Bathypelagic fish - Fish living in the bathypelagic environment

The bathyal zone or bathypelagic – from Greek βαθύς , deep – is the pelagic zone that extends from a depth of 1000 to 4000 meters below the ocean surface. It lies between the mesopelagic above, and the abyssopelagic below.

Order Anguilliformes

Avocettina bowersii

Saurenchelys taiwanensis

Black serrivomerid eel - Stemonidium hypomelas is widely distributed in the Pacific Ocean and the southern Atlantic Ocean, at depths of 500-1,229 m.

Nessorhamphus danae

Nemichthys larseni

Sawtooth eel - The Samoa sawtooth eel, Serrivomer samoensis, is a sawtooth eel of the genus Serrivomer, found in the south west Pacific at depths between 500 and 2,000 m.

Black sawtooth eel

Benthenchelys indicus

Dogface witch-eel

Acromycter longipectoralis

Crossthroat sawpalate

Labichthys yanoi

Avocettina paucipora

Duckbill oceanic eel

Muddy arrowtooth eel - The muddy arrowtooth eel, Ilyophis brunneus, is a cutthroat eel, the only species in the genus Ilyophis.

Leptocephalus bellottii

Serrivomer schmidti

Serrivomer danae

Avocettina acuticeps

Benthenchelys pacificus

Spotted snipe eel - The eel lives at depths of up to 2,000 m.

Black saw-toothed eel

Bean's sawtooth eel

Chlopsis longidens

Bathymyrus echinorhynchus

Narrownecked oceanic eel - The skin is scaleless and red-brown.

Leptocephalus congroides

Serrivomer garmani

Labichthys carinatus

Order Ateleopodiformes

Parateleopus microstomus

Order Aulopiformes

Scopelarchoides kreffti

Macroparalepis longilateralis

Sharpchin barracudina


Chubby pearleye

White barracudina

Hammerjaw - The large head is dominated by a massive, truncated lower jaw and large, high-set eyes.

Scopelosaurus adleri

Zugmayer's pearleye

Ahliesaurus berryi

Lestidium prolixum

Stemonosudis siliquiventer

Slender barracudina

Uncisudis posteropelvis

Bigfin pearleye


Stemonosudis gracilis

Atlantic sabretooth

Lestidiops extrema

Scopelarchoides climax

Daggertooth - Anotopterus vorax or south ocean daggertooth is a daggertooth described in 1913 by Regan.



Scopelosaurus mauli


Magnisudis indica

Atlantic barracudina

Strange pike smelt

Uncisudis advena

Scopelarchoides nicholsi


Stemonosudis molesta

Stemonosudis bullisi


Lancet fish - Lancetfishes are large oceanic predatory fishes in the genus Alepisaurus , the only living genus in the family Alepisauridae.

Ahliesaurus brevis

Longfin pearleye

Scopelosaurus craddocki

Evermannella ahlstromi

Japanese barracudina

Paralepis speciosa

Antarctic jonasfish

Lestidiops similis


Scopelarchus stephensi

Macroparalepis danae

Stemonosudis intermedia

Coccorella atrata

Lestidiops indopacifica

Scopelarchoides danae

Undistinguished sabretooth

Benthalbella elongata

Southern barracudina

Lestidium bigelowi

Lestidiops pacificus

Uncisudis longirostra

Scopelarchoides signifer

Macroparalepis nigra

Dolichosudis fuliginosa

Stemonosudis rothschildi

Stemonosudis elegans


Daggertooth - The North Pacific daggertooth, Anotopterus nikparini, is a daggertooth in the family Anotopteridae.

Fierce pike smelt

Conejo de lo alto - Lancetfishes are large oceanic predatory fishes in the genus Alepisaurus , the only living genus in the family Alepisauridae.

Benthalbella macropinna

Scopelosaurus gibbsi

Evermannella megalops

Naked barracuda


Order Beryciformes

Hoplostethus druzhinini

Shorthorn fangtooth - While understandably named for their disproportionately large, fang-like teeth and unapproachable visage, fangtooths are actually quite small and harmless to humans: the larger of the two species, the common fangtooth, reaches a maximum length of just 16 centimetres ; the shortthorn fangtooth is about half this size.

Parin's spiny fin

Common roughy - The sandpaper fish or common roughy, Paratrachichthys trailli, is a slimehead belonging to the family Trachichthyidae, found in southern Australia and southern New Zealand at depths of between 50 and 400 m.

Hoplostethus shubnikovi

Hoplostethus mikhailini


Aulotrachichthys prosthemius

Hoplostethus confinis

Paratrachichthys fernandezianus

Hoplostethus rifti

Slimy head

Hoplostethus fedorovi

Common fangtooth - While understandably named for their disproportionately large, fang-like teeth and unapproachable visage, fangtooths are actually quite small and harmless to humans: the larger of the two species, the common fangtooth, reaches a maximum length of just 16 centimetres ; the shortthorn fangtooth is about half this size.

Longwing spinyfin

Parinoberyx horridus

Hoplostethus tenebricus

Atlantic roughy

Hoplostethus marisrubri

Hoplostethus crassispinus

Paratrachichthys sajademalensis

Hoplostethus rubellopterus

Hoplostethus metallicus

Hoplostethus fragilis

Aulotrachichthys latus

Hoplostethus abramovi

Parmops echinatus

Diretmoides veriginae

Paratrachichthys argyrophanus

Slimy head

Hoplostethus melanopterus

Order Carcharhiniformes

Whitefin swellshark - Early specimens of the whitefin swellshark were often mistaken for the Australian swellshark or the draughtsboard shark .

Black roughscale catshark - The flatnose cat shark, Apristurus acanutus, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found in the northwest Pacific Ocean off Zhujiang, South China Sea.

