Eastern highfin spurdog

Its reproduction is ovoviviparous.

The Eastern highfin spurdog lives in the pelagic-oceanic, marine, depth range 131 - 450 m environment.

* Eastern highfin spurdogEastern highfin spurdog The eastern highfin spurdog, Squalus sp. B, is a dogfish which is undescribed species. More

No image of Eastern Highfin spurdog found in the Shark Database Range Map Earth Map Names Scientific: Squalus sp. nov. More

The poorly known Eastern Highfin Spurdog is very similar in biology to the Bartail Spurdog and the Western Spurdog. Its range is limited to the waters around Queensland, Australia, at depths up to 1,475 feet. Habitat: Pelagic; tropical continental shelf, up to 1,475 ft. More

Common names

Eastern highfin spurdog in English

Order : Squaliformes
Family : Squalidae
Genus : Squalus
Species : Squalus albifrons
Authority : Last, White & Stevens, 2007