Pitgum lanternfish

The Pitgum lanternfish lives in the bathypelagic, marine, depth range 60 - 500 m environment.

Common Name/Nom commun: pitgum lanternfish, dragon japonais. Comments/Commentaires: Other common names include pitgum dragonfish. Pachystomias microdon (Günther, 1878) Common Name/Nom commun: largeye, drague grands-yeux. Comments/Commentaires: None/Aucune. More

Common names

Mitsui-hoshi-eso in Japanese (日本語)
Pitgum lanternfish in English
脂巨口魚 in Mandarin Chinese
脂巨口魚 in Unknown
脂巨口鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
脂巨口鱼 in Unknown

Order : Stomiiformes
Family : Stomiidae
Genus : Opostomias
Species : Opostomias mitsuii
Authority : Imai, 1941