Narrowbar swellshark - In 1994, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation chief researchers Peter Last and John Stevens applied the provisional name Cephaloscyllium "sp.

Stout catshark - Apristurus fedorovi, or Federov's catshark, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae.

Springer's sawtail cat shark - The Springer's sawtail cat shark, Galeus springeri, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found in the western central Atlantic from Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico, the north coast of Hispaniola, and Cuba, at depths of between 450 and 700 m.

Australian reticulate swellshark - Once thought to be the same species as the reticulated swellshark of Vietnam and Hainan, the Australian reticulate swellshark was described as a separate species by William White and David Ebert in a 2008 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation publication.

Pale spotted catshark - The pale spotted spotted catshark, Asymbolus pallidus, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found only off Queensland, at depths of between 225 and 400 m.

Fat catshark - Apristurus pinguis, the fat catshark, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found only in deep water in the East China Sea.

White ghost catshark - Apristurus aphyodes, the white ghost catshark, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found in deep water in the northeast Atlantic between latitudes 57°N and 58°N.

Apristurus internatus - Reproduction is oviparous.

Saddled swellshark - In 1994, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation chief researchers Peter Last and John Stevens recognized five undescribed swellsharks in Australian waters.

Haploblepharus kistnasamyi - This species was once considered to be the "Natal" form of the puffadder shyshark, which differed from the main "Cape" form in appearance and habitat preferences.

Spatulasnout cat shark - The spatulasnout cat shark, Apristurus platyrhynchus, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found in the western Pacific between latitudes 35° N and 1° N.

Apristurus australis - The pinocchio catshark, Apristurus australis, is a species of fish in the Scyliorhinidae family.

Order Cetomimiformes

Danacetichthys galathenus

Parataeniophorus gulosus

Festive ribbonfish

Cetomimus teevani

Megalomycter teevani

Trunov southern cetomimid

Cetichthys parini

Redmouth whalefish - Like the plant genus of the same name, this genus is named after Guillaume Rondelet.

Ditropichthys storeri

Ataxolepis henactis

Procetichthys kreffti

Gyrinomimus myersi

Cetomimus kerdops

Savage's birdsnouted whalefish

Gyrinomimus bruuni

Cetomimus gillii

Gyrinomimus simplex

Parataeniophorus brevis

Cetomimus picklei

Cetichthys indagator

Ataxolepis apus

Flabby whalefish - Gyrinomimus grahami is a flabby whalefish of the genus Gyrinomimus, found in all the southern oceans.

Vitiaziella cubiceps

Pink flabby whalefish


Order Chimaeriformes

Hydrolagus lusitanicus


Order Gadiformes

Hymenocephalus antraeus

Kumba hebetata

Parin's grenadier

Coelorinchus melanosagmatus

Coryphaenoides striaturus

Coryphaenoides microps

Rhynchogadus hepaticus

Gadomus multifilis


Bristly grenadier

Gadella brocca

Physiculus therosideros

Fragile grenadier

Physiculus nigriscens

Morid cod - The slender codling or slender cod, Halargyreus johnsonii, is a morid cod, the only species in the genus Halargyreus.

Narrowsnout grenadier

Bighead mora

Echinomacrurus mollis

Coelorinchus vityazae

Graceful grenadier - This is one of the smallest of the rattails, growing to no more than 13 cm in length.

Kumba musorstom

Kumba calvifrons

Blunt-nosed grenadier

Coryphaenoides semiscaber

Muraenolepis andriashevi

Gadomus capensis

Squalogadus modificatus

Naked snout rattail

Coryphaenoides mcmillani

Bighead grenadier

Dogtooth grenadier

Physiculus roseus

Sturgeon-like grenadier fish

Sphagemacrurus richardi

Bathygadus spongiceps

Couch's whiting - Exploitation of blue whiting only started in the 1970s.

Bathypelagic rattail

Hymenocephalus aterrimus

Kumba japonica - This fish reaches a length of up to 18 cm.

Bluntsnout grenadier

Coelorinchus nazcaensis

Myers' grenadier

Tripterophycis svetovidovi

Gadella edelmanni

Coryphaenoides grahami

Physiculus parini

Pugnose grenadier

Roundhead grenadier

Large-eye grenadier

Dusky rattail

Globehead grenadier

Kumba punctulata

Striped codlet

Hymenocephalus striatulus

Macrouroides inflaticeps

Smallhead moray cod

Kumba gymnorhynchus

Bluntnose grenadier

Coryphaenoides spinulosus

Finescale mora

Arctic cod - It is widely distributed in the western part of the Arctic basin, also the northwest and northeast coasts of Greenland.

Threadfin grenadier

Mediterranean grenadier

Carmine grenadier

Trachonurus sentipellis

Physiculus sazonovi

Slendertail grenadier

Physiculus longifilis

Shortbeard grenadier

Javelin fish - The thorntooth grenadier or javelin fish, Lepidorhynchus denticulatus , is a rattail, the only member of the genus Lepidorhynchus, found around southern Australia and New Zealand, at depths of between 200 and 1,000 m.

Ventrifossa paxtoni

Laemonema melanurum

Berry's grenadier

Hymenocephalus barbatulus

Kumba maculisquama

Guttigadus nudicephalus

Kaiwi Channel grenadier

Coelorinchus trunovi

Nezumia cyrano

Bighead grenadier - The rudis rattail, Coryphaenoides rudis, is a fish of the family Macrouridae, found around the world in tropical and subtropical oceans, at depths between 600 and 2,300 m.

Goggly-eyed cod - The common mora, Mora moro, is a small deep-sea fish, the only species in the genus Mora.

