New Jersey to Greenland and from the northwestern coast of Africa, Morocco or More

Porbeagle sharks looks much like a mako, but it isn't known for it's jumping or high speed runs. It is known as a glutten for mackerel, and you can often find them when the mackerel are thick. They are even known to run in "packs" of several individuals. More

The Porbeagle is among the very few fishes that seem to exhibit play behavior. There have been a few, sporadic accounts More

Not surprisingly, photographing a Porbeagle is no easy task. They have good reason to fear humans. In the last few decades Porbeagle populations have been decimated by over-fishing and those that remain need to be protected. More

The porbeagle is however not dangerous to man. The shark can be found worldwide in temperat waters (5 - 18° C) and it appears both alone and in shoals. Sometimes it can be seen close to the surface. More

The porbeagle was first validly described as Squalus nasus by Bonnaterre in 1788. Gunnerus had described it earlier in 1768 as Squalus glaucus, but this name was already in use for the blue shark, now Prionace glauca. More

PORBEAGLE; BLUE DOG (IN GULF OF MAINE) Mackerel shark (Lamna nasus) Figure 5.—Mackerel shark (Lamna nasus) about 37 inches long, Nahant, Massachusetts. More

The porbeagle is a wide-ranging, coastal and oceanic shark, but with apparently little exchange between adjacent populations. More

porbeagle shark fishing industry also played a significant role in the success of this research program. Indeed, the support for this program by the Canadian shark fishing industry was second to none, despite the fact that it was independent of any present or future fishing quotas. More

Many times a porbeagle is mistaken for a mako. They look a lot alike, and people don't know much about porbeagles. Most people don't see a lot of either species. More

A 675 lb porbeagle was caught off an oil rig in western Norway porbeagle_mature_male.jpg (56376 bytes) porbhdtri.JPG (5271 bytes) salmon big Dave P.jpg (51861 bytes) There are 2 Lamna species . Lamna nasus, and Lamna ditropis. More

the Porbeagle's eye rolls back in its socket revealing a toughened pad that limits injury. More

The porbeagle is a member of the group known as the mackerel sharks-Isuridae or Lamnidae-probably the most notorious of all shark families. More

porbeagleporbeagle - voracious pointed-nose shark of northern Atlantic and PacificLamna nasusmackerel shark - fierce pelagic and oceanic sharksgenus Lamna, Lamna - a genus of Lamnidae How to thank TFD for its existence? Tell a friend about us, add a link to More

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Common names

Atlantischer Heringshai in German (Deutsch)
Calderón in Spanish (español)
Heringshai in German (Deutsch)
K'wet'thenéchte in Salish
Lachshai in German (Deutsch)
Lami in French (français)
Lamie in French (français)
Lamna ditropis in Italian (Italiano)
Lamna dwustepkowa in Polish (polski)
Laxhaj in Swedish (Svenska)
Loutre de mer in French (français)
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Mackerel shark in English
Maraiche in French (français)
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Marraix in Catalan (Català)
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Marrajo in Spanish (español)
Marrajo salmón in Spanish (español)
Marraquet in Spanish (español)
Mélantoun in French (français)
Menschenhai in German (Deutsch)
Nezumizame in Japanese (日本語)
Pacifische haringhaai in Dutch (Nederlands)
Pacifíscher Heringshai in German (Deutsch)
Pacifisk Sildehaj in Danish (dansk)
Pazifischer Heringshai in German (Deutsch)
Porbeagle in English
Žralok lososí in Czech (česky)
Requin long-nez in French (français)
Requin saumon in French (français)
Requin taupe saumon in French (français)
Requin-taupe saumon in French (français)
salmon shark in English
Smeriglio del Pacifico in Italian (Italiano)
Squale-nez in French (français)
Stillehavs-sildehaj in Danish (dansk)
Stilllehavssildehaj in Danish (dansk)
Tauló in Spanish (español)
Taupe de mer in French (français)
Taupe du Pacifíque in French (français)
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Tiburón carito in Spanish (español)
Tiburón salmón in Spanish (español)
Touille boeuf in French (français)
Touille-boeuf in French (français)
Tubaráo-sardo do Japão in Portuguese (Português)
Zalmhaai in Dutch (Nederlands)
Žralok lososí in Czech (česky)
акула лососевая in Russian (русский язык)
Акула сельдевая тихоокеанская in Russian (русский язык)
акула тихоокеанская сельдевая in Russian (русский язык)
ネズミザメ in Japanese (日本語)
太平洋鼠鯊 in Mandarin Chinese
太平洋鼠鲨 in Mandarin Chinese
악상어 in Korean (한국어)

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Order : Lamniformes
Family : Lamnidae
Genus : Lamna
Species : Lamna ditropis
Authority : Hubbs and Follett, 1947