The New Zealand torpedo, Torpedo fairchildi, is a species of electric ray of the family Torpedinidae found only around New Zealand, at depths of between 5 and 1,100 m.

Picture of the Maataa has been licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.

The Maataa lives in the bathydemersal, marine, depth range 5 - 1153 m environment.

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Common names

Crampfish in English
Electric ray in English
Electric skate in English
Fairchild's electric ray in English
Maataa in English
Mata in Maori (te reo Māori)
New zealand electric ray in English
New Zealand torpedo in English
New zealand torpedo ray in English
Newzealandsk elrokke in Danish (dansk)
Nieuw-zeelandse sidderrog in Dutch (Nederlands)
Nieuw-zeelandse sidderrog in Unknown
Numbfish in English
Torpedo in English
Torpedo ray in English
Whai repo in Maori (te reo Māori)
費氏電鰩 in Mandarin Chinese
費氏電鰩 in Unknown
费氏电鳐 in Mandarin Chinese
费氏电鳐 in Unknown

Order : Torpediniformes
Family : Torpedinidae
Genus : Torpedo
Species : Torpedo fairchildi
Authority : Hutton, 1872