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The Gaper lives in the bathypelagic, marine, depth range 64 - 552 m environment.

gaper was not found in the Cambridge Dictionary of American English Did you spell it correctly? Here are some alternatives: * gofer * gopher More

Show IPA Use gaper in a SentenceSee web results for gaperSee images of gaper–noun 1. a person or thing that gapes. 2. Also called horse clam. More

Jump to: navigation, search Gaper on the front of "Van der Pigge", a pharmacy in Haarlem. A gaper is a stone head, often depicting a black man, on the front of a building in the Netherlands. More

Gapers also do the "Gaper Tuck" which is an attempt at being a ski racer by tucking, however, it is done incorrectly with the poles sticking straight up like thunderbolts and lighting, very frightning! Gapers also sit at the bottom of jumps More

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The literal translation of gaper would be yawner; the figure is always displayed with an open mouth, and sometimes you can see a pill he has taken resting on his tongue. In fact he wasn't yawning, but opening his mouth to take medicine. More

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Gaper clams Tresus capax are found in several Oregon estuaries.They are known by a variety of names including blue, empire, horse and horseneck clams.They are Oregon's largest common clam. More

Gaper Day 2009 Video Unleashed on the World - by J Dogg on: Oct.19.2009 at 11:44PM The moment you've all been waiting for. More

out in full swing, and Gapers from Seattle crossed the border to join the celebration. More

TAGTenderizing Gapers with a wooden tenderizer is recommended especially for pan fried Gapers. TAGGaper clams are found in several Oregon estuaries.They are known by a variety of names including blue, empire, horse and horseneck clams. They are Oregon's largest common clam. More

GaperGuide sits comfortably on your vehicle dash. Listen to fun facts, interesting stories, and local history. recommends GaperGuide! Read the full review here. More

GAPER-1D, 1-D MultiGroup 1st Order Perturbation Transport Theory for Reactivity Coefficient - Abstract Table of Contents: NAME | COMPUTER | PROBLEM | SOLUTION | RESTRICTIONS | CPU | More

33 Gaper Day 09 at Mount Snow Posted: 2009-04-09, Views: 1843, Ratings: 8.67 Gaper day. Posted: 2009-06-19, Views: 1380, Ratings: 5.40 Gaper Day 09 Edit Posted: 2009-09-19, Views: 1332, Ratings: 8.79 AFO 2009 - Finals Day Posted: 2009-01-21, Views: 2378, Ratings: 10. More

I was up with a buddy of mine who is a gaper ( he's new ) he said when you grab the front of the ski (truckdriver) it looked like a sex position. I just said he was gay and pushed him over. More

GAPER DAY: If you live in a ski town you deal with them everyday = By Justin Broglio Gaper Day Goes Off CLICK HERE FOR THE GAPER DAY VIDEO! If you live in a ski town, you More

buy gaper mugs, tshirts and hoodiesA gaper is a skiier or snowboarder who is completely clueless. Usually distiungished by their bright colored clothes and a gaper gap, the gap between goggles and a helment/hat. More

Common names

Gaper in Afrikaans
Gaper in English
鰐齒魚 in Mandarin Chinese
鳄齿鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Champsodontidae
Genus : Champsodon
Species : Champsodon capensis
Authority : Regan, 1908