Linophrynidae - Leftvents are small, deep-sea lophiiform fish comprising the family Linophrynidae.

Antennariidae - Frogfishes, family Antennariidae, are a type of anglerfish in the order Lophiiformes.

Oneirodidae - The dreamers are a family, Oneirodidae, of deep-sea anglerfishes in the order Lophiiformes.


Brachionichthyidae - Handfishes are anglerfishes in the genus Brachionichthys, the only genus in the family Brachionichthyidae.

Diceratiidae - Double anglers are a family, Diceratiidae, of anglerfishes.

Caulophrynidae - Fanfins are a family, Caulophrynidae, of anglerfishes.

Centrophrynidae - The horned lantern fish occurs in the Pacific Ocean from Baja California south to the Marquesas Islands and the Gulf of California.

Ceratiidae - Ceratias Cryptopsaras See text for species.

Chaunacidae - Coffinfish are a family, Chaunacidae, of deep-sea anglerfishes.

Ogcocephalidae - Ogcocephalidae is a family of bottom-dwelling, specially adapted fish.

Gigantactinidae - The Whipnose anglers, Gigantactinidae, are a family of deep-sea anglerfishes.

Himantolophidae - As in other deep-sea anglerfish families, sexual dimorphism is extreme: the largest females may exceed lengths of 60 cm and are globose in shape, whereas males do not exceed 4 cm as adults and are comparatively fusiform.

Thaumatichthyidae - Wonderfish are a small family of deep-sea anglerfishes, Thaumatichthyidae; their common name is a literal translation of Thaumatichthys, the type genus.


Lophichthyidae - Lophichthys boschmai, is a species of anglerfish, closely related to the frogfishes.

Lophiidae - Goosefishes are a family, Lophiidae, of anglerfishes.

Melanocetidae - Black seadevils are small, deep-sea lophiiform fish comprising the family Melanocetidae.


Neoceratiidae - Adult female toothed seadevils have slender, elongate bodies up to 11 centimetres long.


Tetrabrachiidae - The four-armed frogfish, Tetrabrachium ocellatum, is a species of anglerfish, closely related to the true frogfishes.

Order : Lophiiformes