Bearded goby

The Bearded goby lives in the demersal, amphidromous, freshwater, brackish, marine environment.

The bearded eelgoby or bearded goby (Taenioides jacksoni) is a species of fish in the Gobiidae family. It is endemic to South Africa. Source - * Skelton, P. 1996. Taenioides jacksoni. More

Pacific, Barbulifer Atlantic bearded goby Mexican bearded-goby Panther bearded-goby, ... Gobiid Fauna of Florida: Awaous banana Valenciennes, 1837, river goby. Barbulifer ceuthoecus (Jordan & Gilbert, 1884), bearded goby. Bathygobius curacao (Metzelaar, 1919), notchtongue goby. ... More

* Bravo's bearded goby, Gobiopsis bravoi (Herre, 1940) * Checkered goby, Gobiopsis canalis Lachner & McKinney, 1978 * Gobiopsis exigua Lachner & McKinney, 1979 * Longjaw goby, Gobiopsis macrostoma Steindachner, 1860 More

Sagamia Bearded Goby (click for more detail) Sagamia Bearded Goby (Sagamia geneionema) Add Sagamia Bearded Goby to your cart $99. More

Common names

Agohigehaze in Japanese (日本語)
Bearded goby in English
Bia in Tagalog
Viiksitokko in Finnish (suomen kieli)
双须叉舌鲨 in Mandarin Chinese
双须舌鰕虎 in Mandarin Chinese
雙鬚叉舌鯊 in Mandarin Chinese
雙鬚舌鰕虎 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Gobiidae
Genus : Glossogobius
Species : Glossogobius bicirrhosus
Authority : Weber, 1894