Doublethread grenadier

Coryphaenoides macrolophus

Physiculus peregrinus

Sphagemacrurus pumiliceps

Coryphaenoides camurus

Patagonian codling

Grenadier fish

Whitson's grenadier


Order Lampriformes

Scalloped ribbon fish - The scalloped ribbonfish, Zu cristatus, is a ribbonfish of the family Trachipteridae found circumglobally in all oceans, at depths down to 90 m.

Crested oarfish


Ribbon fish - Trachipterus trachypterus, is a ribbonfish of the family Trachipteridae, found in tropical and subtropical seas worldwide.

Sticklebacks - It is found in deep subtropical and tropical waters around the world, living at depths during the day and making nightly vertical migrations to feed on plankton.

Taper-tail ribbonfish

Unicorn crestfish - The unicorn crestfish or unicornfish, Eumecichthys fiski, is a very rare, little-known species of crestfish in the family Lophotidae, and the only member of its genus.

Regalecus russelii

Southern ribbonfish

Order Lophiiformes

Linophryne maderensis

Gigantactis balushkini

Melanocetus eustalus

Himantolophus azurlucens

Oneirodes dicromischus

Tyrannophryne pugnax - The most distinctive feature of T.

Haplophryne triregium

Oneirodes bradburyae

Spiny dreamer

Linophryne digitopogon

Pentherichthys venustus

Chirophryne xenolophus

Spiniphryne duhameli - Spiniphryne, also called spiny dreamers, is a genus of deep-sea anglerfish in the family Oneirodidae, containing two species.

Gigantactis watermani

Oneirodes rosenblatti

Linophryne bicornis

Caulophryne polynema

Diceratias trilobus

Gigantactis microdontis

Chaenophryne ramifera

Plainchin dreamarm

Himantolophus nigricornis

Smooth anglerfish

Linophryne algibarbata

Himantolophus macroceras

Oneirodes macrosteus

Gigantactis kreffti

Lasiognathus saccostoma - The closest relative of Lasiognathus is Thaumatichthys, which also has enlarged and hinged premaxillaries, escal denticles, and a branched upper operculum.

Melanocetus rossi

Himantolophus compressus

Oneirodes haplonema

Ctenochirichthys longimanus

Linophryne polypogon

Gigantactis gibbsi

Dolopichthys dinema

Himantolophus albinares

Oneirodes clarkei

Linophryne lucifer

Linophryne coronata

Horned lantern fish - The horned lantern fish occurs in the Pacific Ocean from Baja California south to the Marquesas Islands and the Gulf of California.

Oneirodes appendixus

Rhynchactis macrothrix

Oneirodes schmidti

Puck pinnata

Pacific footballfish

Oneirodes posti

Linophryne arcturi

Caulophryne pelagica

Gigantactis savagei

Gigantactis macronema

Smooth dreamer

Himantolophus melanolophus

Oneirodes mirus

Whalehead dreamer

Bufoceratias wedli

Phyllorhinichthys micractis - P.

Linophryne sexfilis

Gigantactis herwigi

Dolopichthys pullatus

Lasiognathus beebei - The closest relative of Lasiognathus is Thaumatichthys, which also has enlarged and hinged premaxillaries, escal denticles, and a branched upper operculum.

Himantolophus danae

Oneirodes luetkeni

Linophryne parini

Gigantactis elsmani

Blackdevil - The humpback anglerfish or blackdevil, Melanocetus johnsonii, is a deep-sea anglerfish in the family Melanocetidae, found in tropical to temperate parts of all oceans at depths of up to 2,000 meters .

Himantolophus borealis

Nightmare dreamer

Bulbous dreamer

Oneirodes thysanema

Linophryne escaramosa

Pietschichthys horridus

Prickly dreamer - Spiniphryne, also called spiny dreamers, is a genus of deep-sea anglerfish in the family Oneirodidae, containing two species.

Oneirodes alius

Oneirodes sabex

Danaphryne nigrifilis

Linophryne bipennata

Linophryne andersoni

Gigantactis microphthalmus

Torpedo batfish

Himantolophus paucifilosus

Oneirodes pietschi

Lasiognathus waltoni - The closest relative of Lasiognathus is Thaumatichthys, which also has enlarged and hinged premaxillaries, escal denticles, and a branched upper operculum.

Himantolophus macroceratoides

Oneirodes melanocauda

Bufoceratias shaoi

Gigantactis longicauda

Acentrophryne dolichonema

Dolopichthys jubatus

Himantolophus cornifer

Oneirodes heteronema

Linophryne quinqueramosa

Gigantactis golovani

Stargazing seadevil

Prickly anglerfish - The prickly anglerfish, Himantolophus appelii, is a footballfish of the family Himantolophidae, found around the world in the southern oceans , in deep water.

Oneirodes cristatus

Linophryne macrodon

Rhynchactis microthrix

Oneirodes theodoritissieri

Linophryne densiramus

Haplophryne mollis - Some anglerfishes of the superfamily Ceratioidei employ an unusual mating method.

Oneirodes basili

Oneirodes pterurus

Linophryne argyresca

Caulophryne pietschi

Cosmopolitan whipnose

Two-rod anglerfish

Gigantactis meadi

Smooth dreamer

Himantolophus multifurcatus

Oneirodes myrionemus

Lophodolos indicus

Linophryne trewavasae

Gigantactis ios

Lasiognathus intermedius - The closest relative of Lasiognathus is Thaumatichthys, which also has enlarged and hinged premaxillaries, escal denticles, and a branched upper operculum.

Atlantic footballfish

Oneirodes macronema

Murray's abyssal anglerfish

Himantolophus brevirostris

Oneirodes flagellifer

Triplewart seadevil

Linophryne pennibarbata

Gigantactis gargantua

Bulbous dreamer

Robia legula

Oneirodes whitleyi

Linophryne indica

Photocorynus spiniceps - The known mature male individuals are 6.

