Oneirodes whitleyi

The Oneirodes whitleyi lives in the bathypelagic, marine environment.

Species Summary: Oneirodes whitleyi, You can sponsor this page, ... Family - Search Result: Oneirodes thompsoni, 14.0 SL. Oneirodes thysanema, Oneirodes whitleyi, Pentherichthys venustus, Phyllorhinichthys micractis, Pietschichthys horridus, Puck pinnata, ... http://www.funet. More

Common names

Whitley's dreamer in English
怀氏梦角鮟鱇 in Mandarin Chinese
怀氏梦角鮟鱇 in Unknown
懷氏夢角鮟鱇 in Mandarin Chinese
懷氏夢角鮟鱇 in Unknown

Order : Lophiiformes
Family : Oneirodidae
Genus : Oneirodes
Species : Oneirodes whitleyi
Authority : Bertelsen & Pietsch, 1983