The Saury lives in the pelagic-oceanic, oceanodromous, marine, depth range 0 - 1 m environment.

Show IPA Use saury in a SentenceSee web results for saurySee images of saury–noun, plural -ries. 1. a sharp-snouted fish, Scomberesox saurus, inhabiting temperate regions of the Atlantic Ocean. 2. More

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The Pacific saury, Cololabis saira, is a saury, a member of the family Scomberesocidae. This fish, which is a food source in some East Asian cuisines, is also known by the name mackerel pike. More

The Saury, a Sargo-class submarine, was the only ship of the United States Navy to be named for this fish. More

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over planned saury fishing by South Korean boats in waters around Russian islands claimed by Japan in the northern Pacific Ocean, Japanese officials said. South Korean and Japanese officials from foreign and fisheries ministries... More

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Pacific saury is big in Japan—especially in autumn, when it comes into season, and home cooks who prize its taste and affordability often salt-grill it whole. More

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Pacific Saury/ Sanma/ Saury-pike/ Coloabis saira from Japan - Size and Packing: 100ct. 120. 130. 140ct in exact 10 KG per carton Grade: For Bait Use Origin : Japan Frozen: Land Factory Frozen Formal name: Coloabis saira Common Name: Sanma (Japan, T... More

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in retaliation for South Koreans catching saury in the controversial waters surrounding four Russian-held islands off Hokkaido whose ownership is claimed by Japan. The sovereignty row has been a decades-long issue between Tokyo and Moscow. More

Pacific saury(Latin name is Cololabis Saira)... Dragon Ocean Co., Ltd. Taiwan Canned saury(China) Canned saury - Style: 4-7piece/can... Zhejiang Cereal, Oil & Foodstuff Import & Export Co. More

Pacific saury(Latin name is Cololabis Saira)... Dragon Ocean Co., Ltd. More

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Saury (SS-189) was laid down on 28 June 1937 by the Electric Boat Co., Groton, Conn.; launched on 20 August 1938; sponsored by Mrs. James Paul Casbarian, who headed the Navy's Ships Names and Sponsors Office; and commissioned on 3 April 1939, Lt. G. More

USS Saury, a 1450-ton Sargo class submarine built at Groton, Connecticut, was commissioned in early April 1939. More

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saurysaury - slender long-beaked fish of temperate Atlantic watersScomberesox saurus, billfishteleost, teleost fish, teleostan - a bony fish of the subclass Teleosteigenus Scomberesox, genus Scombresox, Scomberesox, Scombresox - a genus of Scomberesocidae How to thank TFD for its existence? Tell a More

saury definition saury (sôr′ē) noun pl. More

Common names

Brincador in Spanish (español)
Peruansk makrelgedde in Danish (dansk)
Sauri in Spanish (español)
Saury in English
сайра карликовая in Russian (русский язык)
大吻秋刀魚 in Mandarin Chinese
大吻秋刀鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
小秋刀魚 in Mandarin Chinese
小秋刀鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Beloniformes
Family : Scomberesocidae
Genus : Cololabis
Species : Cololabis adocetus
Authority : B