Oneirodes anisacanthus

Rhynchactis leptonema

Oneirodes schistonema

Linophryne brevibarbata

Himantolophus pseudalbinares

Oneirodes plagionema

Deepsea angler - Linophryne arborifera, or illuminated netdevil, is an anglerfish of the family Linophrynidae, found in all tropical and subtropical oceans at depths below 1,000 m .

Gigantactis paxtoni

Himantolophus mauli

Oneirodes micronema

Bufoceratias thele

Phyllorhinichthys balushkini - P.

Gigantactis longicirra

Acentrophryne longidens

Gigantactis gracilicauda

Dolopichthys karsteni

Lasiognathus amphirhamphus - The closest relative of Lasiognathus is Thaumatichthys, which also has enlarged and hinged premaxillaries, escal denticles, and a branched upper operculum.

Himantolophus crinitus

Oneirodes kreffti

Short-rod anglerfish

Linophryne racemifera

Order Myctophiformes


Golden lanternfish


Horned lanternfish

Lampanyctus tenuiformis

Taaningichthys paurolychnus

Evermann's lantern fish

Diaphus aliciae

Popeye lampfish


Diaphus ostenfeldi

Pinpoint lampfish

Slendertail lanternfish

Rakery beaconlamp


Protomyctophum luciferum

Spinycheek lanternfish

Diaphus megalops

Nannobrachium idostigma

Diaphus kuroshio

Nannobrachium crypticum

Lampadena pontifex

Arctic telescope

Electrona antarctica

Japanese lanternfish

Fragile lantern fish

Wisner's lantern fish

Diaphus thiollierei

Gymnoscopelus opisthopterus

Gymnoscopelus braueri


Metelectrona ahlstromi

Diaphus dahlgreni

Myctophum lychnobium

Diaphus similis

Transparent lantern fish

Lampanyctus simulator


Diaphus arabicus

Reinhardt's lantern fish

Benoit's lanternfish

Parvilux boschmai


Black lantern fish

Gonichthys barnesi

Large-scaled lantern fish

Brokenline lanternfish

Bigeye lanternfish

Highseas lampfish

Diaphus lucidus

Nannobrachium gibbsi

Lampadena yaquinae


Chubby flashlightfish


Topside lampfish


Hudson's lanternfish


Diaphus whitleyi

Diaphus ehrhorni

Myctophum orientale

Diaphus taaningi

Gymnoscopelus microlampas

Blue lanternfish

Short-headed lantern fish

Myctophum fissunovi

Diaphus richardsoni

Warming's lantern fish - Warming's lantern fish, Ceratoscopelus warmingii, is a lanternfish of the family Myctophidae, found circumglobally in both hemispheres, at depths of between 700 and 1,500 m during the day and between 20 and 200 m at night.

Lampanyctus turneri

Gonichthys venetus

Slimtail lampfish

Symbolophorus rufinus

Andersen's lantern fish

Bolinichthys nikolayi


Diaphus pallidus

Broadfin lampfish

Nannobrachium indicum

Pig-headed lantern fish

Lampanyctus hubbsi


Skinnycheek lanternfish

Spothead lantern fish

Diaphus lobatus


Nannobrachium cuprarium

Longfin lanternfish

Mirror lanterfish

Protomyctophum bolini

Electron subantarctic

Diaphus garmani

Doflein's false headlightfish

Spiny lantern fish

Diaphus trachops


Smallfin lanternfish

Gymnoscopelus fraseri

Metelectrona ventralis

Diaphus dehaveni

Lantern fish



Bolin's lantern fish

Longfin lampfish

Taaningichthys minimus

Diaphus basileusi

Triphoturus oculeum

Gilbert's large lantern fish


Hygophum bruuni

Diaphus nielseni

Nannobrachium phyllisae


Neoscopelus microchir


Barnards lanternfishes - Symbolophorus barnardi is a lanternfish in the family Myctophidae, found circumglobally in the southern hemisphere between about 30° S and 11° S at depths of between 100 and 800 m.

Spinytail lampfish

Protomyctophum gemmatum


Hintonia candens

Mead's lanternfish



Protomyctophum andriashevi


Diaphus jenseni

Nannobrachium bristori

Diaphus faustinoi

Spotted laternfish

Taaning's lantern fish


Tarletonbeania taylori

Golden-nosed lantern fish

Myctophum indicum

Diaphus roei

Lampanyctus vadulus

Krefftichthys anderssoni


Diaphus antonbruuni


Lantern fish

Diaphus parri

Nannobrachium wisneri

Smallfin lanternfish

Thickhead lanternfish

Diaphus minax


Lampanyctus iselinoides

Protomyctophum parallelum

Diaphus longleyi

Laura's lantern fish

Nannobrachium fernae

Lampadena urophaos atlantica

Protomyctophum chilense

Electrona paucirastra - Electrona paucirastra is a lanternfish in the family Myctophidae, found around the globe in the southern hemisphere between 35° S and 48° S.

Diaphus handi

Cocco's lantern fish

Lantern fish

Diaphus umbroculus

Lampadena dea

Diaphus subtilis

Garnet lanternfish

Gymnoscopelus hintonoides

Diaphus drachmanni

Pacific blackchin


Order Notacanthiformes

Longnose tapirfish

Aldrovandia rostrata

Halosaurus parvipennis

Aldrovandia gracilis - Aldrovandia gracilis is a species of fish in the Halosauridae family.

