Streamer fish

The Streamer fish lives in the pelagic-oceanic, marine environment.

to float the river and streamer fish on what was supposed to be a day of beautiful weather. Unfortunately no-one was in the mood to go float the river except me. More

One of the overlooked keys to streamer fishing is the action you impart on the fly. This is best accomplished by using your rod tip to move the fly rather than simply stripping in line. More

Streamer fishing from a boat or raft involves casting the streamer to pockets along the bank or working cover such as log jams, over hanging brush or grass, rocks, and shady spots. More

streamer fishing this time of year and these big trout are all looking for fish to eat. I'm always looking for the perfect gear and today had my two top 9wts with me - Sage Xi3 and Winston BIIMX. More

Streamer fishing for Chinook & Coho Salmon on the Betsie Lake, Platte River, Platte Bay, Lake Michigan. September 2006 - Fly fishing the shoreline of Platte Bay right near the mouth of the river has been excellent. More

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Common names

Benham's streamerfish in English
oarfish in English
Ribbonfish in English
Serpentinfisk in Danish (dansk)
Streamer fish in English
Wimpelvis in Afrikaans
派氏長體皇帶魚 in Mandarin Chinese
派氏长体皇带鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Lampriformes
Family : Regalecidae
Genus : Agrostichthys
Species : Agrostichthys parkeri
Authority : Benham, 1904