The Sparing lives in the bathypelagic, marine environment.

that sparing you, I came not yet to Corinth; (YLT) Joshua 11:11 They struck all the souls who were in it with the edge of the sword, utterly destroying them. There was no one left who breathed. He burnt Hazor with fire. More

Show IPA Use Sparing in a SentenceSee web results for SparingSee images of Sparing–adjective 1. economical (often fol. by in or of). 2. lenient or merciful. 3. More

Breast surgeons may consider a nipple sparing mastectomy in patients in whom the tumor is sufficiently small (typically less than 3-4 cm) and distant (at least 2-4 cm) from the nipple, or in patients undergoing prophylactic mastectomy. More

more accurately denotes "selective tissue sparing" in terms of both removal and tissue injury. Some patients may most benefit from leaving certain tissues entirely alone while carefully excising others. More

pylorus sparing Whipple is a modified version of the conventional Whipple where the bottom portion of the stomach or pylorus is not removed. More

Callie Sparing? Search for others: Callie Sparing (Chicago, IL) = Callie SparingNot the Callie Sparing you were looking for? Search more »Add Callie Sparing as Friend|Send Callie Sparing a Message|View Callie Sparing's Friends More

an aim of potency sparing in relatively younger males with the disease. More

synonyms sparing, frugal, thrifty, economical mean careful in the use of one's money or resources. sparing stresses abstention and restraint . frugal implies absence of luxury and simplicity of lifestyle . thrifty stresses good management and industry . More

A urban freestyle kung fu sparing between Gil and Ferdinand in Toa Alta. This is a technique practice of throwdowns and locks. More

Here, we look for evidence for sparing or impairment in another cognitive system-object recognition. More

Sparing stresses restraint, as in expenditure: a quiet librarian who was sparing of words. Frugal implies self-denial and abstention from luxury: a frugal diet; a frugal monk. More

sparing definition spar·ing (sper′iŋ) adjective 1. that spares 2. careful in spending or using; frugal 3. More

Common names

Dragon sin escamas in French (français)
Pez demonio in French (français)
Scaleless dragonfish in English
Sparing in English
長絲深巨口魚 in Mandarin Chinese
长丝深巨口鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Stomiiformes
Family : Stomiidae
Genus : Bathophilus
Species : Bathophilus filifer
Authority : Garman, 1899