King of herrings

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The King of herrings lives in the pelagic-oceanic, oceanodromous, marine, depth range 20 - 1000 m , usually 20 - 200 m environment.

The king of herrings or Giant Oarfish, Regalecus glesne, an oarfish of the family Regalecidae, is found in all the world's oceans, at depths of between 20 metres (66 ft) and 1,000 metres (3,300 ft). More

One of these, the king of herrings (Regalecus glesne), is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest bony fish alive, at up to 11 metres (36 ft) in length. More

beastie, the King of Herrings, a huge sword of sparkling silver resplendent with a crown… an oceanic majesty. oar What we can tell you is the King of Herrings is the World’s longest fish, up to an incredible 12 metres long. More

* King Of Herrings (Longest Fish In The Ocean) * Hairy Tiger Plecostomus (Peckoltia sp. More

The rarely seen king of herrings is the world’s longest bony fish. More

Giant Oarfish, King of Herrings, King of the Herring, Oar-Fish, Oarfish, Ribbon-Fish, Ribbonfish Common Names in Faroese: Sildakongur, Sildasterril Common Names in Finnish: Airokala Common Names in French: Roi Des More

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Fish Herring King of herrings Animals pets for sale/info • Home » Animals/Pets » Fish » Herring » King of HerringsNon User American Shad | Hickory Shad * Reasons for Optimism by John Kugler WSU Extension Agent More

At up to 11 metres, the king of herrings is cited in the Guinness Book of World Records as being the longest fish alive. But even though it can grow to be quite large, it is very elusive; it wasn’t until 2001 that it was filmed alive. More

Common names

Airokala in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Bandfisch in German (Deutsch)
Brandfisch in German (Deutsch)
Fjamma tal-fond in Maltese (Malti)
Giant oarfish in English
Haringkoning in Dutch (Nederlands)
Heringskonig in German (Deutsch)
King of herrings in English
King of the herring in English
Kurdele baligi in Turkish (Türkçe)
Kurdele balığı in Turkish (Türkçe)
Oar-fish in English
oarfish in English
Pacific oarfish in English
Pai-da-sarda in Portuguese (Português)
Peixe-real in Portuguese (Português)
Pez remo in Spanish (español)
Pojas in Croatian (Hrvatski)
Re di aringhe in Italian (Italiano)
Régalec in French (français)
Regaleco in Portuguese (Português)
Regalecus glesne in Dutch (Nederlands)
Regalecus glesne in Italian (Italiano)
Regalengo in Portuguese (Português)
Rei dels peixos in Catalan (Català)
Rei-dos-arenques in Portuguese (Português)
Relangueiro in Portuguese (Português)
Rey de los arenques in Spanish (español)
Ribbon-fish in English
Ribbonfish in English
Riemenfisch in German (Deutsch)
Roi des harengs in French (français)
Serit baligi in Turkish (Türkçe)
Şerit balığı in Turkish (Türkçe)
Sildakongur in Faroese (Føroyskt)
SÌldakóngur in Icelandic (Íslenska)
Sildasterril in Faroese (Føroyskt)
Sildekonge in Danish (dansk)
Sildekonge in Norwegian (Norsk)
Sildekonge in Norwegian Nynorsk (Norsk nynorsk)
Sillkung in Swedish (Svenska)
Sillkungen in Swedish (Svenska)
Sneesvis in Afrikaans
Streamer fish in English
Tarpon in Polish (polski)
Vasilias regon in Greek (Ελληνικά)
Vasilias regon in Greek, Modern (1453)
Wstegor królewski in Polish (polski)
Βασιλιάς ρεγγών in Greek (Ελληνικά)
Βασιλιάς ρεγγών in Greek, Modern (1453)
Ремень-рыба in Russian (русский язык)
сельдяной король in Russian (русский язык)
太平洋皇带鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
太平洋皇帶魚 in Mandarin Chinese
皇带鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
皇帶魚 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Lampriformes
Family : Regalecidae
Genus : Regalecus
Species : Regalecus glesne
Authority : Ascanius, 1772