Scyliorhinidae - The cat sharks or catsharks are a family of sharks, with over 110 species recorded.

Carcharhinidae - Family members have the usual carcharhiniform characteristics.

Hemigaleidae - Most species are small, reaching no more than 1.

Proscylliidae - The finback catsharks are a small family of sharks, with only 7 species in 4 genera.

Sphyrnidae - The nine known species range from 0.

Triakidae - The houndsharks are a family, Triakidae, of ground sharks, consisting of about 40 species in 9 genera.

Pseudotriakidae - The false catshark, Pseudotriakis microdon, is a deep-sea ground shark and the sole species in the family Pseudotriakidae.

Leptochariidae - The barbeled houndshark, Leptocharias smithii, is a species of ground shark and the only member of the family Leptochariidae.