Whale remora

The whalesucker, Remora australis, is a species of remora in the family Echeneidae, so named because it attaches itself exclusively to cetaceans.

The Whale remora lives in the pelagic-oceanic, oceanodromous, marine environment.

Whale Remora or Whale Sucker, Remora australis (found attached to whales); the Spearfish Remora or Spearfish Sucker, Remora brachyptera (found only on billfishes; very short head disk), and the Marlin Sucker, Remora osterochir, (found predominately attached to Marlin with brown coloration). More

Common names

ceylonese remora in English
Hvalsugefisk in Danish (dansk)
ïkoban in Japanese (日本語)
Indian suckerfish in English
kitov prilep in Slovene
kitov prilep in Slovenian (slovenščina)
Kolisopsaro falenon in Greek (Ελληνικά)
Kolisopsaro falenon in Greek, Modern (1453)
Ôkoban in Japanese (日本語)
Pegaballena in Spanish (español)
Priljepuša australska in Croatian (Hrvatski)
Priljepuša australska in Croatian (Hrvatski)
Qamly in Arabic (‫العربية)
remora in English
remora in Italian (Italiano)
Rêmora in Portuguese (Português)
Rémora in sp
remora in Spanish (español)
Rémora ballenera in Spanish (español)
Rémora commun in French (français)
Rémora de ballena in Spanish (español)
Rémora des baleines in French (français)
Rémora des cétacés in French (français)
Wal-Schiffshalter in German (Deutsch)
Walsauger in German (Deutsch)
Walvis-remora in Afrikaans
Whale remora in English
whalesucker in English
Yapisan balik in Turkish (Türkçe)
Yapiskan baligi in Turkish (Türkçe)
Yapışan balık in Turkish (Türkçe)
Yapışkan balığı in Turkish (Türkçe)
Κολαούζος in Greek (Ελληνικά)
Κολλησόψαρο in Greek (Ελληνικά)
Κολλησόψαρο φαλαινών in Greek (Ελληνικά)
印度短鮣 in Chinese (中文)
印度短鮣 in Mandarin Chinese
澳洲印魚 in Mandarin Chinese
澳洲印鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
澳短鮣 in Chinese (中文)
澳短鮣 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Echeneidae
Genus : Remora
Species : Remora australis
Authority : Bennett, 1840