Crocodile shark

The crocodile shark, Pseudocarcharias kamoharai, is a species of shark and the only member of the family Pseudocarchariidae.

The Crocodile shark lives in the pelagic-oceanic, oceanodromous, marine, depth range 0 - 590 m , usually 0 - 200 m environment.

Range of the crocodile shark (in blue) Synonyms Carcharias kamoharai Matsubara, 1936 Carcharias yangi Teng, 1959 Pseudocarcharias pelagicus Cadenat, 1963 Sharks portal The crocodile shark, Pseudocarcharias kamoharai, is a species of shark More

No image of Crocodile shark found in the Shark Database Range Map Earth Map Systematics Phylum: Vertebates (Chordata) Class: Carlilagenous Fishes (Chondrichthyes) Order: Mackerel sharks (Lamniformes) More

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* "The crocodile shark is the smallest living mackerel shark, measuring only 1 m (3 ft) long, and can be distinguished by its long body... More

crocodile shark is named for its prominent, spike-like teeth, and its habit of snapping vigorously when removed from the water (3). More

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crocodile shark was variably placed in the genus Carcharias or Odontaspis and in the family Odontaspididae. More

Common names

crocodile shark in English
Hiu tongar in Jawa
Japanese ragged-tooth shark in English
Kamohara´s sand-shark in English
Krokodilhaai in Afrikaans
Krokodilhaai in Dutch (Nederlands)
Krokodillehaj in Danish (dansk)
Mizuwani in Japanese (日本語)
Pseudocarcharias kamoharai in Polish (polski)
Requin crocodile in French (français)
Requin-crocodile in French (français)
Shark in English
Tiburón in sp
Tiburón cocodrilo in Spanish (español)
Water crocodile in English
Žralok krokodýlí in Czech (česky)
大洋拟锥齿鲨 in Mandarin Chinese
大洋擬錐齒鯊 in Mandarin Chinese
杨氏锥齿鲨 in Mandarin Chinese
楊氏錐齒鯊 in Mandarin Chinese
蒲原拟锥齿鲨 in Mandarin Chinese
蒲原擬錐齒鯊 in Mandarin Chinese
蒲原氏拟锥齿鲨 in Mandarin Chinese
蒲原氏擬錐齒鯊 in Mandarin Chinese
蒲原錐齒鯊 in Mandarin Chinese
蒲原锥齿鲨 in Mandarin Chinese
鱷鮫 in Mandarin Chinese
鳄鲛 in Mandarin Chinese
黑棘鮫 in Mandarin Chinese
黑棘鲛 in Mandarin Chinese
강남상어 in Korean (한국어)

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Order : Lamniformes
Family : Pseudocarchariidae
Genus : Pseudocarcharias
Species : Pseudocarcharias kamoharai
Authority : Matsubara, 1936