Southern Mandarin Dogfish


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Original source: Compagno, Leonard; Dando, Marc & Fowler, Sarah (2005). Sharks of the World. Collins Field Guides. ISBN 0-00-713610-2.
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The Southern Mandarin Dogfish lives in the pelagic-oceanic, marine, depth range 360 - 640 m environment.

Southern Mandarin Dogfish Cirrhigaleus australis Southern Ocean Sunfish Mola ramsayi Southern Peacock Sole Pardachirus hedleyi Southern Pygmy Leatherjacket Brachaluteres jacksonianus Southern Red Scorpionfish Scorpaena papillosa Southern Ribbonfish Trachipterus jacksoniensis Southern Roughy Trachichthys australis Southern More

as the Southern Mandarin Dogfish, is a ... 6 KB (726 words) - 0011, 21 March 2009 * Baptisia australisBaptisia australis, commonly known as Blue Wild Indigo or Blue False Indigo, is a ... More

Common names

Southern Mandarin Dogfish in English

Order : Squaliformes
Family : Squalidae
Genus : Cirrhigaleus
Species : Cirrhigaleus australis
Authority : White, Last & Stevens,2007