Linophryne parini

The Linophryne parini lives in the bathypelagic, marine, depth range 0 - 1220 m environment.

Species Summary: Linophryne parini, You can sponsor this page, ... Family - Search Result: Linophryne macrodon, 2.15 SL. Linophryne maderensis, Linophryne parini, Linophryne pennibarbata, Linophryne polypogon, 4.5 TL. Linophryne quinqueramosa, ... http://www.funet. More

Common names

珀氏树须鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
珀氏树须鱼 in Unknown
珀氏樹鬚魚 in Mandarin Chinese
珀氏樹鬚魚 in Unknown

Order : Lophiiformes
Family : Linophrynidae
Genus : Linophryne
Species : Linophryne parini
Authority : Bertelsen, 1980