Halosaurus carinicauda

Bonapart's spiny eel

Halosaurus sinensis

Polyacanthonotus africanus

Aldrovandia oleosa


Notacanthus indicus

Halosaurus attenuatus

Order Ophidiiformes

Bassozetus zenkevitchi

Barathronus pacificus

Brotulotaenia nigra

Barathrites parri

Bony-eared assfish

Aphyonus bolini

Marshall slopebrotula

Barathronus diaphanus

Leucobrotula adipata

Violet cuskeel

Abyssobrotula galatheae - Though uncommon, this species is known from the tropical and subtropical waters of all oceans.

Apagesoma edentatum

Barathronus parfaiti

Thalassobathia nelsoni

Barathronus bicolor

Aphyonus brevidorsalis

Lamprogrammus niger

Parabrotula plagiophthalmus

Barathronus multidens

Brotulotaenia nielseni

Two-spined slopebrotula

Gunther's cuskeel

Alcockia rostrata

Nielsen's catetyx

Barathronus unicolor

Barathronus bruuni

Pelagic brotula

Parabrotula tanseimaru

Brotulotaenia brevicauda

Apagesoma delosommatus

Order Osmeriformes

Bluethroat argentine

Dolichopteryx rostrata

Mentodus perforatus

Mentodus crassus

Bathylagus tenuis

Streaklight tubeshoulder

Dolichopteryx anascopa

Matsuichthys aequipinnis

Leptoderma affinis

Ghost smelt

Bighead searsid


Bluntsnout slickhead

Bathytroctes pappenheimi

Eared blacksmelt

Narcetes lloydi

Elongate smooth-head

Bajacalifornia arcylepis

Normichthys herringi

Hairfin smooth-head

Rouleina euryops

Bathytroctes inspector

Pacific barreleye - Macropinna microstoma is the only species of fish in the genus Macropinna, belonging to Opisthoproctidae, the barreleye family. M.

Nansenia longicauda

Nansenia ahlstromi

Dolichopteryx minuscula

Mentodus longirostris

Fangtooth smooth-head

Mirrorbelly - The 'mirrorbelly' or 'barreleye' is a barreleye of the genus Opisthoproctus, is found in most deep tropical and subtropical oceans and seas, from depths of 200 to 2,000 m.

Sagamichthys gracilis

Binghamichthys aphos

Searsioides calvala

Legless searsid

Maulisia isaacsi

Pacific black smelt

Holtbyrnia intermedia

Palebelly searsid

Agassiz' smooth-head

Bathylagus andriashevi

Toothless smooth-head

Werner's smooth-head

Winteria telescopa

Asquamiceps hjorti

Nansenia tenuicauda

Bigeye smooth-head

Conocara kreffti

Madeiran smooth-head

Michael Sars smooth-head

Softskin smooth-head

Bathytroctes breviceps

Greenland argentine

Dolichopteryx trunovi

Krefft's smooth-head

Abyssal smooth-head

Mentodus eubranchus

Snubnose blacksmelt

Holtbyrnia ophiocephala

Bruce's argentine

Dolichopteryx binocularis

Maulisia acuticeps

Leptoderma lubricum

Bathylagus niger

Holtbyrnia conocephala

Bluntsnout smooth-head - The bluntsnout smooth-head, black slickhead, cope's bluntsnout smooth-head, or Atlantic gymnast, Xenodermichthys copei, is a slickhead of the genus Xenodermichthys, found in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans, and the Tasman Sea, at depths of 100 to 2,600 m.

Bathylagichthys longipinnis

Murray's smooth-head

Rouleina watasei

Bathytroctes squamosus

Starry smooth-head

Blackhead salmon

Nansenia megalopa

Brown slickhead

Multipore searsid

Conocara bertelseni

Deep-sea smelt

Threadfin slickhead

Rouleina guentheri

Bathytroctes macrognathus

Nansenia antarctica

Winged spookfish

Mentodus mesalirus


Mentodus bythios

California smoothtongue

Holtbyrnia laticauda

Schnakenbeck's searsid

Pectinantus parini

Searsioides multispinus

Leaf searsid

Longsnout blacksmelt

Smallscale searsid

Barbantus elongatus

Vaillant's smooth-head

Bathylagus borealis

Loosescale smooth-head

Bathylaco nielseni

Northern smooth-tongue - The Northen smoothtongue is a type of deepwater fish that can grow to a length of 15 centimetres .

Fanfin smooth-head

Norman's smooth-head

Smallscale smooth-head

Narcetes erimelas

Bajacalifornia microstoma

Longfin smooth-head

Rouleina nuda

Antillean smooth-head

Rouleina eucla

Bathytroctes elegans

Nansenia iberica

Bajacalifornia aequatoris

Robust blacksmelt

Dolichopteryx brachyrhynchus

Mentodus facilis

Argentine - Argentina striata is a species of fish in the Argentinidae family.

Koefoed's searsid

Palegold searsid

Pygmy argentine

Leptoderma retropinna

Blackchin blacksmelt

Teardrop tubeshoulder

Shining tubeshoulder

Bathylagoides argyrogaster

Salmon smooth-head

Bathytroctes zugmayeri

Asquamiceps caeruleus

Nansenia sanrikuensis

Bajacalifornia erimoensis

Normichthys yahganorum

Fiolenti's smooth-head

Threadfin smooth-head

Rouleina livida

Koefoed's smooth-head

Order Perciformes

Seleniolycus robertsi

Blue driftfish

Eumegistus brevorti

Lycodapus microchir

Kali normani

Plectranthias pallidus

Trewavas croaker

Ericandersonia sagamia - Ericandersonia sagamia is a newly-described eelpout of the family Zoarcidae, found in Sagami Bay, Japan, at depths of between 880 and 930 m.


