Black roughscale catshark

The Black roughscale catshark lives in the bathypelagic, marine, depth range 512 - 1520 m environment.

The black roughscale catshark, Apristurus melanoasper, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found in the northwest Atlantic slope at depths of between 510 and 1,520 m. Its length is up to 76 cm. More

The Black Roughscale Catshark is a deepwater species, endemic to the northwest Atlantic slope, off the northern United States; and the northeast Atlantic off France, Ireland and the British Isles, at depths between 1,673 and 4,986 feet. More

Common names

Apristurus acanutus in Catalan (Català)
Flatnose cat shark in English
Vlaksnuitkathaai in Dutch (Nederlands)
Vlaksnuitkathaai in Unknown
无斑光尾鲨 in Mandarin Chinese
无斑光尾鲨 in Unknown
無斑光尾鯊 in Mandarin Chinese
無斑光尾鯊 in Unknown

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Order : Carcharhiniformes
Family : Scyliorhinidae
Genus : Apristurus
Species : Apristurus melanoasper
Authority : Igl