Harlequin cat shark

The harlequin catshark, Ctenacis fehlmanni, is a finback catshark of the family Proscylliidae, the only member of the genus Ctenacis, found in the western Indian Ocean off Somalia at depths of between 70 and 170 m.

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The Harlequin cat shark lives in the demersal, marine, depth range 70 - 170 m environment.

harlequin cat shark (Ctenacis fehlmanni) Harlekinkatzenhai {m} harlequin cat shark (Ctenacis fehlmanni) Harlequin-Katzenhai {m} harlequin cat shark (Ctenacis fehlmanni) Harlequinkatzenhai {m} harlequin cat shark (Ctenacis fehlmanni) More

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Harlequin cat shark, Harlequin catshark Requin-chat arlequin Tollo coludo arlequín Zones tropicales bathydémersal Colone d'eau : entre -70 et -170 mètres Eau douce Eau saumâtre Eau More

Harlequin Bass, Harlequin Cat Shark, Harlequin Catshark Common Names in French: Requin Chat Arlequin, Requin-Chat Arlequin Common Names in Mandarin Chinese: 鞍斑前鯊, 鞍斑前鯊, 鞍斑前鲨 Common Names in Spanish: Tollo Coludo Arlequ�n More

Common names

Harlekijnrugvinkathaai in Dutch (Nederlands)
Harlekin-finnerødhaj in Danish (dansk)
Harlequin cat shark in English
harlequin catshark in English
Requin chat arlequin in French (français)
Requin-chat arlequin in French (français)
Tollo coludo arlequín in Spanish (español)
鞍斑前鯊 in Mandarin Chinese
鞍斑前鲨 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Carcharhiniformes
Family : Proscylliidae
Genus : Ctenacis
Species : Ctenacis fehlmanni
Authority : Springer, 1968