Kali colubrina

Caristius groenlandicus

Pseudoscopelus sagamianus

Bathyclupea megaceps

Paracaristius maderensis

Pseudoscopelus lavenbergi

Limp eelpout - The limp eelpout, Melanostigma gelatinosum, is an eelpout, of the genus Melanostigma, found in all oceans at depths of between 50 and 2,500 m.

Squaretail - The smalleye squaretail, Tetragonurus cuvieri, is a squaretail of the genus Tetragonurus found in all tropical and temperate oceans of the world, at depths up to 800 m.

Pseudoscopelus altipinnis

Bothrocara nyx

Seleniolycus laevifasciatus

Bigtooth eelpout

Kali macrodon

Sherborn's cardinalfish

Pseudoscopelus parini

Midwater eelpout

Fan-tailed rag-fish - The ragfish body is scaleless and limp, both because of the cartilaginous skeleton, as well as its flabby muscles.

Malakichthys mochizuki

Pseudoscopelus bothrorrhinos

Atlantic soft pout

Bathyclupea hoskynii

Cocoa snapper

White warehou - The white warehou, Seriolella caerulea, is a medusafish of the family Centrolophidae found in the southern Pacific and southern Atlantic oceans, at depths of between 500 and 800 m.

Eyebrow - The bluefin driftfish or scissortail, Psenes pellucidus, is a pelagic driftfish of the genus Psenes, found in all the world's oceans at depths down to 1,000 m.

Brilliant pomfret

New Zealand ruffe

Stout slipskin

Kali parri

Plectranthias parini

Kali falx

Lycodapus derjugini

Bigmouth veilfin


Pseudoscopelus scutatus

Tonga escolar

Pseudoscopelus microps

Melanostigma inexpectatum

Malakichthys barbatus

Pseudoscopelus aphos

Bathyclupea argentea

Longfin fathead

Seleniolycus pectoralis

Rosenblattia robusta - Rosenblattia robusta is a species of deepwater cardinalfish, the only member of the genus Rosenblattia, found around the world in southern temperate waters.

Tasmanian ruffe

Pale eelpout

Kali macrura

Atrobucca geniae

Black swallower

Howella zina

Lycenchelys imamurai

Barracuda cardinalfish

Malakichthys similis

Pseudoscopelus pierbartus

Melanostigma vitiazi

Aethotaxis mitopteryx pawsoni

Paracaristius heemstrai

Dysalotus oligoscolus

Pseudoscopelus cephalus

Melanostigma bathium

Deepsea herring


Pachycara dolichaulus

Plectranthias robertsi

Thinlip splitfin

African barrelfish

Stubraker sculpin

Deepwater slipskin

Blackfish - The rudderfish, Centrolophus niger , is a medusafish, the only member of the genus Centrolophus.

Kali indica

Platyberyx opalescens

Silver splitfin

Howella parini


Pseudoscopelus stellatus

Pseudoscopelus obtusifrons

Melanostigma orientale

Malakichthys levis


Pseudoscopelus astronesthidens

Bathyclupea gracilis


Order Pleuronectiformes

Deepwater sole

Smallmouth moonflounder

Bathysolea lactea

Order Polymixiiformes

Japanese beardfish

Order Saccopharyngiformes

Monognathus taningi

Saccopharynx thalassa

Monognathus nigeli

Saccopharynx harrisoni

Monognathus bruuni

Pelican eel - The pelican eel's most notable feature is its enormous mouth, much larger than its body.

Monognathus rosenblatti

Saccopharynx paucovertebratis

Monognathus jesperseni

Saccopharynx berteli

Monognathus bertini

Saccopharynx trilobatus

Monognathus ozawai

Saccopharynx hjorti

Monognathus herringi

Neocyema erythrosoma - The bobtail snipe eels are two species of deep-sea fishes in the family Cyematidae, one only in each of two genera.

Monognathus smithi

Saccopharynx ramosus

Monognathus jesse


Monognathus boehlkei

Monognathus rajui

Bobtail eel - The bobtail snipe eels are two species of deep-sea fishes in the family Cyematidae, one only in each of two genera.

Saccopharynx lavenbergi

Monognathus isaacsi

Gulper eel

Monognathus berteli

Order Scorpaeniformes

Deepwater rockfish - S.

Smalleye dwarf snailfish

Genioliparis kafanovi

Sargasso dwarf snailfish

Tadpole liparid

Paraliparis skeliphrus

Short-headed sculpin

Multipore dwarf snailfish

Blackmouth rockfish

Midwater scorpionfish

Stein's dwarf snailfish

Squaloliparis dentatus

Gelatinous dwarf snailfish

Careproctus marginatus

Acantholiparis caecus

Marvelous dwarf snailfish

Genioliparis ferox

Edentoliparis terraenovae

Notoliparis antonbruuni

Paraliparis carlbondi

Icelus mandibularis

Order Squaliformes

Lantern sharks - Japanese ichthyologists Shigeru Shirai and Hiroyuki Tachikawa described the blurred lanternshark in a 1993 article in the scientific journal Copeia, as part of a taxonomic revision of the Etmopterus pusillus species group.

Azores dogfish - The Azores dogfish, Scymnodalatias garricki, is a very rare sleeper shark of the family Dalatiidae.

Rasptooth dogfish - The rasptooth dogfish, Miroscyllium sheikoi, is a dogfish, the only species in the genus Miroscyllium, found on the Kyushu-Palau Ridge in the northwest Pacific Ocean at depths of 360 m.

Etmopterus pseudosqualiolus - The false lanternshark, Etmopterus pseudosqualiolus, is a shark of the family Dalatiidae found in the western Pacific from the Norfolk Ridge and Lord Howe Ridge off New Caledonia.

Etmopterus dianthus - Reproduction is ovoviviparous.

