Leptoderma affinis

The Leptoderma affinis lives in the bathypelagic, marine environment.

Species Summary: Leptoderma affinis, You can sponsor this page, ... http://www.fishbase.org/Eschmeyer/NewSpeciesList.cfm?CasRefNo=999&vHead=Cuvier%2C%20G.%20and%20Valenciennes%2C%20A.%20%201830.&others='others' Eschmeyer Reference - New/Other Species: Heterandria affinis, Baird & Girard 1853, Gambusia affinis, Mosquitofish. Leptoderma affinis, Alcock 1899, Leptoderma affinis, To Species Summary. ... http://www.funet. More

Common names

Eel slickhead in English

Order : Osmeriformes
Family : Alepocephalidae
Genus : Leptoderma
Species : Leptoderma affinis
Authority : Alcock, 1899