Japanese velvet dogfish - The Japanese velvet dogfish, Zameus ichiharai, is a harmless deepwater sleeper shark of the family Dalatiidae, found in the northwest Pacific from Suruga Bay and adjacent waters of Japan at depths of between 500 and 800 m.

Isistius labialis - Reproduction is aplacental viviparity in the same way as great white sharks.

Lantern sharks - Reproduction is ovoviviparous.

Cylindrical lantern shark - Reproduction is presumed to be ovoviviparous.

Knifetooth dogfish - The knifetooth dogfish, Scymnodon ringens, is a harmless sleeper shark of the family Dalatiidae, found in the eastern Atlantic, from Scotland to Spain, Portugal, and Senegal, and the southwest Pacific from New Zealand, between latitudes 58°N and 15°N, at depths of between 200 and 1,600 m.

Pocket shark - The pocket shark is a very poorly known deepwater shark recorded from the Nazca Submarine Ridge off northern Chile.

Granular dogfish - The granular dogfish has no anal fin, two dorsal spines with the second one much larger than the first, a large second dorsal fin, a long abdomen, small pectoral and pelvic fins, a large eye, prominent nostrils and spiracles, and brownish-black coloration.

Etmopterus dislineatus - Reproduction is ovoviviparous.

Whitetail dogfish - The whitetail dogfish is a rare species known only from a few specimens taken by tuna longliners and trawlers.

Largetooth cookie-cutter shark - The largetooth cookiecutter shark was originally described by New Zealand ichthyologist Jack Garrick and American shark expert Stewart Springer, in a 1964 issue of the scientific journal Copeia.

Pygmy shark - Pygmy sharks are ovoviviparous and produce about 8 young in each litter.

Dwarf lantern shark - American ichthyologists Stewart Springer and George H.

Spined pygmy shark - The spined pygmy shark, Squaliolus laticaudus, is a species of dogfish shark in the family Dalatiidae found widely in all oceans.

Etmopterus caudistigmus - Reproduction is ovoviviparous.

Cigar shark - The cookiecutter shark , also called the cigar shark, is a species of small dogfish shark in the family Dalatiidae.

Order Stephanoberyciformes

Melamphaes pumilus

Highsnout bigscale

Melamphaes hubbsi

Longjaw bigscale

Malacosarcus macrostoma



Little bigscale

Melamphaes leprus

Melamphaes ebelingi

Twospine bigscale

Scopeloberyx microlepis

Large-headed midnight fish


Melamphaes macrocephalus

Melamphaes indicus


Yawning - The yawning, Poromitra oscitans, is a fish of the family Melamphaidae, found in tropical and subtropical waters of the indo-Pacific region.

Slender bigscale



Melamphaes polylepis



Melamphaes eulepis

Scopelogadus unispinis


Poromitra gibbsi

Melamphaes spinifer

Melamphaes parini

Melamphaes laeviceps


Scopelogadus beanii

Poromitra unicornis


Abyssoberyx levisquamosus

Order Stomiiformes

Opostomias micripnus

Lovely hatchetfish

Eustomias posti

Borostomias mononema

Scaleless dragonfish

Astronesthes karsteni

Maurolicus kornilovorum

Torpedo dragonfish

Scaleless dragonfish

Eustomias gibbsi


Leptostomias multifilis

Eustomias curtatus

Triplophos hemingi

Eustomias parini

Astronesthes gudrunae

Maurolicus australis


Chauliodus minimus

Alcock's boafish

Slender snaggletooth

Eustomias cancriensis

Melanostomias nigroaxialis

Eustomias minimus

Astronesthes dupliglandis

Black dragonfish - Idiacanthus atlanticus is a barbeled dragonfish of the family Stomiidae, found circumglobally in southern subtropical and temperate oceans between latitudes 25°S and 60°S, at depths down to 2,000 m.

Manducus maderensis

Sonoda paucilampa

Astronesthes similus

Shortbarbel dragonfish

Eustomias bituberoides

Scaleless dragonfish

Thysanactis dentex

Slender bristlemouth

Eustomias melanostigmoides

Bigeye lightfish


Eustomias longiramis

Vinciguerria mabahiss - Vinciguerria mabahiss is a species of Vinciguerria.

Aristostomias polydactylus

Eustomias tetranema



Astronesthes martensii

Sternoptyx pseudodiaphana

Eustomias bertelseni

Scaleless dragonfish

Eustomias inconstans

Pachystomias microdon

Half-naked hatchetfish

Eustomias radicifilis

Photonectes leucospilus

Astronesthes lampara

Polyipnus soelae

Maurolicus parvipinnis

Astronesthes indicus

Stareye lightfish - The stareye lightfish is a species in the monotypic genus of Pollichthys.

Maurolicus inventionis

Elongated bristlemouth fish

Bathophilus irregularis

Eustomias dispar

Argyripnus iridescens

Eustomias paxtoni

Bonapartia pedaliota

Photonectes achirus

Araiophos eastropas

Eustomias multifilis

Astronesthes galapagensis

Chauliodus vasnetzovi - Viperfish

Bathophilus brevis

Scaleless dragonfish

Eustomias crossotus

Valdivia black dragon fish

Odontostomias micropogon

Eustomias bulbiramis

Melanostomias melanopogon

Eustomias micraster

Astronesthes chrysophekadion

Diplophos pacificus

Astronesthes tatyanae

Chauliodus dentatus

Stomias lampropeltis


Black-belly dragonfish

Eustomias bimargaritatus

Thorophos euryops

Yellow bristlemouth

Eustomias magnificus

Eustomias uniramis

Slender fangjaw

Aristostomias grimaldii

Eustomias schmidti

Slim lightfish

Photostomias atrox


Maurolicus walvisensis

Sternoptyx obscura

Eustomias australensis


Eustomias jimcraddocki - Eustomias jimcraddocki is a species of abyssal barbeled dragonfish of the family Stomiidae, found in the western North Atlantic.


Eustomias hulleyi

Pitgum lanternfish

Pacific hatchet fish

Eustomias problematicus

Borostomias pacificus

Photonectes caerulescens

Astronesthes kreffti

Polyipnus inermis

Maurolicus mucronatus

Grammatostomias flagellibarba

Arrow dragonfish

Bathophilus pawneei

Scaleless dragonfish

Highfin dragonfish

Leptostomias robustus

Eustomias curtifilis

Eustomias parri

Hatchetfish - Phosichthys argenteus, a lightfish and the only member of the genus Phosichthys, is found in deep subtropical waters of all oceans, from depths of 500 to 2,000 m.

Astronesthes haplophos

Maurolicus breviculus

Astronesthes exsul

Smallhead snaggletooth - The anal fin is narrow but long, reaching almost to the caudal fin.

Chauliodus pammelas

Bathophilus altipinnis

Eustomias cirritus

Melanostomias pollicifer

Eustomias monoclonoides

Cyclothone pygmaea

Eustomias mesostenus

Astronesthes atlanticus

Margrethia valentinae

Astronesthes splendida

Stomias danae

Eustomias braueri

Melanostomias globulifer

Eustomias bibulboides


Eustomias macronema

Oceanic lightfish - The oceanic lightfish, Vinciguerria nimbaria, a lightfish of the genus Vinciguerria, is found in all deep tropical and subtropical oceans and seas, from depths of 20 to 5,000 m.


Eustomias tomentosis

Ichthyococcus parini


Maurolicus rudjakovi

Eustomias aequatorialis

Eustomias interruptus

Sladen's hatchet fish

Eustomias satterleei

Photonectes margarita

Astronesthes leucopogon

Argyripnus pharos

Eustomias pinnatus

Borostomias elucens

Photonectes albipennis

Astronesthes indopacificus

Maurolicus javanicus

Gonostoma longipinnis

Bathophilus kingi

Eustomias elongatus

Eustomias cryptobulbus

Eustomias pacificus


Scaleless black dragonfish

Leptostomias longibarba

Pacific viperfish - Pacific viperfish can be characterized by its large mouth, long fang-like teeth and long dorsal fin ray .

Scaly dragonfish

Eustomias bulbornatus

Tentacle dragonfish

Eustomias micropterygius

Astronesthes decoratus

Scaleless dragonfish

Diplophos rebainsi - Diplophos rebainsi is a bristlemouth of the family Gonostomatidae, found in the south-east and west Pacific, and the South Atlantic oceans.

Astronesthes trifibulatus

Pacific blackdragon

Astronesthes quasiindicus

Scaly dragonfish

Eustomias bimargaritoides

Thorophos nexilis

Cyclothone parapallida

Eustomias medusa


Eustomias vitiazi

Eustomias lanceolatus

Aristostomias lunifer

Eustomias spherulifer

Bulldog lightfish

Photostomias goodyeari

Astronesthes macropogon


Highlight hatchetfish

Eustomias austratlanticus

Deep-water bristlemouth

Bathophilus proximus

Eustomias ignotus

Hatchet fish - The Giant Hatchetfish or Greater Silver Hatchetfish a marine hatchetfish of the genus Argyropelecus, is found in every ocean except the north Pacific in deep tropical and subtropical waters.

Eustomias quadrifilis

Panama snaggletooth

Photonectes gracilis

Astronesthes lamellosus

Polyipnus meteori

Pearlsides - Mueller's Pearlside or Mueller's Bristle-mouth Fish, Maurolicus muelleri, a marine hatchetfish of the genus Maurolicus, is found in deep tropical and subtropical waters of all oceans, from the surface to depths of 1,500 m.

Emperor seamount lightfish

Atlantic fangjaw

Bathophilus indicus

Heterophotus ophistoma

Eustomias digitatus

Eustomias patulus

Astronesthes illuminatus

Astronesthes formosana

Chauliodus schmidti

Longfin dragonfish

Eustomias contiguus

Melanostomias stewarti

Threelight dragonfish

Eustomias monoclonus

Eustomias brevibarbatus

Melanostomias melanopogon

Eustomias metamelas

Yarrella argenteola

Astronesthes bilobatus

Diplophos australis

Astronesthes tanibe

Stomias gracilis

Odontostomias masticopogon


Eustomias bifilis

Cyclothone obscura

Scaleless dragonfish

Eustomias trewavasae - Eustomias trewavasae is a small abyssal barbeled dragonfish of the family Stomiidae, found worldwide in tropical and subtropical oceans at depths down to 1,500 m.

Ichthyococcus polli

Ebeling's fangjaw


Photonectes parvimanus

Pacific astronesthid fish

Maurolicus stehmanni

Eustomias albibulbus

Benttooth bristlemouth

Eustomias ioani

Valenciennellus carlsbergi

Eustomias schiffi

Order Tetraodontiformes

Atrophacanthus japonicus

Triacanthodes intermedius

Sharpfin sunfish - The sharptail mola, Masturus lanceolatus, is a species of mola found circumglobally in tropical and temperate waters.

Order Zeiformes

Spiky oreo - The spiky oreo, Neocyttus rhomboidalis, is an oreo of the genus Neocyttus, found in all southern oceans at depths of between 200 and 1,300 m.

Allocyttus guineensis

False boarfish

Stethopristes eos

Black oreo - The black oreo is very similar in shape to the warty oreo.

Rosy dory

Elongate dory - The elongate dory, Zenion leptolepis, is a dory, in the genus Zenion, found around South Africa, southern Australia, and New Zealand at depths of between 350 and 700 m.


Neocyttus acanthorhynchus